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150-Year-Old Hindu Kovil Is Attacked: We Are Shocked, No Action Was Taken

By Kandiah Neelakandan and M. Karhiragamanthan –

Kandiah Neelakandan

All Ceylon Hindu Congress (Federation of Hindu Religious Associations and Hindu Temples in Sri Lanka) was shocked and grieved to hear that 150 year old statue of Shri Muthumariamanan which was in Shri Murugan Kovil in Udunuwara in Hali Ela Badulla District had been damaged by undesirable criminal elements.

When such destructions and thefts were reported we brought those to the notice of the concerned persons and also to the appropriate authorities including His Excellency the President, the Secretary to the Defence Ministry and the IGP but those responsible for those criminal acts have not been arrested and brought before the Law. Such failure to take action appears to be encouraging those undesirable criminal elements to continue these criminal acts of destruction and thefts. Who is responsible for this unfortunate continuous dilemma to the Hindu People of this country and for the Divine statues being continuously destroyed and the valuable items being continuously stolen in the Hindu Temples?

Although the Hindus have expressed their shock and disappointment at the continuing illegal acts and expressed their dismay at these unfortunate happenings only to the places of worship of minorities the Government and the Officers responsible for law and order have failed to take steps to prevent those.

Therefore all the religious leaders and the political leaders should insist on the Government guaranteeing of cessation of these acts of injustice.

Although the State is to give Buddhism the foremost place it is also entrusted with another important duty by Article 9 of the Constitution to assure to all religions the rights of freedom and enjoyment with equality of those religions also, as enshrined in the Articles 10 and 14 (1) (e) of the Constitution. Failure to do so amounts to be an offence of insulting the Republican Constitution.

It cannot be the policy of the Government to allow the destruction of the Hindus and their places of worship and thus violates the Republican Constitution.

All Ceylon Hindu Congress (Federation of Hindu Religious Associations and Hindu Temples in Sri Lanka)
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