21 May, 2024


A Call To Comrade Anura Kumara Dissanayake: Time To Reflect & Adapt

By Ayesh Indranath Ranawaka

Ayesh Indranath Ranawaka

Dear Comrade ,

I write these words with a sense of urgency and anticipation, believing that the time has come to reflect and adapt. The seeds you sow knowingly or unknowingly have reaped a bitter harvest of division and discontent among the people of our Nation. Your brand of politics has had a lasting impact on our society, characterized by its bitterness and divisiveness. From the turbulent events of 71 to the unrest of 88 and 89, the scars of past conflicts continue to haunt us. The stagnant narrative of 76 years of curse and rejection of 225 has perpetuated, casting a shadow over our collective aspirations.

Your ability to mobilize support and empower people to your cause cannot be denied. The meetings last May showed the strength of your organization. But this energy, though powerful, is not without its dangers. It serves as a warning not only to you but to the entire nation.

History has witnessed how mass rallies and public opinion organized by hateful thoughts are lost very quickly. The meteoric rise of leaders like Gotabaya may hasten their downfall. The lack of experience in your ranks is glaring and poses a serious risk to the stability and progress of our country.

It’s not too late to change your course. You have the opportunity to utilize the skills and experience of those who came before you. There are politicians rich in knowledge and expertise willing to contribute to the betterment of our nation.Your can always talk to them in making a strategic plans to implement if you are elected as the President of this country .

I request you to take advantage of this opportunity. Create forward-thinking policies to engage in dialogue, consult and be inclusive. Be it new liberal, socialist or capitalist, the most important thing is that it serves the greater good of our country.

As a patriot who transcends party lines, I urge you to transcend party politics and put the welfare of our nation first. Let’s chart a course guided by strategic planning and collective action where every citizen has the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to our shared future.Loosing this opportunity will pave a way to another “Aragalaya” within a year if you elected and Same people who rallied around you might ask RW to take over again Sorry ,my thoughts .

The journey ahead may be full of challenges, but it is not insurmountable. Together, we can build a brighter tomorrow for generations to come. Good luck.

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  • 12

    I am bewildered. What’s the message? Is it that Anura does not measure up to the task ahead. You are not being logical. How did Srimavo fare when she jumped from cooking to commanding.
    No body is ever prepared for the post of a Head of State. Hasn’t Ranil reversed any of his decisions.

  • 4

    AKD et al should obtain lot more experience in practical political home work long before he just dream of becoming the leader like a teenager would do. Some expatrate srilankens believe AKD has no broader knowledge about srilanken politicis as his former leader Somawansa predicted then.
    srilanka ‘s position in the indian ocean is highly critical. We are hung by a single hay in terms of

    Sajith BABY is also not matured enough to put in driving seat loading in a bus of 23 millions of citizens. His thoughts are floating as his political maturity is somewhhere stuck. Name of elections, this country and its people are being misled again and again. After getting them elected, nothing like LAW MAKER jobs work as promised, they always turn to be the opposite.

    If all would work as AKD is supposed to think specially in srilankan society where culprits, sinhala-racists, cirminals, rapists, media fraudsters and all other varied groups are dominating rather than the rights respecting portions, first he should better study the cross section of the society before trying to promise ” better governance” under his ruling.
    We thought their killing indulgencies would have been replaced for non-violence states of mind during the last 3.5 decades since 89-92 era genocide occured.

    • 2

      L M ,

      Who do you think Thieves got to be managed by ? Another Thief
      or a Priest ? It is a country where even Monks and Priests are
      Thieves . Is AKD coming to get rid of them or embrace them ?
      Quick answer AKD ! You can give an answer from Iceland if you
      want to , you are so busy trotting the globe telling them you are
      flexible . When you are in Rome , do as Roans do And And And
      when you you are among Thieves , Do As Thieves Do !!!

      • 0

        ” When you are in Rome , do as Romans do “

  • 12

    AKD should stage a ARAGALAYA protesting the grant of permission for the Diyavanna bandits to import duty free cars when half the population of the country are struggling to put on their tables a square meal. Half empty plates.

  • 8

    The writer’s advice to AKD (penned in this article): (1) “The lack of experience in your ranks is glaring and poses a serious risk to the stability and progress of our county (2) You have the opportunity to utilize the skills and experience of those who came before you”.

    Can you tell us how to get “Experience” without really getting to do the job? If AKD and “Ranks” wait without getting into DO the job, they will never qualify and your “Recipe” will keep all of them out for life.

    Re. (2) Who are those with “Experience” who came before AKD? For 76 years, we have had a bitter taste of their “Experience” and we now know even the Supreme Courts declared many among those to be the CRIMINALS (really all of them are TRAITORS) who RUINED this country. For your information, MANY more would be declared such criminals and traitors under AKD leadership and the NPP regime. Wait to see and EXPERIENCE that TRUTH.

    By the way, what was your STIPEND to submit this “PLAN” and “ADVICE” to AKD and by WHOM?

    • 1

      You need to look at Nicaragua under Daniel Ortega.

  • 8

    An article written for the benefit of current and past regimes so that the “SYSTEM CHANGE “ that People are longing for DOES NOT take place.
    Bringing the past violent acts of JVP is a way to block AKD.
    People will NOT fall for it and should not to do so

  • 3

    Best ignored.

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