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A Land Where Brigands & Bigots Are Bizarre Buddies

By Udara Soysa

Udara Soysa

We have a very interesting position in Sri Lanka in respect of the country’s ethnic problem, a perpetual killer force that raged throughout the north and east and now trying to emerge in some parts outside of this region.

This ghastly position prevailed for thirty years because there were two main forces, a terrorist and a dodgy company of petty, prevaricating politicians. While the need of the hour is a resolution to this problem, the two main players did not want to resolve it with one seeking a mafia state and the other unwilling to recognize the just rights of the minority communities. The mafia state was fortunately defeated by 2009.

There was terrorist horror on one side with an entire region under threat and on the other side, blatant racial and religious chauvinism that ignores that all the people of Sri Lanka irrespective of their cultural diversities, have a common heritage rooted in India.

The right kind of solution based on the country’s historical governmental systems would have been an ideal solution but both extreme players did not want it and together they had turned the guns not so much on each other but on the people, all innocent, all helpless and all pawns in the hands of leaders who have no compassion, are utterly corrupt and employ weapons of destruction to assert their power by abusing the rights and will of the people; not even children are exempted.

More and more outside interests are sneaking in and certain powers that crave for global domination have already gained some foothold in Sri Lanka. It appears Sri Lankan politicians have been a breed without a sense of commitment, service and with a total lack of vision.

If only the country would free itself from its racial and religious chauvinism which Buddhist principles will never support, terrorism will scream its way out of the country like a horrendous ghost exorcised. But the politicians are far too small and mean for such an honourable undertaking. It is a country where terrorism and racism fuel each other and are interdependent.

As a pavement wit in Wellawatte once commented, the Sri Lankan politicians can talk the talk and walk the walk but cannot communicate or even get anywhere. Fake and fraud form their false façade. Sri Lanka is certainly a land where brigands and bigots are are bizarre buddies and bedfellows.

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