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A Letter Of Appreciation To Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka (II)

By H. L. D. Mahindapala

H. L. D. Mahindapala

Dear Mr. V (presumably, it stands for Vadukoddai) Kanthaiya,

I sincerely hope that you wouldn’t mind if I follow your example and request Colombo Telegraph to publish this letter on their website with the hope that you would read it. This is because, like you, I was not able to get the address. Other than your admission of haunting men’s rest room to pick up political gossip that titillates you, or the privacy of your room where you watch free porn – I hope the fly in your trousers is tightly zipped to keep the Peter Meter in check ! — there is nothing to indicate which part of the world you hang out.

Men’s rest rooms where you pick up political gossip indicate that it could be in Sri Lanka because that is where big knobs like Ranil Wickremesinghe, Mangala Samaraweera, Malick Samarawickrema, and their type hang out discussing Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka’s political theories. But then again I doubt whether it is in Sri Lanka because the Government has banned porn on the net, including TamilNet. But the tone and the thrust of your letter indicate that you are another “V” (Vadukoddian of the 1976 vintage) living in the Evil-laam of V. Prabhakaran, or in the fictitious land of your Prime Minister, V. Rudrakumaran, who can’t even issue a visa to you to enter the men’s rest rooms you talk of in your letter.

Unlike you I cannot say that I write this letter in appreciation of the great service rendered by you because you sound, despite your protestations, very much like one of those hired secretaries who had taken down dictation from a Managing Director/CEO of a night club of strippers that must have kept your Peter Meter ticking all night. Besides, the symptoms of frustrations are written all over and I was wondering whether the zip you talk of was open when you wrote what you wrote. I am sure you won’t be “disappointed”, as you say in your letter, if you start writing next time with your trousers up at the belly and not down below the knees, as you state, tempting you to let your hand fly frenetically like that of a one-armed bandit. .

Your exercise published in the Colombo Telegraph speaks a great deal about your bitterness caused by the beating that Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka gave you lot at UNHRC. Your mob couldn’t take that beating, coming shortly after the beating at Nandikadal. It was so stunning that the even the secret admirer of the Jaffna Tamil Boko Haram, Radhika Coomaraswamy, then acting as the mother of all children at the UN, sent an e-mail categorizing Dr. Jayatilleka’s winning speech at UNHRC as “obnoxious”. This reaction is typical of the so-called Tamil human rights activists who can give it to others but can’t take it when it is given back with interest to them. Like you they think that only Tamils have the right to follow any mass murderer as long as he/she takes them to Pee-lam. If the Sinhalese back an elected representative who had saved the Tamils like Mahinda Rajapaksa they see that as chauvinism, racism, majoritarianism etc. In fact, they believe that the Sinhalese, the Indians and the rest of the world exist to back the Jaffna Tamils all the way to their Pee-lam.

I must also confess that I am surprised by the way you sometimes hit the mark. For instance, you say that UNHRC is an NGO funded by CIA. Though it is blind shot in the dark it is 100% accurate because USA, a big funder of UNHRC, has big say in running its political agenda. After boycotting it for a long time US has come back to UNHRC to push its neo-imperialist agenda through the cover of human rights. Your statement is so accurate that it leads me to conclude that you must have written this at a time when your zip was closed. The rest must have been written with an open zip because you seem to have run riot with your imagination in those areas. I think you must, now and then, chill out!. They say that keeping the fly open too often makes you go blind. And the signs are there already.

Take, for instance, your remarks on president Mahinda Rajapaksa, the man who liberated the Tamils. You are crowing today because Mahinda Rajapaksa made it possible for your people to exercise freedoms at highest possible level. Make no mistake, CBKWickremesingheSirisena trio won because of one single dominant factor : Mahinda Rajapaksa defeated the Tamil Tiger fascism which suppressed and denied the Tamil people their fundamental freedoms of speech, association and, of course, voting rights, to mention only a few. Mahinda Rajapaksa not only liberated the Tamils from Tiger fascism but even gave them one off the fairest elections to elect their rulers without being hunted, incarcerated – may be even executed – for voting. It is the liberation of the Tamils of the north by Mahinda Rajapaksa which gave the freedom for the Tamils in the north to vote against him – something which they could have never done with their hero Prabhakaran. Nor could the TNA leaders exercise their fundamental rights and run a political campaign to vote for Ranil-CBK combination with Sirisena as their puppet if Mahinda Rajapaksa didn’t liquidate Prabhakaran. If your zip is closed you will certainly agree with this.

Mahinda Rajapaksa liberated the Tamils from centuries of serfdom. You and your lot had never tasted liberty, freedom or democracy except under “the Sinhala governments”, as you call it. First, you were under the tyranny of the likes of Sankili who massacred 600 Catholics in Mannar for owing allegiance to the Portuguese. Then, under all colonial masters, including the British, you were under oppressive Vellahla fascism that didn’t give your people a drop of water to drink from your wells, labeling them as untouchable pariahs. Then the Vadukoddai Resolution transferred Vellahla power to the worst political criminal produced by the Jaffna culture, V. Prabhakaran, who kept the old, the young, the male and the females and above all children under his fascist jackboot.

This historical sequence makes it amply clear that you enjoyed freedoms only under the “Sinhala governments” which, despite aberrations, fought for your rights under left, right and center regimes. You may not know that it was SWRD Bandaranaike who first moved to liberate the Tamils who were oppressed and reduced to slaves by the Vellahla caste fascists. His Prevention of Social Disabilities Act was hailed by sociologist as one the finest pieces of legislation ever to dismantle the entrenched caste system of the north which reduced the “Tamil pariahs” to slavery worse than those in the Bible belt of America, or the apartheid in S. Africa. You may also not know that it was Bandaranaike who elevated the Tamil language to its highest state level by enshrining the Tamil Language (Special Provisions) Act of 1958 in the statute books. This is the first time that the Sri Lankan nation recognized Tamil as a language of the state.

Whatever justice, dignity and respect you enjoyed you got it from “the Sinhala governments” which you have never ceased to vilify. You demonized the Sinhalese to cover-up your obscene and dehumanizing fascism of the Vellahlas and the Tigers. If Bandaranaike took the first steps to liberate you from the caste fascism of the Vellahlas then Mahinda Rajapakse liberated you from the political fascism of the Tamil Pol Pot + Boko Haram. You no longer fear that the children will be hijacked by your Tamil Boko Haram, do you VK? Who did that for you, VK?

Tamils of the north went to the polling booths and voted en masse only because Mahinda Rajapakse made it possible for your people to exercise your rights without looking over your shoulder, like Rajani Tiranagama who was shot in the back when she was returning home from the University of Jaffna – another great gift from the Sinhala government to the people of Jaffna. Right, VK? It was Mahinda Rajapaksa who gave you the easy access to polling booths to vote en masse by building new highways and byways, right VK? Which Tamil leader ever gave you such opportunities to live and uplift the likes of you with basic human rights, eh VK?

Isn’t is because MR liberated the Tamils of the north that they became “freedom-fighters” for democracy which they enjoyed in full measure under Mahinda Rajapaksa, right VK? In fact, Mahinda Rajapakse gave the TNA Police protection from the taxes paid mainly by the Sinhalese, for Sampanthan & Co to survive against premeditated attacks of your V. Prabhakaran. Agreed, VK? Tell me, VK, where were these “freedom fighters” when Prabhakaran was ruling them with an iron fist? Under Prabhakaran Tamil leaders were quite happy to be co-fascist-oppressors of Prabhakaran’s Pol Potist regime without uttering a single word of protest. Today the Sampanthans, Wigneswarans and Sumanthirans have the opportunity to defy and pose as heroes only because Mahinda Rajapaksa created the liberal political culture free from Tamil fascism. Right VK? It is laughable when Sampanthan decries corruption and freedom under Mahinda Rajapaksa government after having gone along merrily, without a murmur, when Prabhakaran was swimming in pools in the dry Vanni with his children whilst inviting the children of other Tami parents only to serve them their last supper with a cyanide pill for dessert.

Like the way Mahinda Rajapaksa learnt that having hoppers with a long-standing friend can be the most dangerous thing the Tamils too were aware of the dangers of having dinner with Prabhakaran. Which Tamil activist in London, Melbourne, New York and Toronto would send their children to have last supper with Prabhakaran? They and their children came to Vanni only to take photos with Prabhakaran and display them on their mantelpiece in London, Melbourne, New York and Toronto. That is difference between Islamic fundamentalist fighting for a separate state and the Tamil fighting for their separate state. Muslims went from France, UK, USA in hundreds to fight for the ISL state. But the Tamil expats went only to take pictures with Prabhakaran. How many pictures posing with Prabhakaran do you have on display at home, VK?

I do not know whether you wear glasses or not but if you do please get them cleaned because you seemed to have missed the Tamil Tigers who fired heavy artillery at hospitals and other civilian centers. Tamils are also said to be very good at arithmetic. Their ability to count every cent is , as you know, is legendary. But somehow their arithmetic failed to add up when it came to counting human beings. Your calculations on the number dead seems to be based on the assumption that the Tiger guns and artillery were stuffed with pittu at Nandikadal. Only the guns of SL forces fired live bullets at Tamils.

Also when the Tamil teachers, government servants and other Tamil officials in the area went from house to house to count the Tamil dead they came up with a figure of around 10,000. But you quote a figure of 40,000. Who counted it for you, VK? You cite the UN? But who counted it for the UN? Gordon Weiss, the UN representative in Sri Lanka, put the figure at 7,000 when he was in Colombo. After he left he jacked up the figure to 40,000 as a sensational ploy to market his book. Like you he too gives the impression that the Tamil Tigers were non-violent Gandhians who ate va-days and meditated by the wayside, while the lethal bullets of the SL Forces were flying in and out of Tamil bodies.

Anyway, as eye-witnesses agree that both sides were firing, can you find out how many of the 40,000 Tamils killed were by bullets of SL Forces and how many by the firing of Tamil Tigers? As stated earlier, liberating the Tamils from the fascist oppression of the Tigers is a great humanitarian operation with the least civilian casualties. What is more, the general consensus is that it was a “just war”. Eliminating the subhuman killers was the lesser evil. Having failed in all other peaceful processes there was no alternative except the ineluctable process at Nandikadal. The peace that dawned and the lives saved in the post-Nandikadal phase alone proves that the liquidation of the Tamil fascists was the best thing that happened to the Tamils who suffered untold miseries for 33-year (from 1976 – 2009).

Removing the basic fears of the Tamils that haunted them daily and restoring normalcy for day-to-day living alone deserves praise for the Sri Lankan soldiers who risked their lives to save the fleeing Tamils. The Tamil IDPs were not only abandoning and running away from Prabhakaran but also ducking the bullets fired by Prabhakaran to keep them by force inside the human shield to protect him and his family. Remember how your “saviours” bombed the fleeing Tamils when they were in the queue waiting to be admitted into safety zone of the Army? Where were you VK during this phase? Guzzling whiskey? Or supplying cyanide to your dear leader? Like Sampanthan what right have you to moralize on the rest of the nation when the likes of Sampanthan and you were obediently licking the boots of a Tamil Pol Pot who dragged the Tamil people all the way to Nandikadal?

The highest point in the Jaffna Tamil culture was reached when the children were taken forcibly – sometimes from the Churches – to sit for their last supper with the Tamil Boko Haram. Tamil morality is now struggling to reach another level by erecting a statue for this Tamil humanitarian whose obscenities were derived from Sankili who mercilessly massacred 600 Tamil Catholics one Christmas eve during the Portuguese period. As per usual you are attempting to sanitize the blood-thirsty brutalities of Tamil history by pointing a finger at the Sinhalese who gave you the essential freedoms that you never had, including protection from Prabhakaran to the beleaguered Tamil MPs.

It was Mahinda Rajapaksa who restored dignity, respect and decency to the Tamils who were treated like cattle by Prabhakaran and his predecessors. Ask Sampanthan what freedom he had to express his opinions in front of Prabhakaran? What is the dignity he had when he had to go on bended knees to protect his neck before that Tamil mass murderer? Compare the status of Sampanthan today and that of the time when he was under the rule of Prabhakaran and tell us which is better?

It was the vilified Sinhalese who protected and preserved democracy for all Sri Lankans. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s victory at Nandikadal was a landmark achievement for democracy because he crushed Tamil fascist dictatorship once and for all. In one sense, the Vadukoddai War was a pure and simple battle between democratic forces of south and the fascist tyrannical forces of the north. One of the greatest achievements of Mahinda Rajapaksa is that he defeated the Tamil fascism and restored democracy to the war-torn nation. The result of that was clearly demonstrated on January 8.

Of course, VK you will not hear about the details mentioned above in your frequent visits to men’s rest rooms. You have to read it in the Colombo Telegraph. And as a post script permit me to add that I am stopping at this point because I do not want to lengthen it any further. Besides, I do not want to keep you away from private porn shows. Have a nice day and keep your zip tight.

Yours sincerely

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