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A Reply To The Israeli Ambassador

By Hameed Abdul Karim

Hameed Abdul Karim

When the Israeli ambassador to Sri Lanka Daniel Carmon said that Israel was built from scratch we can assume he was being selective in his choice of history (Daily Mirror Saturday May 23, 2015). A lot of nations have been built from scratch. Take Singapore, for example. Lee Kuan Yew built his nation from nothing to what it is today without any foreign aid or handouts. Israel has been lucky in that quarter having received millions of dollars in aid and outright grants from the U.S since its creation. Today, U.S grants to Israel stands at US $ 3.5 billion every year, not to mention some handouts from European countries. Israel is what it is today, thanks to the largesse of the U.S at the expense of its own people – 40 million American citizens are classified as poor. That figure is eight times more than the entire Jewish population in Israel. Israeli poverty figures are virtually non-existent, thanks to Christian charity, though the cost of living there is becoming a bit of a bother. Adding to Israel’s good fortune was the wealth the Jews stole from the fleeing Palestinians who had to leave everything they owned or run the risk of being killed.

Deir Yassin, a Christian village was the first to suffer severely at the hand of the Zionist terror horror. The village was sacked after dozens of unarmed villagers were lined up against the walls of their humble abodes and shot dead in cold blood. This as well as other massacres is well recorded and no Israeli revisionist, like the ambassador, can ever take this away from the minds of the Palestinians and millions the world over, though Israelis may be brainwashed by their revisionists to believe the ‘chosen people’ could commit no such horrible atrocity.


Today, however, even the Israeli revisionists are being challenged by Israelis themselves. Mr. Carmon belittles Jewish intellectuals like Norman Finklestein and Noam Chomsky when he casually dismisses their claims of Israeli apartheid with just a few remarks like ‘Chomsky’s reactions would be different if he were subjected to fierce terrorism endangering his well being’. And yet there are nearly five million Palestinian refugees living in neigbouring countries and elsewhere after the Israelis expelled them from their homes in 1947 in what the Palestinians call the Nakba. Somehow we are supposed to believe the ambassador when he says the Israelis are the ‘cowboys’ we used to see in Western movies and the Palestinians are the ‘Injuns’.

Chomsky and Finklestein are not the only ‘self hating Jews’ as the worldwide Zionist Hasbara (propaganda) machinery describes any Jew critiquing Israeli policies and inhumane actions. There are ‘self hating Jews’ like Gideon Levy, Amira Haas, Prof. Shlomo Sands, Uri Avnery, Matti Peled (the general’s son) and Prof. Ilan Pappe operating from within Israel against the horrible conduct of the ‘Jewish’ state.. It’s not like as if they had let the cat out of the bag. Credit for that must go to pioneer Jewish human rights activists like Israel Shahak and his colleagues. Nine Israeli human rights group exposed to the world the horror Israel committed in its last assault on Gaza.

In a rare confession President Barack Obama said the current appalling situation in Iraq and Syria is a consequence of the U.S occupation of Iraq. Maybe if the ambassador was human enough, he could turn the searchlight inwards and come to the conclusion that the ‘terrorism’ he is talking about is the corollary of a cruel and a long Israeli occupation of Palestine with all the inhumane carnage that Israel has committed since it ‘gained independence from Britain’, as the Israeli ambassador put it. The fact of the matter is that the Zionist Jews conquered Palestine and wiped off the historical nation from the map of the world. There is no such thing as an Israeli ‘ independence struggle’ from Britain. It was Britain that helped create the ‘Jewish’ state.

Israel’s apartheid

There are a few Palestinians refugees who are living in Sri Lanka. A young girl from among them told us she had not stepped into her homeland because she was born in a refugee camp. Yet anyone who calls himself or herself a Jew or Jewess anywhere in the world can take a flight to Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv and receive citizenship plus major financial benefits like free homes and monthly stipends. No Palestinian refugee is allowed to return to his home in Palestine under Israel’s Law of Return. And yet the exclusive ‘Jewish’ state of Israel has the audacity to call itself a democracy! This then is the pariah state of Israel that Archbishop Desmond Tutu described as more racist than apartheid South Africa.

What’s more, Israel’s racism against Jews in the ‘Jewish’ state was more than apparent in the recent protests by Falasha Jews of Ethiopian origin against the oppressive measures that white Ashkenazi Jews have inflicted on their community. It must be borne in mind that these African Jews were deceptively sterilised so that their population doesn’t increase beyond a certain permissible figure as decided by the ruling class.

There are also reports that blood collected from Ethiopian Jews for Israel’s blood bank was thrown away because they were not Jewish enough.

More recently an Ethiopian Jew in uniform was beaten up by Israeli police. In Israel the Ethiopian Jews are called Kushi. Translate that into English and you have the word ‘nigger’. During the recent election, Benjamin Netanyahu played the racist card against ‘Israeli Arabs’ to coerce Jews to rush to the polling stations and vote for him and his party. These are facts that I am sure the ambassador will say he is not aware of. And you can be sure he will justify Israel’s ‘barrier’ that former president Jimmy Carter and a host of others describe as an apartheid wall.

The ambassador lies glibly when asked to comment on Victor Ostrovosky’s book ‘By Way of Deception’ in which the author reports an incident where the Israeli spy organisation, Mossad, had trained both the Sri Lanka army and the LTTE. This is too well known and so when the Israeli ambassador says ‘No, I really don’t know what you are talking about’ he exemplifies Lord Acton’s wise words ‘that ambassadors lie abroad for their countries’.

The Israeli ambassador says that water had been one of Israel’s main concerns but they have overcome that hurdle now. How? No matter what you do, you can’t invent water. Water is a gift of God (or nature, as some would like to put it). Today it is widely known that Israel steals water from Occupied Palestine. Posh Israeli home owners water their lush green lawns while the Palestinians barely have drinking water.


It’s rather ironic that Daniel Carmon should scoff at Hollywood in his interview seeing that America’s powerful movie conglomerate has been the leading PR agency for Israel. Movies based on Leon Uris’s fictitious book ‘Exodus’ and many more created the illusion that Israel was a state of purity and that all it can do are good deeds despite the many obstacles placed by the ungrateful, primitive and incorrigible Palestinian Goyim (gentiles). That was the image of Israel that was portrayed to the whole world by Hollywood.

Recently a controversy erupted when it became known that the Israeli businessman and Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan had used his standing in Hollywood as a cover to act as a spy for Israel. It was because of Israeli lobbying and his high end friends, Milchan was able to get away scot free, or else he would have ended up in the slammer like Jonathan Pollard before him.


Israel had a lot of myths, but many of them have fallen by the wayside as history proved them to be utter falsehoods. However, one that Israel clings on to for dear life is the one that says the Palestinians do not recognise Israel. The question that comes to mind is ‘which Israel do they want the Palestinians to recognise? Is it the Israel the UN created in 1947? Or is it the Israel of the 1967 borders? Or is it the current Israel that has no borders? Or is it the Israel that Zionists dream of day and night, the Eretz Israel that stretches up to river Euphrates in Iraq on the one side and the river Nile on the other? And once the Israeli ambassador to Sri Lanka answers those questions, then he call tell us if Israel recognizes Palestine. This is crucial to the issue, because at no stage of its history has any Israeli leader ever recognised Palestine as a state. That’s a fact.

Will Israel agree to a two state solution as envisaged by the UN? Or will Israel tell the very organisation that created the ‘Jewish’ state to take a hike as Daniel Carmon said Israel would do just that in the interview?

Benjamin Netanyahu in his campaign had vowed he would never allow a two state solution to the Middle East conflict, thus proving right Palestinians who have said for many years that all what Israel wants to do with ‘peace’ negotiations is to buy time and obviate the ‘two state solution’ once and for all by creating ‘ground realities’.

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