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A Presidential Aspirant – The ‘VIP’, Whose Bodyguards Attacked A Van – Colombo Crimes Division Initiates Probe

A video of a group of ‘VIP bodyguards’ attacking a driver went viral on social media a few days back. It has now been revealed that among the two ‘VIPs’ involved in the incident is a 2020 Presidential aspirant named Dinesh Nuwan Amaratunga. The other individual is identified as Sampath Bandara Amaratuga.

The incident occurred on July 16, in Kalagedihena along the Colombo-Kandy route. CCTV footage showed several individuals dressed as bodyguards springing into action, jumping out of a white defender and prado, to attack a van behind them and the driver inside it. It appears they were irked about not being allowed to overtake the van.

The footage revealed the vehicle registration numbers; the white prado registered under WP CAG 0550 and the white defender registered under WP CAD 8850. The owner of the white Prado is registered as Dinesh Nuwan Amaratunga from Ingiriya.

Dinesh’s social media profiles reveal he is a 2020 Presidential aspirant and is a jack-of-all-trades. He also seems to be a prolific media personality – hosting a program named Classroom teaching mathematics to children every Tuesday morning. His social media use also reveals he is a racist.

Acting IGP today ordered the Colombo Crimes Division to initiate a special probe into the attack launched by the maybe-President’s guards.

Police Spokesman at a media briefing this evening said a special Police team visited Ingiriya to arrest the individuals but they had already fled their homes.

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