27 June, 2022


A Misguided Proposal To Avoid A Referendum?

By Laksiri Fernando

Dr. Laksiri Fernando

Dr. Laksiri Fernando

If we preach democracy, we should practice it. That should be our utmost attempt. If someone fails in those attempts, that may be excused under certain circumstances, primarily on the basis that those would be corrected in the future. Otherwise one should gracefully retire from politics or public life.

We are talking about a new constitution, that should go before the people at a referendum. That is the fundamental law of this country and that is the existing constitution. Even if there are defects or unclear provisions in that referendum procedure, that is not an excuse to bypass or manipulate the fundamental law. If someone is talking about ‘tinkering’ of the constitution, that should be very clearly stated and explained to the people. People should be beware of dubious behaviour or hanky-panky.

I was completely disappointed to see Jehan Perera’s recent article suggesting that the government should not go for a complete new constitution but change it “to the extent possible utilizing the coalition government’s 2/3 majority in parliament but without going for a referendum.” He unashamedly says, “it does not necessarily mean that the changes made will be any less far reaching or important.” Here he talks about a manipulation. ‘Far reaching’ amendments, but without people’s consent or referendum!

Let us leave aside the ‘artfully possible’ 2/3 majority that he talks about for a moment. His title of the article “Logic of the Coalition Politics as Art of the Possible Will Continue” (2 January 2017) gives the impression that this is what is going to happen, as if he has some inside information. This is even without a question mark to the title. This is also confirmed by what he has written as “The most likely scenario in 2007.”

Colombian Model?

The most interesting aspect of his article is his reference to the ‘Colombian model.’ He says:

“This is the model followed by Colombia to consolidate its peace process between the government and rebel FARC militants. The Colombian government failed in October to win a referendum that sought the approval of the people for the peace agreement, much to its own shock and the shock of the international community which awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to those who were architects of the peace agreement. However, in December this peace agreement came into force by being passed by parliament with a unanimous vote in favour.”

As the referendum failed in Colombia at the first turn, “to its own shock and the shock of the international community,” then the right thing to do was to put the revised agreement again to a referendum. That is what I know as democracy as a political scientist. But Perera’s field and orientation might be different. Therefore, he is jubilant that it was not put again to the people but it “came into force by being passed by parliament with a unanimous vote in favour.” This is what I call political manipulation. In between, as he says, ‘the international community awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to those who were architects of the peace agreement.”

I am not going into the details of the FARC agreement in Colombia here. However, there is a young Colombian woman who comes for cleaning jobs in our apartment building here in Sydney. I recently asked her about the situation back home and the referendum. She first said she was sent by her parents here to Australia because of the terror activities of, as she said, the ‘guerrillas.’ Second she said her parents and family fear the reappearance of their ‘drug and violent’ activities under a different guise under the new situation. I believe this is the same sentiment of the people that gave a negative verdict in the October referendum.

This is the model Jahan proposes to Sri Lanka through by-passing a referendum. If I am not mistaken, Jehan once before refereed to the Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, saying that their peace agreement was modelled on the lines of the ‘peace agreement’ in Sri Lanka (2002). Santos must have said it to please the Norwegians. Now it appears that Jehan proposes the (new) Colombian model to please the same benefactors.

The origins of the two models, by passing democracy and referendum, have the same source. If some Norwegians are behind the new proposal in Sri Lanka ‘not to go for a referendum’ but have ‘far reaching and important’ amendments, then those should be ashamed of their role. They may be ‘naïve or cunning,’ but if they believe that people in countries like Sri Lanka don’t understand democracy or referendum they are mistaken.

New Threats

This is not merely an East-West problem as some extremist nationalists might like to picture. Even in the West, there is a strong group of ‘globalist elite’ who wants to by-pass people’s verdicts, whether Brexit or US presidential elections. They are the subtlest enemies of democracy in the world today. The problem with Norway is that they are the most hegemonic in the political/academic system in that country. They believe what they believe to be true and good for other countries. In Britain, there are still attempts to overturn or by-pass the Brexit verdict through Parliament. They are late in blaming Putin for Brexit manipulation. Therefore, they blame the people directly.

In the US, the claim on ‘Putin manipulation’ is still going on whether it is correct or not. If Russia could manipulate the US elections or if the candidate who cannot win the popular vote (Trump in this case) is the presidential winner, then there is something fundamentally wrong with that system. Therefore, before preaching others, they should fix their own systems. It would be interesting to know what actually happens in Norway at elections. The way some of the Norwegian elites try to manipulate the other people’s systems, we can hardly think that their system is fool-proof. If they have too much money (they do), they should give them to the poor, without using them to manipulate other people’s countries.

If the so-called ‘international community’ admits most of the problems of democracy world over are largely common and try to resolve them cooperatively, then there is some reasonableness. However, if they try to manipulate and cobble out some elitist solutions in poor countries, those cannot be considered favourable to democracy or conflict resolution. Common international endeavours in resolving problems are quite welcome, but not manipulations. I would not be surprised if the Nobel Peace Prize for 2017 is offered to the President and the Prime Minister jointly to cobble out a constitutional tinkering to their liking, not to the liking of the people or the conditions of the country.

What is increasingly problematic is that ‘who is going to preach the international preachers? They have become a force unto themselves, creating more problems than resolving them worldwide.

A Strange Coincidence?

By a strange coincidence, Perera’s proposal coincides with the proposal of the Joint Opposition (JO) led by Mahinda Rajapaksa (MR). That may be the reason why he had started his article also with a tribute to MR. As he says “He [MR] is demonstrating the same tenacity that stood him in good stead during his long stint in politics prior to rising to become the undisputed leader of the country.

Mahinda Rajapaksa also argues (with the ‘same tenacity’ I suppose!) that the country does not need a new constitution but amendments. First to do away with the executive presidency. Second to fix the electoral system. Obviously, now MR cannot become the president after the 19th Amendment. The difference between the two is that Jehan obviously prioritize the centre-periphery relations or the national question while MR wants now a prime ministerial system. Perhaps there is a suggestion from overseas to possibly horse-trade between the two. It is this ‘horse-trading’ that some people call ‘peace building’ or ‘conflict resolution.’ The Norwegians are maestros in this approach.

Jehan’s analysis not about democracy or the people but about the power of the politicians. The following is his categorical statement in this respect.

“Power lies in the control of government. The stability and strength of the government lies in the continued willingness of the president and prime minister to work together in the realization that each needs the other’s support to continue to stay in power until the next general elections which are three years away.”

It is on that basis that he argues that 2/3 in Parliament is (artfully) possible for ‘far reaching and important’ amendments but not people’s consent at a referendum. This is outright opportunism. It is possible that some politicians in the Tamil community also might go along with this argument. However, perhaps not the intelligentsia or the people. When Jehan’s article was posted in the Colombo Telegraph, Dr Rajasingham Narendran completely disagreed.

As he argues, a referendum on a new constitution at this juncture will definitely be defeated not because of its contents, but because of the escalating dissatisfaction with this government. He categorically says, “The answer lies in firstly governing as promised, eliminating corruption, punishing the corrupt and being sensitive to the crying concerns of the people.

While I request all interested readers and parties to go through what he has said fully, I opt to quote his sentiments about a referendum from a genuine ‘minority’ perspective.

“I personally prefer postponing the referendum than avoiding it. I and likely all minorities want to know the so-called Sinhala-Buddhist opinion on the minority issues and modes of resolving them. Much sin has been committed in their name and on their behalf. Let us assess the truth through the referendum. The minorities can then deal with the fact accordingly. Let the cat and mouse game stop. Let expediency be buried six feet deep.”

What is to be Done?

The new constitution making process has undoubtedly come to crossroads. The scheduled debates in Parliament on sub-committee reports are suspended. If I understand correctly, these were not meant for Parliamentary debates but for the Steering Committee to draft a constitutional proposal. That should be done. It is good that the sub-committee reports were available for public scrutiny, and for the scrutiny of all political parties and politicians. Now that is fairly completed. Therefore, the Steering Committee should come up with a new Constitutional Draft and publish it as a Sessional Paper.

This must be done with utmost care, considering the future of the country and keeping in mind both the required 2/3 in Parliament and the referendum. There is no need to have a long and legally convoluted document. Unnecessary controversies emerge, in my opinion, when a draft is too detailed. This is a constitution and not legislation. American constitution might be the best example. It is my considered view that the expansion of the devolution of power and strengthening of the local government system would get the people’s acclaim, if it is framed without going to the extremes.

In my opinion and experience, the general public is more accommodating of minority rights, plurality and diversity than the power-hungry politicians and their activists. The draft should not go for an immediate voting in Parliament or a referendum. There should be about a year’s period for public discussion. The success or the failure of the new constitution also would depend on the public trust of this government. That means their performance. Anyway, the people would like to see a constitutional draft now and not different proposals. The ‘art of the possible’ does not mean what is ‘artfully possible.’

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  • 5

    what a hypocrite! you cant pick and choose democracy Mr Laksiri. you defend stealing the people’s franchise when it suites your cronies, rigged elections (MY3 style), silencing parliamentary opposition. then you preach! what nonsense

    • 5

      Dear Prof. Laksiri,
      Your criticism of Jehan Perera on his view that new proposals should not be put to the people at a referendum is not fair. Any fair solution to Tamils in sharing of power and territory will be defeated at any referendum if it is put to the people. Overwhelming majority of Sinhalese are racist and do not want anything to be given to Tamils. Mahanayake Theros have clearly outlined to the government what the solution should be. All the good work done by sub-committees for drafting of a new constitution will be in vain. President has already distanced himself from it saying that they are only suggestions and nothing more. What will ultimately come out will be decentralization of administration under central government control and not any degree of autonomy, much less than in 13th amendment. Such a proposal may be acceptable to Sinhalese and passed at a referendum, but will be soundly rejected by Tamils, exposing a Sinhala-Tamil divide to international community proving the accusation of Sinhala intransigence.

      For your information there is a big racial problem in UK. There is an organization named “Festival of Cricket” which conducts an annual cricket tournament among OBAs of Srilankan schools in UK. Sinhala racists are refusing to admit Northern Tamil school OBAS into the organisation giving lame excuses. There is a gang operating to prevent these OBAs being admitted postponing the issue since October 2016. They are blatantly violating admission procedure in FOC constitution as well as contravening “Equality Law 2010”, which bars discrimination in any form at any organisation. We have given an ultimatum for the admission to be made at the next meeting on 22/01, failing which to report them to UK authorities and take legal actions. Unlike in Srilanka, in UK there is a level playing field and the justice system is absolutely fair, and I can assure you that Sinhala racists will be defeated. I am mentioning this to you because, Srilanka problem is similar where it can only be settled by international intervention.

      • 0

        It is not the Sinhalese who are being racist but the Tamils. What tamils coerce the sinhalese into accept is both UNJUST and WRONG.

        1. Sri Lanka would not exist if the so called demands of the Tamil politicians are met. Sri Lanka would be reduced into two indian provinces

        2. There is NO Tamil nation state in Sri Lanka, even Indian constitution does NOT accept a Tamil nation in india while TN is the unquestionable Tamil homeland.

        3. Even with the given power devolution, tamil politicians have already shown how they will harm SL be racist while acting as imbeciles.

        4. Tamils are like, ok we fought and got beaten now give us what we want..it does not work like that.

        5. Asking to prosecute the war winning military and political leadership citing unsubstantiated war crime charges while the REAL reason is revenge for killing their loving terrorist.

        Sri Lankan government whether it is MY3 or UNP can promise anything in S’pore or at Washington. But the decision lies with the people of Sri Lanka. And I dont think Sinhala people should agree to anything that is detrimental to their community just to satisfy the egoistic tribal demands of TNA

        • 5

          The treatment of Tamils, who had a state of their own in the North-East (Tamil Eelam) before the British ANNEXED it in 1832 to the Sinhala ratas to form Ceylon is atrocious in the hands of the post-independent rulers – that is the truth.

          The war crimes and genocidal actions of the Sinhalese-dominated governments since independence culminated in the mass killing of Tamils in Vanni.

          The treatment of Tamils in the island is similar to the genocide of Rohingyas in Myanmar, ironically both in the name of Buddha.

          If they have a referendum in Myanmar asking whether Rohingyas should be given rights like other ethnic groups what will be the result? You guessed it – get rid of them all!

          • 0

            Again back to the history qn..which further proves this conflict has nothing to do with minority discrimination

            1. In 1833 there was no state for Tamils and British did not take over tamils’ lands.
            2. There is NO historical facts to substantiate Tamils’ homeland theory.
            3. The un questionable Tamil homeland in TN is not even recognised as a separate Tamil nation by the Indian government with 70 million tamils in it and there is no reason for SL to do that while more than 50% of tamils live out side N and E.

            • 5

              Turks and Greeks are finalizing a system of governance for the island of Cyprus now.

              Will the majority Greeks insist on a referendum in the whole island to be conducted before implementing the power sharing arrangement?

              Sri Lanka is in a very similar situation to Cyprus. Sri Lanka would be wise to learn a lesson from the Cypriots if they want peace and prosperity in the island of Sri Lanka.

              • 0

                Actually Sri Lanka is AVOIDING a Cyprus like situation by rejecting tamil tribal demands

                • 5

                  sach the stupid II

                  It was VP who packed the Hindians back to New Delhi.

                  Will you now go find Nuisance’s padikkama?

                  • 0

                    Dont waste space here,

                    • 3

                      sachoooooooooooooooooo the stupid 11

                      “Dont waste space here,”

                      Are you standing in front of a mirror?

                • 5

                  Only way to defeat Sinhala racists and bring about justice is by foreign intervention, first politico-economically and if it fails militarily. The actions of Sinhalese is actually leading Srilanka into a Cyprus like situation rather than avoiding it. Sinhala racists are unable to read the writing on the wall and are taking themselves to the path of humiliation.

                  • 0

                    If Sinhalese are leading to a Cyprus like situation ,why do you worry? Let them do that. I wonder tamil racist eelamists struggle to avoid a cyprus like situation .

                    • 3

                      Prabaharan was selfish and foolish when India intervened militarily in 1987. Tamils are feeling the effect of this madness now. When Indian planes airdropped to bring Srilanka down to its knees, Tamils lit crackers in Jaffna. When IPKF landed they welcomed with garlands. In eastern province Sinhala racists were kept under control especially in Trincomalee. The Buddhist priest who organised anti-IPKF demonstration was shot dead by IPKF as a warning to Sinhala racists not to try this again, and after that there was no disruption to peace. Instead of joining hands with IPKF and fighting Srilanka government, Prabaharan joined hands with Premadasa and fought IPKF resulting in disaster. It is after this that IPKF turned their guns on Tamils. Prabaharan managed to
                      turn a friend to enemy and convert a victory to defeat. Now there is no Prabaharan or LTTE to spoil the party if India intervenes militarily. With Srilanka unable to evict China as promised is a sure panacea for disaster. Also Srilanka’s inability to arrive at a fair solution of sharing power and territory with Tamils will add to this. India is waiting for an opportunity to teach Srilanka a lesson and show them who is the boss.

                    • 0

                      IPKF did not come to fight SLn government as you suggested that is where you went wrong both you and Prabhakaran.
                      And again if you think india will intervene again and give you eelam, why do you force the government? Just sit back and relax india will do that in the mean time ne :)

                    • 0

                      IPKF did not come to fight Srilanka in 1987 as Srilanka had surrendered to India. India was ready to invade Srilanka, when JR pleaded with USA for help. When USA refused JR had no option than to surrender. I consider that an excellent move as JR wanted them to come in and then sabotage IPKF. Due to his surrender that Srilanka got certain concessions in the political solution by way of temporary merger of northern and eastern provinces and truncated powers to be enhanced in later years. If JR had resisted, they would have invaded by force and implemented a tougher solution with permanent merger of northern and eastern provinces and a wider devolution of power. It is to save face from being invaded that JR spread a story that he is inviting IPKF to Srilanka, knowing very well that he had no other choice than to surrender to India. India did not want Ealam to be established and the policy remains so even now. The only way India can save Tamils and give them a sense of dignity and safety is to bring Tamil regions in Srilanka under its control. This is going to happen if Sinhala racists block a reasonable solution based on enhancing 13th amendment with power and territory.

                    • 0

                      The 13th amendment is already in place. And india does not want to create eelam and we allow indians to rob northern fishermens’ fish. so what makes you think india will intervene?

                      And again, if SL will end up like that, why do you try to avoid it? Let sinhalese create such a situation..

                  • 0

                    We are reading the writing,
                    We are all waiting to see the magic trick the gon palane going to flick out from the sleeve or whatever to pass the referendum by hoodwinking the people!

        • 1

          sachooooooooooooooooooooo the stupid II

          ” Sri Lanka would not exist if the so called demands of the Tamil politicians are met. Sri Lanka would be reduced into two indian provinces”

          Whats wrong with it? Hindia would have an extended Tamil Nadu state and a Sinhala State of Hindia. That will help the region to put a full stop to Squeaking mouses in the Indian ocean.

          “There is NO Tamil nation state in Sri Lanka, even Indian constitution does NOT accept a Tamil nation in india while TN is the unquestionable Tamil homeland. “

          Cite your evidence.

          What is Tamil Nation State
          What is Tamil Home land
          What the difference between Tamil Nation and Tamil Home Land?

          Are you being generous to Tamil Home Landers?
          Is there any provision in Indian Constitution which recognises Tamil Nadu being Tamil’s Home Land? PLease cite evidence.

          “Even with the given power devolution, tamil politicians have already shown how they will harm SL be racist while acting as imbeciles.”

          Lets have some evidence please.

          What is imbecile?

          “Tamils are like, ok we fought and got beaten now give us what we want..it does not work like that. “

          How sure are you with you tiny mind and petty nationalism you would continue to gloat your war victory? Remember prior to March 1971 there was one country and after December 1971 there were 2 countries although Pakistan had its all weather friends USA and China.

          “Asking to prosecute the war winning military and political leadership citing unsubstantiated war crime charges while the REAL reason is revenge for killing their loving terrorist. “

          Good now you have clear cut evidence, why don’t you quit.

          HLD M may need his padikkama cleaned. He is also looking for you.

          • 0

            Whats wrong with it? Hindia would have an extended Tamil Nadu state and a Sinhala State of Hindia. That will help the region to put a full stop to Squeaking mouses in the Indian ocean.

            // that is what we are avoiding idiot…i know you have nothing against being a mere extension of india, but we do. Because we have been a proud civilization an independent one for millenias. So it matters to us. It does not matter to you, cos you had NOTHING in this country..

            And no TN is not constitutionally recognized by the indian constitution as a tamil nation.

  • 11

    Can’t Sri Lanka have a referendum like those For Scotland or Montreal?

    Are those instnaces not democratic according to Laksiri Fernando?

    What fake democracy is he talking about?

    If Tamil people in the island want to live in a particular political system, as they have been advocating for six decades, and even voted for in 1977 elections, they must be free to choose it, that is true democracy.

    Did they have a referendum in Indonesia when East Timor people wanted their own political system? Or did Iraq have a referendum for the Kurds to get their autonomy.

    Laksiri turns out to be another Sinhala racist who recommended mass murderers of innocent Tamils, Mara and Gota, in Vanni war to be given PhDs for their massacres!

    • 2

      Good suggestion.

      But other 7 provinces also need a referendum to become the Singhala country.

    • 3

      Dr. Laksiri Fernando

      RE: A Misguided Proposal To Avoid A Referendum?

      If you had the Common Sense pamphlet, instead of being lost in Thomas More, it would have contributed to the debate on the referendum.

      This is what The Pride of Sri Lanka’ (Sri Lanka Abhimanya) Justice Christopher Gregory Weeramantry, former Judge of the Supreme Court and Vice President of the International Court of Justice in The Hague, has to say.

      “His various statements affecting a multitude of legal doctrines serves as edicts in their own merit. His was no ordinary voice with regard to upholding the Rule of Law. He once observed that there can be no democracy in a country unless the rule of law prevails at every level from the humblest to the most exalted citizen.”

      However, now remember that the average IQ of Sri Lankan’s is 79., and include the politicians.

      That is why the Common Sense Pamphlet is needed.

  • 1

    I see none of the political parties in Parliament is prepared to do a clean job fair by the people of the Country. First, they must say to the people what they want to have in the proposed draft amendments to the constitution and obtain the peoples support.

    It is here the various parties want to beat one another and engage themselves in rousing racial hatred and suspicions to win votes. These Parties do not want to have a true and fair discussion of draft constitution and want avoid to have a referendum.

    Trying not to have a referendum is like cheating the people and overriding constitutional requirements. As it seems, all talks of an amendment to the Constitution is a ruse to pacify the UN resolution and overcome its repercussions.

  • 4

    Politics is the art of the possible.If full implementation of the 13th Amendment,or 13th+[Plus] is the answer to the National question is there a need for a referendum? Besides,the foremost place granted to Buddhism will remain as disclosed by MS-Ranil yahapalanaya set-up.
    A new constitution with a 2/3rd majority in Parliament is possible.But will it be accepted at a referendum if there is provision to resolve the National question? If it is accepted by the Minority groups it will be rejected by the Majority group! The mood in the country need not be tested with a referendum for the simple reason that Sinhala-Tamil relationships are by no means Hunky-Dory!
    So,in effect this is a Catch-22 situation!

  • 7

    Democracy is not a monopoly of the major race. The fate of the minorities cannot be decided by the majority race. Can he confirm that the ordinary people know fully well the content and composition of a constitution and the implications thereof, and vote on their own independent of political influences? Before what the new constitution is composed of is not known clearly, why this ballyhoo?

    • 0

      The fate of the Majority was decided by the minority on Jan 8th…And that too is unjust

      • 3

        sachoooooooooooooooo the stupid II

        “The fate of the Majority was decided by the minority on Jan 8th…And that too is unjust”

        Actually the fate of the majority was decided by a very tiny minority, VP in 2005.

        Go look for Nuisance’s padikkama. You need a large one too.

        • 0

          no it was not. Minority did NOT influence so majority decided

          • 2

            Your stupidity is blinding your eyes.

            If you want to save a land for Buddha to return, you are going to put up his judgement there. When he appeared on the sky he brought Thunder and Lighting to Yakka. Real Buddha will do that for all Yakkas.

            What was done to Tamils from 1948 was given back by Buddha in 1971. Whatever was from 1977 was given in 1989. It looks like the time to get the rest including 2009. Remember he started with first biggest racist by dripping from horse. For the second biggest he sent his agent. Sirimavo, Richard P all get his judgements. One remaining yet judged by him is your boss. Boss has been protecting him by hiding in Tirupati. But, now he is exposed. Can he escape from UN electric Chair?

            It is hard for you understand as you have grabbed a piece of land from Britain and claiming you are majority. European colonist ruling is forgotten for you. It is time you go under others too. The situation is too complex for you and your boss to understand. It was nothing different from when Ehelepola was going against his uncle to Colonist.

            Your boss had difficulties to read the fine prints in the contracts with China. That idiot did not know he was signing contracts those are not excitable. That is what happened in Colombo Pong Cing and HangBangtota. Buddha had launched stone throwing bald headed agents at HangBangtota of China. But China’s strength is way beyond being hurt by these stone throwing Monk-ies. HangBangtota gone out of your hand.
            He challenged to steal Ranil’s job. Ranil Challenged to go ahead and do that. Ranil knows by tempting to sit on his chair, King was tempting to sit on UN electric Chair.

            • 0

              Then what must Tamils have done to get beaten by sinhalese , SL army, fellow tamils , muslims , indians ?

              Sri Lanka is the sinhala homeland .it is not a tamil homeland , even a part of it. We dont need anyone else’s land but we won’t give ours.
              Tamils were brought by the colonials for their work and that is how you begin here.

              • 1

                Then what must Tamils have done to get beaten by sinhalese , SL army, fellow tamils , muslims , indians ?

                The mistake they did was letting rowdy Wijeya clan to land in Lankawe and bring them women from TN.(please don’t ask me these basic question, read and understand the Mahavamsa – Further if you cannot read Sinhala, ask your grandma she might have memorized many part of that epic.)

                Sri Lanka is the Sinhala homeland.it is not a Tamil homeland
                Come Sach don’t be such a dimwit even to understand that. Read the Vaddukoddai Convention it is English too, the only Language properly you read) “Sri Lanka is the Sinhala homeland and Tamil Eelam is Tamils Home land”

                Tamils were brought by the colonials for their work and that is how you begin here Yeas that is correct. That is why your elders have been telling you that you are lowcountry Negombo Tamil.

                Man, don’t believe in that stupidly, showing arrogance stubbornly is going to win you all. First find out what you did to China hire Yahapalanaya beat you up in HanBangTota.

                • 0

                  What were tamils doing when vijaya came to SL? Why could not they populate the island? Why did VIjaya and his people went to South? Remember only the late comer will live in North. Had tamils came before Sinhalese, Sinhala people would not be living in south. That is simple logic.

                  Imagine a north indian prince going to TN and starting a kingdom. :) what would happen? LOL
                  After all dont your people say Mahavamsa is wrong?

                  then what is tamil nadu? can same person have two biological mothers? in the same way can the same ethnicity originate from two different places? Dont you see the stupidity of your claim?

                  I dont care whether i am a low caste tamil or not. For sinhalese tamil castes is immaterial. Whether i am a tamil or hispanic i am now part of the nation that gave civilisation to this soil. I am a part of this soil.

                  The arrogance is shown by the vellala tamil politicians. and that landed them in trouble

                  • 0

                    sachooooooooooooooo the stupid II

                    “What were tamils doing when vijaya came to SL?”
                    “Why did VIjaya and his people went to South?”

                    Where did you get the stupid idea (consistent with your past present and future) that Vijaya came to this island and then went to the South with his people?

                    Could you give us some clear evidence.

                    • 0

                      Because idiot the so called vijaya’s descendants live in South

                  • 0


                    There was no Sinhalese in the South….. Kathirkamam, Tondeswaram, Sella Kathirkamam, Madurai….Where do you find Sinhala names in those days names? How these names did go into Mahavamsa? When was Sinhalese lived in South? It is a language started 8th century and came as real dialog in 13th century.

                    When did you learn Wijeya won Eelam in a war? Why are confusing the history. Wijeya first married a Rodiya woman, stole her Kingdom, and cheated her. From that day to until British came her decedents were ill-treated as Cannibals, Yakkas, Ugly births and forced live without cloths. But the reality is they very artistic society and most beautiful humans beings with chiseled perfect bodies and statues like postures. Then he married Tamil women from TN. From Wijeya time to 8th century, that is for 7 centuries, Wijeya did speak Tamil’s old format of Eelam language. He started to speak in Sinhala only after that.

                    You don’t have to imagine, (You are imaging North Indians are white skinned Arians.) North is captured from Dravidians. But nothing happened when Afghanis invaded India. 80% of the whole Indian population is Dravidians (That include entire north).

                    I dont care whether i am a low caste tamil or not.” You may care or not that I don’t know, but your boss does care & that is why had employed you here to spread racism.

                    “The arrogance is shown by the vellala tamil politicians. and that landed them in trouble” First don’t copy what I write to you. That show you are not able to think. Then:

                    What you mean? You are not being straight forward; Playing hide and seek; I don’t get. You mean Suntharalingam and other DS’s ministers signed for the Soulbury Constitutions and have made Tamils as slaves?

                    • 0

                      Yes there were no Sinhalese in south, there are no Sinhalese in Sri Lanka or there is no Sinhalese race. I know that is what you have been saying all these years. That is why you were counter attacked by the Sinhalese as a result of racist vitriol by the tamils. According to Sri Lankan Tamil politicians whole Sri Lanka is a Tamil country..right? Why don’t you go ahead and tell that your friends in international community?

                      Where were Kathirkamam, Tondeswaram, Sella Kathirkamam,?
                      Mahavamsa mentions Katharagama as Kacharagama and the inscriptions in Katharagama calls itself Katharagama. The problem with Tamils are they are embarrassingly unaware of the history of the country. I think they skip history lessons because they cannot stomach what is being taught. Kathirkamam, Tondeswaram, Sella Kathirkamam started appearing for the same reason Wallawatta has become Wellawattai…It is how the racist Tamil politicians pronounce non tamil names.

                      Sinhala inscriptions started appearing since 3rd BC. If you have no idea about it just go through ancient epigraphica Ceylon, all the inscriptions that is found to date is registered and collected there. And one main thing in those inscriptions is ‘A (like in Apple) sound which is non prevalent even in modern Tamil. Sinhalese did not live only in South, Sinhalese lived all over the island. That is why you have weerasinghams,Jayasinghams, Tissanayagams among tamils in Jaffna, These are tamilised Sinhalese.

                    • 0

                      So do you guys now consider Mahavamsa as gospel truth? Are you suffering from Mahavamsa mentality? Even according to the Vijaya story, it was not the rodiya people ( what is tamils’ attachment with caste structurers which degrades humans? Even here you need to degrade other people) it is the natives’ queen who married Vijaya. Sinhalese are the people who descended from that natives forming a their own language and culture. That is why every Sinhala inscription from 3 BC is appearing all over the country, our history is dotted with Sinhala literature and products of Sinhala civilization. Where are your products? What do you have to show as yours in Sri Lanka or your mythical Eelam?
                      The only thing you have is a temple built by a man sent by the Sinhala king? Look at the civilizational products of TN and Sinhala people.

                      What do you have?

                      You have NOTHING! Why? Because there never was a tamil eelam in this soil? Who started ruling Jaffna? Wasn’t it a Javaka fellow from Malay Archipelago? Why is not there any Tamil literature before 15AD? Why? Why TN sources DO NOT mention any Tamil eelam in SL? WHY? When Chola kings mentioned a lot about Sinhala kings in their own inscriptions in temples, why did they FAIL to mention even a single thing about Eelam? Was it invisible?
                      What are the cultural aspects you can call as Eelam tamils? What do you have? NONE right. The only thing you have is cheap copy cats of the TN people. Why? Because YOU HAD NONE…

                    • 0

                      I do not care Aryan Dravidian mumbo jumbo. But I have enough common sense to understand how hell would break loose when a NI prince started creating a kingdom in SI. Your caste systems is your belief, not ours. It is simply a source of education and amusement for us. I have never heard of Slaves who made into Sri Lanka’s first cabinet and then appointed to high posts by the Sinhala governments

                    • 1

                      sachoooooooooooooo the stupid II

                      “But I have enough common sense to understand how hell would break loose when a NI prince started creating a kingdom in SI.”

                      Common Sense ??????????????????

                      Common Sense

                      Good sense and sound judgement in practical matters.

                      good sense,
                      native wit,
                      native intelligence,
                      mother wit,
                      sound judgement,
                      wisdom, insight,
                      powers of reasoning;
                      informalhorse sense,

                    • 0

                      So do you guys now consider Mahavamsa as gospel truth?
                      Sach, Tell me something that has been properly told in Mahavamsa. It is 100% concoction. I accept that Mahanama cheated all Modayas and there is nothing useful in that for you. For that, don’t jump on me. I am only a messenger on that. If you don’t like take trip to Kandy and tell the Ayatollahs so.

                      Even according to the Vijaya story, it was not the rodiya people” Mahanama has told that Kuveni is a Yakka, cannibal princess. He made up a story out of it too because he didn’t wanted to write the Princess name properly as it sounded 100% Tamil. The princess name was Ratnavalli, not Kuveni. In fact she was not a cannibal. But that is a story told by Mahanama. You remember the time when Sinhalese used to tell Portuguese were eating stones and drinking blood. They are just Modayas. They don’t see properly; they don’t judge properly. Portuguese eat white bread and drink wine. It was the same case with Ratnavalli. When Ranavalli’s chicken curry was too good for Vijeya who was used to eat wild animals’ raw meat with his grandpa in the jungle, he claimed she was cooking Chicks that is why it was so tasty. You remember the Rapist army was raping the corpse of the Tamil rebel girls. That is a mentality appearing in Mahavamsa.

                      That is why every Sinhala inscription from 3 BC is appearing all over the country, If something existed as Sinhala Scripts in 3rd BC, unfortunately nothing have continued and you are now using only Tamil Brahmi. Accept that fact man. Or your grand kids are going ask you “you consider that story of Sinhala scripts appeared in 3rd BC as your gospel grandpa?”.

                    • 0

                      The sinhala brahmi since 3rd BC is proved by those in that profession. I know it is hard for tamil doctors, lawyers and terrorist funders turned historians to stomach it. :)
                      Why do these sinhala brahmi contain a ( apple a) අැ sound while tamil never had that?

  • 4

    Democracy works according to its merit only when the people are fully informed about the true facts and when they have sufficient knowledge and capability to make their own decision. Unfortunately, the people of this nation was denied the full information and their decision making capability have been influenced by number of factors including sensitive factors such as threat to their religion, their race, their language and their existence. For many Sinhalese they are the origins of Sinhalese and Tamils are the recent invaders from Tamil Nadu (not even India). So any form of constitutional change towards devolution for Tamils will not be accepted by a referendum or two third parliamentary majority. Even if the economic status improves, per capita income increases, unemployment reduces under this government, the opposition (Mahinda group) and the Buddhist Monks are capable of convincing the Sinhalese masses with lies and creating violence.
    Incapability of this government including the President can be seen from their utterances such as this government will not change the unitary status and the special position of Buddhism will not be amended etc. They are not prepared to say that Tamils are living in this island for long as Sinhalese are living in this island, Tamils are the majority in the North East for many centuries and they should have the right to run their own matters in this part of the island. That is why Bandaranaiyake, Dudley Senanayake, JR Jeyawardena, Chndrika and even Rajapakse agreed to devolve powers to Tamils of North East. Can they do it?

  • 3

    Dr Laksiri Fernando,

    I disagree with you. What you want is a majoritarian democracy.

    Every country has their own brand of democracy.

    You present a constitution with many chapters and many articles and you submit it just for a yes –No answer? and you call it democratic!

    How ridiculous?

    Remember none of the previous constitutions were passed by referendums?

    Why now? Is it because JR cunningly introduced referendum in his constitution that was formulated with just two third majorities?

    Why the 1978 constitution did not go through a process of a referendum.

    How many countries pass their constitutions through referendum-USA, UK, France, India,USSR,CHINA?,Please name the countries that passed a constitution through a referendum

    We presently have a golden opportunity with the two major parties joining to form a consensus government.

    We must capture this opportunity to formulate an all inclusive constitution acceptable to all communities

    Talking of a referendum is a betrayal of the trust placed by the people twice in the 2015 elections.

    Do not be a spoiler!

    • 0

      See the level of intellect this fellow has. This is the reason why tamil issue cannot be solved in SL.

      /Why the 1978 constitution did not go through a process of a referendum/

      Because idiot there was no such clause in 72 constitution. Any change to the constitution need to follow the procedure in 78 constitution

  • 4

    Why do we need referendum to solve our problem when we can do it with 2/3 majority of the democratically elected parliamentarians? JR in his grave is regretting but Laksiri likes are not. They like pandemonium.

    We elect enough idiots to the parliament. Then to have a referendum with the idiots who elected these idiots is damn fallacy that is progressively failing Sri Lanka.

    Look at the state of the media in Sri Lanka. Unmitigated adversarial. Everything is negative and command of language needed for the media is roaming around the toilet pit.

    The pests are the media men-not the monks. Sri Lanka media is faraway from the ethical standard needed and reflected in other countries.

    All sundry can write anything and everything nonsensical in the Sri Lanka media.

    They were silent when Mahinda was ruling and doing their kassipu dance when they got some space with the exit of the tyrant Mahinda.

    Get a greeze yakka to taunt the media.

  • 1

    Dr. Laksiri Fernando,

    This is the 1st time you have gone off the
    route as you think that you are living in a Western democracy. You
    failed to realise that 50 members of the opposition is much stronger
    than the rest 175 in the parliament and they could mislead the public
    on the referendum issue by brain washing the people that the country
    is going to be divided as they want only chaos and not well being of the country and people in their minds. Much work had been put into this and 2/3 majority would suffice to pass the new constitution and make it a law in the country without further delay so that the country can move forward. This could be the last constitution as,unlike JR’s constitution , minority issues are included in this constitution and minority parties should be complimented for having sacrificed some of their legitimate demands for sake of peace and unity in the country.

    So Dr.Laksiri, pls join hands with other politically educated journa
    -lists like Gihan Perera and push the new constitution through.

    • 0

      minority parties should be complimented for having sacrificed some of their legitimate demands/// LOL

    • 0

      So Dr.Laksiri, pls join hands with other politically educated journa -lists like Gihan Perera and push the new constitution through.

      For how much are you trying to buy Prof Laksiri?

    • 1

      Lanka Watch

      What is the purpose of a new constitution when the state refuse to implement it?

      What would be your enforcement mechanism?

  • 1

    Who cares about a new constitution and/or a referendum?
    First remove the oppression of the minorities by the armed forces and Buddhist clergy and let them live in peace.
    The theft of statues of deities in Hindu temples has recommenced.
    A secular constitution would be best, but this will not happen in our lifetime.
    Those countries with secular constitutions are thriving without discord.

  • 1

    It is very interesting to watch how the Norway’s was implicated or dragged into Jehan PhDs essay. It sound like it is the art on making everything and anything possible.

    It is not our point to support Jehan PhD. Our limit is 300 words. We cannot discuss everything here. So we can only look at this essay.

    Here a person who conferred PhDs to two people, Idi Amin and Stalin is blaming that Jehan PhD and Norway are giving Nobel Peace Prize for New King and Ranil. Shame is to hang on those fake honors ! Laughing or crying for this type of deed is not an expression, so one may have come out with a third one.

    First, the constitutional change for devolution is to dodge the implementation of UNHRC resolution. If UNHRC not agreeing to that constitutional change is not coming!

    Second, this is the guy wrote a book to stall the constitutional initiations. So now he is getting scared if it has been done by hook or crook. Reasonable concern -Yaaap.

    Could Lincoln have started the war after a resolution abolishing slavery?

    How much the Lankawe’s Sinhala citizens have shown ability to grasp political philosophies? Are they capable of maintaining the democracy? Where the country is going after 1933’s Universal Franchising? How much capacity the Sinhala mass has to decide on that constitution. Are these people insisting on referendum to take advantage of that weakness?
    Democracy is only representational government. Then, why these guys are insisting on pure democracy?

    It should be noted that Don Stephen boycotted the Soulbury commission and demanded the unitary government direct from Britain in exchange for Trinco. He did not have point to present why the unitary government was suitable for Lankawe. Is that a perfect democratic process of constitutional making?

    • 0

      when will you understand democracy and when will you and rest of the tamils realise minority rule over majority is wrong in a democracy?

      Simply a 25% cannot take the equal power share as a 75% do. When will you realise this? I understand tamils do not like mature democracies that is evident from hero worshiping a terrorist and politics in TN.

      • 1

        Sama, don’t teach how majority minority works for others.
        Read these lines carefully.
        You pocketed the Chinese commission. Now China has pocketed the Hambantota. You can sing or dance or fire at Tamils, or blame UNP, but Hambantota is not coming back. Period! It was done deal even before the Colombo Pong Cing was sold.

        You have done it again, what Ehelepola and Pilimathalawa did in 1813. Your hard head is resisting of learning from history. Not just one Puran Appu but even if you have 1000 Puran Appus, it is over.

        No rapist army can go near to Hambantota any more. It is all out. The security of the port lies with China’s power. By mistake if you go there they are going to show how they won LTTE. It appears even if Buddha flies back, you becoming the minority and Chinese becoming the majority in the land of Dhamma cannot be stopped.

        You misunderstand the math. Your ships have no right to get into Indian Ocean from Hambantota without Chinese issue you the permit. You are 15 million. Chinese 1.5 billion. They are the majority. They have the right to rule the world, not you.

        Further remember. It not just the China won the war. It was America and India won the war. They are not going out with another 300 year and 400 years lease respectively.

        Don’t worry too much about the difficult math that you never understood, of majority-minority and the geographical limits that you can control. For the time being finish your Biriyani and the arrack you collect at the last, long & hard procession you walked for them. Then, if any pants left with you, give those to Salvation Army thrift. They can make a buck out of. You don’t have a shame.

        • 1

          Sama, don’t teach how majority minority works for others.
          Read these lines carefully.

          Please read as Sach, don’t teach how majority-minority works for others.
          Read these lines carefully.

        • 0

          Lol talking about majority minority and then fill the space with disadvantagous agreements SL leaders are famous for.

          You see even with such meticulous planning you failed ? Because god or any Dharma is with us because Sinhalese are the victim here.

  • 0

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  • 2

    “We are talking about a new constitution, that should go before the people at a referendum. That is the fundamental law of this country and that is the existing constitution. Even if there are defects or unclear provisions in that referendum procedure, that is not an excuse to bypass or manipulate the fundamental law. If someone is talking about ‘tinkering’ of the constitution, “

    Are you, Prof Laksiri, talking about a referandum for the sake of it or to be abide by the constitution? Democracy is practised in UK by the representatives of the people. This is not only because it is more convenient but also more importantly the elected representatives are more knowledgible and less emotive of single issues. In Brexit the British were overwhelmingly influenced by a single issue the uncontrolled immigration of Eastern Europeans within EU. The majority of MPs think leaving the EU is harmful to the interests of UK. The British voted wisely in the aftermath of second WW II by rejecting Winston Churchill who masterminded the victory and electing Clement Attlee of Labour Party. In the case of Brexit the then PM David Cameron agreed for a referendum on EU in order to resolve some problems within his Conservative party, and not because of the constitution. In 1983 the then president JR-J conducted a referendum in 1983 instead of election to extend his rule and won it. So referendum also can be manipulated to by-pass the constitution and definitely not more democratic than representative decision making.

    I think the people at large whether in Sri Lanka or in any Western country are not matured or knowledgeable to make important decisions that make or break their own future. For the last 60 years since 1956 the people are electing governments that ruin this country whereas in Singapore that got independence much later enjoy restricted democracy that worked well to improve the standard of living of people and to avoid destrutive conflicts that we experienced. One may argue that it was the representative democracy that failed the people and the country but electing presidents is the same as conducting referendums.

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