28 September, 2022


A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

By Somapala Gunadheera

Somapala Gunadheera

Somapala Gunadheera

The recent news that the LTTE was trying to raise its head again, should receive the closest attention of every Sri Lankan, irrespective of race and creed. Opponents of the ruling Party are content with laughing off the Government’s warning as a hoax to subdue the growing disenchantment caused by rising costs, corruption and misrule. Even at this late hour, those in power do not appear to seek a solution to the problem behind this alleged threat, short of bravado and demagogy.

It is a remarkable achievement to have maintained the country free of a single terrorist act for nearly five years after the fall of Prabhakaran. The credit for this should go to the security arm of the Government in power. But no security force however powerful and effective it may be, can keep a real conflict under the hat indefinitely, unless the underlying cause for it is removed. In our case, that cause is the clash of interests among the respective communities that has been hanging fire since Independence. The failure of those who came to power from time to time to find a mutually satisfactory solution, ended in an armed conflict for thirty years that resulted in untold suffering to antagonists on both sides.

Five years ago, the Government celebrated the end of that physical conflict triumphantly, after destroying the movement that sought to wrench minority rights through armed struggle. The celebrators were convinced that the victory in the battlefield ensured a peaceful future for the Nation. They turned a deaf ear on mature voices calling for a permanent settlement of the issues that divided the country and disdainfully neglected the warning that war was bound to return otherwise, even after international attention was focussed on the situation.

Our President should take a hard look at the developing danger and act with diligence and foresight.

Our President should take a hard look at the developing danger and act with diligence and foresight.

Now that the forecast of a repetition of terrorism is coming true according to the rulers themselves, they have a duty to be circumspect at least at this late stage and lose no time in initiating an effective reconciliation process. Instead of doing that, the authorities are engaging themselves in a witch hunt in search of the trouble makers who are only trying to make capital of the rulers’ own lapse. It is the duty of every right-thinking citizen to engage the Government at this crucial moment to seek a workable solution, without splitting hairs for political advantage.

For my part, I place below, some of the proposals I have made over the years following the end of the armed conflict. I firmly believe that action on these lines would help the Government to retain its disintegrating subjects within a unitary State and recover its reputation in the world outside.

1.      A Standing Presidential Commission for National Reconciliation (Sunday Island, October 24, 2010)

The need of the hour is to set up an institution that has the power and the capacity to coordinate issues connected with national integration. The best available structure appears to be a Standing Presidential Commission. Such an institution will have immediate access to the Centre of Power and the clout to direct and coordinate the entire government machinery. The Commission should have the duty and the power to ensure the relentless implementation of policy accepted as mutually agreed and it should be responsible for the following measures among others.

• A time based plan of action.

• Formulation of strategies that could realize the desired reforms.

• Detection of violations of legal provisions protecting the minorities, already in place.

• Corrective actions, both punitive and infrastructural, arising from such violations.

• Formulation of legislation that would become necessary, as the integration process advances.

• Creation of forums at which community leaders could thrash out their problems and seek consensus.

2.      A positive approach to ‘Darusman’ (The Island, August 18, 2011)

Whatever its shortcomings may be, the Darusman Report has succeeded in creating a nasty impression against the country here and abroad. In that background, GOSL cannot afford to plead ‘not guilty’ and expect to get acquitted on the plea that the case against it has not been proved. Criminal law principles do not apply to rumour where the presumption is that he who could not prove his innocence was guilty. Now that Darusman has made an allegation against it, it behoves the GOSL to prove its innocence.

‘The oncoming Census presents an ideal opportunity to investigate another allegation contained in ‘Darusman’. That is the assumption that around 40,000 might have been killed in the final confrontation. Now that the displaced have been settled in their original habitats, the Census documentation for the war affected areas can ascertain bereavements and injury suffered by the relevant families including the causes. In cases entire families have been wiped out, the Grama Sevaka Officer may be asked to collate the best information available in consultation with the neighbours”.

3.      A bilateral approach to reconciliation (The Island, October 19, 2011)

The bane of the reconciliation process is the absence of a monitoring mechanism to supervise and confirm the grievances of Tamils and the claims of the Government. That encourages false propaganda leading to disenchantment. For obvious reasons, an official body like the ongoing Supervisory Committee of leading public servants cannot perform this task with acceptance due to clash of interests. Their rulings on the claims against Government would not be taken seriously, even if they are genuine. The assignment calls for independence and integrity at the highest level. Repeated calls for a Presidential Commission to undertake this assignment have fallen on deaf ears.

4.      Reconciliation through trust and participation, (The Island, January 22/’24, 2012)

The challenge before Government is to maintain security at maximum, with minimum intrusion on the normal life of the community and its dignity and self-respect. This is certainly an area that should receive the prompt attention of those responsible for the security situation in the North. Reportedly security checks and armed guards have been considerably reduced over the last year. Can this trend be further developed without harm to security concerns to a level where public life in Jaffna is no different from any other region in the country? Of course this calls for sensitivity and strategic planning. The end result should be to remove all possible evidence of an occupied territory. That implies stabilization of civil administration avoiding military intervention wherever possible.

5.      A Standing Presidential Commission for National Reconciliation (The Island February 08, 2012) 

It is an easy guess that if the Geneva assessment was limited to physical accomplishments, we would have come out with flying colours. These accomplishments were overshadowed and contaminated by our failures on the moral and constitutional sides. The task of implementing policies that are to make a regime change in inter-racial relations calls for nothing less than a Presidential Commission composed of outstanding men and women of action.

We have in the LLRC, a ready at hand mechanism to undertake the job of presiding over the implementation of what has been already agreed upon. Let us not stagnate searching for the perfect solution, granted of course, that such inaction is no part of the game. The immediate appointment of the members of the LLRC to a Presidential Commission to oversee the implementation of policies as they are ironed out would take much of the wind off the sails of our critics, both genuine and hired.

6.      Get on the LLRC bandwagon (The Island May 07, 2012)

The best panacea for relaxing tensions on all sides is likely to be the honest and fast implementation of the recommendations of the LLRC. The recommendations have met with the approval of the UNP. The TNA are asking for their implementation. The international community including India is happy with the proposals. UNHRC wants them implemented within two years. For once here at last, is a plan of reconciliation that is in a win/win situation.

7.      “The Mountain and the Molehill”, (The Island, June 16, 2012)

Much effort and expense may have gone into the house to house survey (at the Census), but if the Government wants to clinch the issue it should go the extra mile into the causes of the established deaths.

That would involve a police investigation, no doubt a tough assignment, but if the cases of deaths are ascertained and action initiated against the guilty on both sides, before the next meeting of the UNHRC, the most serious item against Sri Lanka in its agenda would be reduced to a dead letter.

However the government preferred to appoint a Military Tribunal to undertake the investigation but its findings appear to be unacceptable to the UNHRC, presumably on the maxim, ‘no-one should be a judge in his own cause, a universal principle of natural justice. The judges on the Tribunal may have been honourable men of integrity but their service links with the suspects have compromised their findings in the public eye, at least in international fora.

8.      Governance in fits and starts, (The Sunday Island, October 28, 2012)

Installing the machinery set up in progressive countries to guide formulation and implementation of Government policy calls for expertise that is not within the reach of ‘Advisers’ appointed in gratitude for past services rendered by them or by their predecessors. The Government’s first priority should be to establish a research and analysis module manned by the best local brains and assisted by the latest technology available.

There is one thing that the Government could do to welcome the TNA to the negotiating table and create an atmosphere of amity among all parties to begin with. That is to take immediate action to promulgate the draft Bill of Rights, prepared by the Ministry of Disaster Management and Human Rights, as mandated by the National Human Rights Action Plan adopted by Cabinet in 2011. Stagnation of the Bill for months in the backburner was probably due to the ‘anthill phobia’ on liberating the minorities. Its appearance on the Statute Book should signal a new chapter in national integration.

9.      A National Integration Commission, (The Island, April 1, 2013)

Unfortunately, the state has failed so far to provide machinery that could deal with the growing menace of illegal and unethical practices carried on under cover of religion and race, evidently financed by misguided patrons that seek to buy the conscience of the poor. Declaring that these incidents are part of a plot to discredit the government, exposing the despicable background of the rabble-rousers or occasionally denouncing their high-handedness at public meetings would not hold water for long.

The first priority therefore, is to provide a definite forum to which the complainants (of unethical activities) can take their case. At present there is no knowing to whom they had taken their alleged complaints on the neglect of which they claim to act. Not only should there be a specific body to which complaints could be made but also that body has to be nationally recognized and acceptable. These imperatives call for a representative body of eminent persons who would act without fear or favour. That body may be called the National Integration Commission (NIC), placed directly under the President. The institution calls for Commissioners of the calibre that the President handpicked for the LLRC.

10.  Too many cooks but no food, (The Sunday Island, April 12, 2013)

There is no unanimity as to how to achieve national integration. But none would oppose the creation of a Commission to discharge functions like those assigned to the Kenyan National Cohesion and Integration Commission. Once what can be done with mutual agreement is done, the larger problems should become more amenable to resolution. Failure to put mechanisms like the NCIC in place is a result of indecision and procrastination. Our recent embarrassment at Geneva was the price we had to pay for dragging our feet on institutional responses to centrifugal tendencies.

11.  Take accountability by the horns, (The Island, June 4, 2013)

The (Marga) Review has created a golden opportunity to go into the nitty-gritty of the Nandikadal Operation objectively and explain the county’s position with facts and figures. The best way of getting about this assignment is to take the bull by the horns. That is best done by holding an International Conference to discuss the Review, to which conference, all the leading critics of the Armed Forces’ response to the tactics of the LTTE during the last days of the war, should be invited. Attack is the best form of defence and if the invitees fail to uphold their charges against the forces at the conference, we would not have to stand peevishly in the dock in Geneva year by year.

12.  A civilian post-mortem on the war dead, (The Island,September 30, 2013)

We are back to square one, with the ‘Self-appointed Global Police’ (SGP) breathing down our neck to hold a ‘credible’ inquiry within a deadline of six months, failing which we are threatened with an investigation of their own. They would use international experts, to do something that our humble civilian officials could have done leisurely on their own, if the authorities were wise enough to engage them at the proper time.

Prevention is always better than cure. Let the Government avoid a demeaning external intervention by holding a normal civilian post-mortem in public, on the deaths reported at the Census, at least now. One can, of course, challenge the authority of the SGP to intervene but it would be prudent to remember that not many such challengers have lived to tell the tale.

13.  A Governor for the North, (The Island, October 10, 2013)

Rehabilitating a fallen people has to be undertaken with their participation and leadership. It is a mistake to try to impose it on them with external pressure. As it is, both the North and the East are predominantly governed by men symbolizing the military. The Commanders and the Governors of both provinces are from the Army and Sinhala by race at that. Undoubtedly the holders of these posts are efficient men performing an arduous task devotedly. But their inputs are overshadowed by their professional and genetic links that automatically create a sense of alienation among those whom they govern.

There is no doubt that from the security angle, both the North and the East have to remain under the watchful eye of senior military men until all possibilities of a backlash are wiped out. But should not the Governor of the North be a civilian representative of the majority of the province? If a Tamilian could not be placed in the post for reasons best known to the Government, a suitable civilian from the other communities may be moved up there, after placing a Tamilian Governor at the head of a southern province, thereby forestalling possible allegations of racial discrimination.

14.  The fate of an obstinate Guru, (The Island, January 6, 2014)

Fortunately another opening has appeared for the President to reciprocate the goodwill of the North. That is the second courtesy call paid to the President by the CM of the NPC in the New Year, despite his disappointments. A prudent Government would lose no time in maximizing the effect of this meeting. That cannot be done through formal Parliamentary Committees. The immediate need is to build on the one upon one contact the CM has established for the second time, despite the cold shoulder he got after the first.

We direct our foreign relations on the moth-eaten tutorials of the last Century. We still believe in the inviolability of state sovereignty and direct our affairs on a false sense of security, depending on our immunity to action under the Rome Statute. In the meantime the West has discovered new devises to impose their will upon the Third World. They have discovered a ‘Responsibility to Protect’ in situations where they decide on their own that there is a need to intervene. And they create the situations themselves.

Our leaders should be aware of these developments and not go to sleep on the UN Charter. Such awareness should make them alive to the new dangers ahead and be prepared to face them when they do arise. Our President should take a hard look at the developing danger and act with diligence and foresight.

The native saying goes, ‘niyapotten kadanna puluvan de poraven kapanna tiyanna epa’, ‘Do not leave what can be clipped with a nail to be chopped with an axe’.

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  • 14

    Another Sinhala Buddhist majoritarian crap to further entrench the Sinhala Buddhist hegemony of the island.

    They all go round the mulberry bush soaked in the venom of Mahavamsa madness.

    • 8

      Somapala, Dharmapala, Dayan, and all the endless Sinhala Buddhist supremacists talk about terrorism as if it descended from the sky to destroy them.

      They don’t talk about the pogroms against Tamils and all their atrocities to Tamils since independence.

      They make the world believe that Sinhalese are sadhus chanting Buddhist slogas.

      Their sole ambition is destroy Tamils and entrench Sinhala Buddhist hegemony over the island.

      In the meantime after 66 years Silly Lanka is still in the back waters of the world poor as ever while the other nations prosper.

      • 9

        ”LTTE was trying to raise its head again”??

        Tamil anti-Tiger analyst, Muttukrishna Sarvananda, says:

        D.B.S. Jeyaraj And The Bogey Of The Reincarnation Of The Tiger
        DBS Jeyaraj And The Bogey Of The Reincarnation Of The Tiger: Part 2

        • 7

          Yes DBSJ is going to sensationalise the apparent reincarnation of LTTE by the diaspora. He finished two parts and waiting for the regime to feed him Part 3

          • 3

            DBSJ = New KTR. The Asian Tribune has a limited readership and has passed its used by date. DBSJ has a braoder readership, so he was taken into the ring. A person who was thought to be a serious Rajapakse critic is singing for the same guy. After all, everyone has a price. Rajapakses know how to get anyone.

          • 0

            DBSJ has to earn a living. This is how he always earned his bread. So what is wrong.? Keep him in the right place that is all you can do? Please don’t notice him.

      • 11

        Whether terrorism falls from the sky or originated for any other reason it needs to be eradicated. There is no place for terrorism in the civilized world. If in doubt ask the US of A.

        • 5


          “Whether terrorism falls from the sky or originated for any other reason it needs to be eradicated.”

          Of course USA would happy to eradicate terrorism if its suites it interest in my land.

          Is the clan ready and waiting to take on USA if and when it decides to drone the hell out of the little despot?

          Remember US vouched to eradicate terrorism. Omar, Osama, Qaddafi, Sadam his comical Alis and others disappeared from the face of this earth.

          • 6

            Native Vedda

            “Is the clan ready and waiting to take on USA if and when it decides to drone the hell out of the little despot? “

            Still waiting.

            Why are they so tardy?

        • 2

          You are right Eusense.
          Terrorism whether it comes in the form of the LTTE, Police, Military, Religious Extremists or ‘Buddhists’ in Yellow Robes needs to be eradicated. Not by Killing, but by having an uninfluenced Police Force, backed up by a Free and Fair Justice System

          • 2

            I totally agree. Eradication of this “terrorism” should be done at the election by the people of Sri Lanka. But, never with violence and suicide bombings as was done by the LTTE terrorists.

            • 0

              You cannot eradicate terrorism if you yourself are a terrorist, who is adept at “buying” the police, chief justice, ministers, army chiefs, journalists, diplomats in short every one is bought by the Terrorist government at a price, even at the expense of human lives!!!That is why the Tamils are asking for an International, Impartial Investigation!!

            • 1


              “But, never with violence and suicide bombings as was done by the LTTE terrorists.”

              Yeah, but the Sinhala/Buddhist JVP’s violence was not terrorism hence you cannot bring yourself to mention it.

              Were/are you a secret admirer of JVP and its violence.

              Could you tell us whose/which violence was most peaceful comparatively speaking.

          • 0

            Let me add you more… whether it is coming from Rajapakshe clans or their shenannigans as got to see in Hambantota recently…. that shoudl be eleminated.
            Now the question arising is … what have the bunch of thieves in power taken against the Hambanttota thugs ?

            How many of them have been arrested for that matter.. that the MPs were brutally assaulted…

            Bakaburuwa of th enation went on saying something supportiv to the thugs not to the victimzed people…. that alone proved the vision and wisdom of today leader.

        • 1

          We boast about the LTTE terror that has been defeated at least within the country but why not you guys – applogetic to the regime see other way around in terms of the terror that have been the day today agendas in Hambantota area. Did not you notice enough how that well educated good natured UNP MPs were verbally and phsically attacked lately ? Thugs are said to have proved records in Beliatta and Hambantota area, not second to the popular Juliampitiya Amare?

          I am very scared to even travel to those areas – my be my thoughts and minds could be somewhat differnt to any average ones living in the country, but justice is not prevailed in the country today is a glass to everyone this day. Young ones are being beaten by police while the very same police would become onlookers when UNP MPs were attacked by MR supported thugs. So how would you guys being in supporting mode explain to the world – that the man elected to lead the nation today is the key figure for all these crimes to spread across the country. Impunity has reached its all appalling levels. But nothing seems to be taking against it. WHY ?

        • 4


          I agree 100%. The State Terrorism which is resident at Temple Trees has to be eradicated. Well done for spotting it.

          • 2

            See my response to “Rationalist” above.

            • 2


              I was responding to your reply to Thiru and you give the impression that what MR practices is somehow civilised behavour. Let me tell you that the experience of the Tamils and I am sure some Sinhalese is that of State Trerrorism headed by MR. You might disagree but then who can blame you as yopu part of the same brigade.

              • 2

                First you need to learn reading and comprehension. Where did I say “MR practices is somehow civilised behavour.”? This is the main handicap of the tamils. They live with a speculative one track mind thinking Sinhalese are all out to discriminate them. If Tamils did not resort to a 30 year reign of terrorism things would have been different by now. Take an example from the Blacks in the US.

        • 4


          “Whether terrorism falls from the sky or originated for any other reason it needs to be eradicated. There is no place for terrorism in the civilized world. If in doubt ask the US of A”

          Well stated and Articulated.

          I may add, need to go adter the causes of the Terrorism on Lanka.

          1. Sinhala Buddhist Racism and Revivalism and the resulting Tamil Racism and Chauvinism.

          Thank Para-Sinhla Buddist Monk Mahanama and his followers that.

          Remove the Curse of the lies and imaginations in Mahawnsa for that.

          • 4

            I agree with you. It is important that the root cause is remedied. My first suggestion is separate religion from governance similar to the US. The Buddhists need to get rid of the phrase “Sinhala Buddhist Sri Lanka” for good. The politicians take advantage of this for their political gain.
            In the mean time I may remind you that in the US the Blacks under went a tremendous amount of racism and discrimination, some were no rights to vote, own land and higher education. But today they have won all these and more without terrorism and shedding a drop of blood. What the Tamils need is patience.

            • 2


              Yes. The key is Separation of State and religion, Church, Mosque and Temple. That way governance and civilized society is can be developed based on reason and humanity.

              Thomas Jefferson understood this. The US Constitution kept the Church and State Separate. The French followed and so did the Turks, with Kamal Ataturk. Read The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine, Published 1795.

              Sri Lanka should be a secular state with Separation of State and Religion, with the freedom for the followers of the various religious myths to observe and practice. That is the way in Singapore, and many other secular countries.

              No wonder why Karl Marx and Steven Weinburg Zeroed in on Religion.

              What Sri Lanka really has is a Religious Problem, Monk Mahanama “Buddhism” mixed up with Sinhala Racism.

              The Data, the DNA in Sinhala and Tamils conclusively shows that they came from South India, and were illegal immigrants, Hora-Oru or Kallathonis,

              Both Sinhala and Tamils, have earned the right to be addressed as Para-Sinhala and Para-Tamils in the Land of Native Veddh.

              There should be separation of State and religion in the land of Native Veddah for a civilized egalitarian society. The world has has moved away from inquisitions and Apostates.

      • 3

        They don’t talk about the pogroms against Tamils and all their atrocities to Tamils since independence.
        Why only since independence?
        Let us start with the first Sinhala-Tamil race riot provoked by G. G. Ponnambalam attacking the sinhalese in 1939 at Nawalapitiya.
        Let us look at the galle-face green “non-violent” sathyagrahs where people were handed toy pistols or wooden pistols as symbols of “what was to come”.

        However Mr. Navaratnam’s writings claiming the irreconcilability of tamils and Sinhalese, already in 1952, and the issue of Eelam stamps , tar-brushing Sinhale street signs, atatcking Sinhalese in trinco happened long before 1956, using the ITAK Makkal padai? What about Mr. E. M. V. naganathan claiming that he is a descendant of the Chola aristocracy and that he wants to set up a new Tamil kingdom? These were long before any alleged discrimination. What discrimination? The discrimination is by the up[per caste Tamils towards the lower-caste Tamils who cannot even drink water from a well.

        Sedition and separatism are acts of high treason that the government should have treated with the same iron hand that was used by the Indian Government in tamil nadu when they talked of separatism in the post-Nehru/Sashthrie era.

        Who put out a mere minority less than 10% of the people (when you exclude the estate tamils etc) against a majority of people ten times bigger, well knowing that the result would be slow decimation? Blame the tamil leaders in Colombo who had no compunction of using their poor people as cannon fodder to achieve their ends, while they and their kith and kin migrated to the West.

        Now, there are trying to put in a spanner in the works, using the West as the cats paw. It will not work, because the West cannot even handle Ukraine, or its own economic mess.

    • 1


      The author doesn’t want to see posters like the one here:


    • 2

      He licks the bo tree post, but all these are just acting.

      Following link shows you everything about their realities.

    • 3

      I wonder what goes through the head of MR while being appeared to be buddha intoxicated as seen in the picture. Social and political analysts should research on this since the man has always been acting his role to the very same manner bollywood actors do their job.
      If MR respects buddhist teachings, people regardless of ethnic backgrounds should feel that his final aim is to achieve permement peace amongst all folks
      Anyway, what is becoming clear day to another is – his agendas and promises are filled with only lies that misguided uneducated masses which are the majority of south asia folks with the highest literacy rate (over 91%).

      • 0

        I would the same – if I was rejected from lanken authoriteis.

        Long distance travel are planned by them months ago. It is all that they love to see the country of their choice. But to reject them going through lunatic agendas – is no means acceptable. I wish i could read more about this again.


        British tourist demands Rs 10 M in damages

        0 May 22, 2014 3:38 am

        By Jayantha de Silva

        The British nurse who was controversially deported recently from Sri Lanka for the Buddha tattoo inscribed on her upper right arm, filed a case yesterday, in the Supreme Court seeking Rs 10 million as compensation, citing her rights were violated. The petitioner also prayed for a declaration that her detention be null and void as it is in contravention to Article 13(2) and 12 of the Constitution.

        The six respondents cited are the Controller of Immigration and Emigration, the Inspector General of Police, Police Sergeant Upasena, Inspector Suraweera, OIC Negombo Prison and the Attorney General.
        The petitioner is Naomi Michelle Coleman (37).

        The petition interalia states; that she is a practicing Buddhist. Expressive of her devotion to Buddhism she had a tattoo of the likeness to the Buddha seated on a Lotus flower on her upper right arm. She is aware of similar tattoos displayed by devotees.
        She had attended meditation retreats in Thailand, Cambodia and in India.

        She had a valid visa for 14 days. Earlier she had visited the island on two occasions in 2009. She had displayed the same tattoo then and there was no objection whatsoever.
        The petitioner attributing her arrest to the tattoo says that her arrest on 21 April 2014 was arbitrary, irrational, capricious and ultra vires.

        She was subjected to degrading treatment culminating in her deportation consequent to a Magistrate’s Court Order.
        Furthermore, due to the deeply traumatic experience she faced she cannot recall in exact detail all events relating to the incident.

        She was not afforded the opportunity to contact the British High Commission. She was also denied the opportunity to instruct her Attorney.
        The Tourists Board officials later admitted that her detention was a big mistake and apologized to her.
        The petition had been filed on behalf of the petitioner by Attorney-at-Law, Vishva De Livera.

    • 1

      You endlessly keep saying Sinhalese are fools with full of venom of Mahawansa. I guess this level of Sinhalese foolishness you see is relative to your loving Tamil intelligence levels. Do you believe, ultimately these (foolish) Sinhalese would let you have 10% or 30% of land in NE as Eelam and live peacefully? This can’t happen either, according to your judgement as Sinhalese are venomous fools. 17~18 million venomous Mahawansa fools against 2~3 million intelligent Tamils? How could you create peaceful environment for your children to live in NE? You might have to lower your expectations.. and lower your intelligence level to live with fools. otherwise your intelligent Tamil children and my foolish Sinhalese children would suffer too. So What do you want to do? Keep irritating Sinhalese fools like me and getting small physiological satisfaction? Is that all?

      • 0


        I never said Sinhalese are fools: On the contrary I keep saying they are crafty; they will make foxes cry in shame.

    • 2

      Dear Somapala Gunadheera –

      “The recent news that the LTTE was trying to raise its head again, should receive the closest attention of every Sri Lankan, irrespective of race and creed. Opponents of the ruling Party are content with laughing off the Government’s warning as a hoax to subdue the growing disenchantment caused by rising costs, corruption and misrule. Even at this late hour, those in power do not appear to seek a solution to the problem behind this alleged threat, short of bravado and demagogy.”

      Let me summarize some facts.

      1. Both Sinhala and Tamils are Paradeshis, Para in the Land of Native Veddah. The DNA in them proves that they they came from South India.

      2. The Cause and Curse of Lanka, the land of Native Veddha, is Para-Sinhala Buddhism, or rather Para-Monk Mahanama ” Buddhism”. This is the elephant in the room.

      3. The Para-Tamul LTTE is reactin yo this Para-Sinhala “Buddist” Racism.

      4. Fix the Problem the so-called Para-Sinhala Buddhists have, and Lanka, the Land of Native Veddah, will be ab Egalitarian Civilized Society.

      If you cannot, please return to South India, where you came from.

      Just because you speak Para-Sinhala or Para-Tamil does BOT make you a Native.

      Please go! Please take your myths back to South India, India and the Maha Bharat.

      Amarasiri, The Egalitarian Agnostic.

    • 2

      Dear Somapala Gunadheera,

      Do you have any support or evidence for the lies and Imaginations of Monk Mahanam of Mahawansa?

      Do you have evidence for No-Soul of Buddhism, anatte, of Buddhism or Soul of Hinduism?

      Do you have any evidence for the rebirth stories in the 500 odd Jataka Kathas?

      But there is evidence, in your bodies, in the form of DNA, that Sinhala and Tamils came from South India, and are therefore correctly called Para-Sinhala and Para-Tamil, in the terminology of Native Vedda Aethho.

      On the other hand, there is ample evidence for the Heliocentric Planetary system, as provided by Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler and Newton, even though even today, 25% of American do not believe that, 400 odd years later.

      1 In 4 Americans Thinks The Sun Goes Around The Earth, Survey Says
      February 14, 2014 5:55 PM ET


      The survey of 2,200 people in the United States was conducted by the NSF in 2012 and released on Friday at an annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Chicago.

      To the question “Does the Earth go around the Sun, or does the Sun go around the Earth,” 26 percent of those surveyed answered incorrectly.

      In the same survey, just 39 percent answered correctly (true) that “The universe began with a huge explosion” and only 48 percent said “Human beings, as we know them today, developed from earlier species of animals.”

      Just over half understood that antibiotics are not effective against viruses.

      As alarming as some of those deficits in science knowledge might appear, Americans fared better on several of the questions than similar, but older surveys of their Chinese and European counterparts.

      Only 66 percent of people in a 2005 European Union poll answered the basic astronomy answer correctly. However, both China and the EU fared significantly better (66 percent and 70 percent, respectively) on the question about human evolution.

      In a survey compiled by the National Opinion Research Center from various sources, Americans seemed to generally support science research and expressed the greatest interest in new medical discoveries and local school issues related to science. They were least interested in space exploration, agricultural developments and international and foreign policy issues related to science.

    • 2

      Dear Mr. Somapala Gunadheera,

      Can you tell a Tamil from a Sinhala from each other when you dress them the same way?

      I can’t. Most Foreignness can’t. South Indians can’t
      Did you wonder why?

      Because they all came from South India. It is in their DNA.

      So, LTTE and Monk Mahanama “Buddhists” are not much different.

      Do you know why there are hardly any Tamil Buddhists in Sri Lanka?

      Do you know why Bali . Indonesia with 93% Hindus and less than 1% Buddhists is peaceful?

      Monk Mahanama of Mahawansa?

  • 6

    Besides bending over to Darusman, none of the other demands here address the core issue.

    The core issue is will the LTTE proxy Vellala leader of the TNA accept anything less than a TNA Police and total ownership of Govt land in the North?..

    Why don’t these Intelligentsia talk to the TNA and get them to come up with a proposal or proposals which are sensible and acceptable to the great majority of the inhabitants, who only want to live as equals in any part of the land, without having to get permission from any ethnic group whether these are Sinhala Tamil or Muslim.

    They don’t want apartheid living like in India today…

    And the Dual Passport issue also can be sorted out without much hassles which will help the TTE proxy Premachandran as well..

    Because Mr Prema wants them as a matter of urgency, for the Diaspora elders who he reckons are eagerly waiting to come and invest their money not only in the North but also in the South.

    • 2

      ”They don’t want apartheid living like in India today”

      You mean federalism as in India, Switzerland, Canada, etc ??

  • 5

    Thank you for a complete and comprehensive essay on what this Regime is

    This Regime has only ONE agenda – based on its actions so far – to do
    away with the Tamil community in the North and thereby resolve the
    National issue for good. It only requires the time and space – no amount
    of write-up by its Sinhala intelligentsia will work.

    The only hindrance is the Diaspora – beyond the Regimes control, The
    I/C will not drag on – as we are in the 21st century and everyone, other
    than this Regime, knows what D E M O C R A C Y is. Time will tell.

    • 4

      No Sri Lankan wants “to do away with the Tamil community”! How else can we have a minority to step on? .. Just kidding!;)
      But for sure we all want to get rid of terrorism raising it’s ugly head again.
      Similar to the Tamils who migrated and live in the south the Sinhalese should be allowed to migrate to the north and live there. I am sure you being a person of reason would agree on this.
      As long as the diaspora spend money on western politicians and “watch dogs” these entities will give lip service for them. But mark my word nothing useful is going to happen. I feel the 8% of Tamils in Sri lanka will need to learn to live like Sri Lankans like other minority in any other country. I mean the same way the Tamil diaspora living as a minority in the west.

      • 2


        “Similar to the Tamils who migrated and live in the south the Sinhalese should be allowed to migrate to the north and live there.”

        Of course the Sinhalese should be allowed to migrate to north and live there, not in my backyard but in India. The Tamils also should be allowed to migrate to Bihar, Bengal, …… and other parts of India like their Sinhala speaking Demela brothren.

        • 1

          Dear Native,

          Balangoda people lived in Kuragala caves 16,000 years ago, according to the latest Carbon Dating by Cameron’s people

          Don’t tell me that they came from Bihar too.

          • 2

            Yes Sumane’ as Native Veddah (NV)so correctly points out in many of his/her posts,
            Balangoda Man was a Lankan, Aboriginal, Veddah, and did not Come from Bihar.
            Haven’t you understood what NV is trying to tell you, yet?

            • 2



  • 3

    The imagination and majoritarian-moderation Mr. Gunadheera articulates is not common to the leadership and intellectual class of the majority community and the ruling establishment of Sri Lanka.

    it is true that the armed Tamil rebellion has been put down alebeit, temporarily with massive retaliation and violence by the state. And currently the Sri Lankan state and it’s allies face continuing allegations over the conduct of the war and the loss of innocent lives, together with surrendered combatants.

    The state and majority Sinhala opinion do not seem to care that opinion outside of it; both within Sri Lanka and outside, holds it responsible for war crimes and crimes amounting to genocide against the Tamil population in the north.

    Mr. Gunadheera is right when he says that no army however powerful can keep a lid on conflict when the underlying causes remain unsolved.But Mr.Gunadheera may be alone…because there has never been a time for enlightened Sinhala opinion shaping state craft and policy in Sri Lanka. This does not mean that they do not exist- simply put they never get a chance to come out of the woood work.

    The article by Mr. Gunadheera is a piece of advise as to how to; extricate the govt. the armed forces and the Sinhala community from the unending allegations of war crimes and human rights violation it faces.

    Yet what he articulates amounts to the absolute minimum of what could be a means to manage the Sinhala Buddhist-hegemonic state project.

    However…..I very much doubt that the calibre of minimum-moderate-majoritarianism and majoritarian paternalism articulated by Mr. Gunadheera can ever become a reality under the current climate in Sri Lanka.

    The current Sri lankan state, with an extreme national-security ideology – and with its heavily militarised governing structure, along with its unbridled impunity can never produce even the minimum standard which Mr. Gunadheera articulates. However….the time for the Sri Lankan state and its rail-roaded Sinhala community to yield with grace that which it cannot hope to hold on for ever will be sooner that later. Progress and enlightenment must be measured in tens of decades than years!

  • 1

    Somapala start singing nearer to god because the world has seen enough of conspiracy theory from some of the brilliant men in the world.
    The buru sihala buddhist have made a crude claim to extend its fascist power base not knowing where its heading.

  • 0

    We know how DJ sees the problem. Now, DJ has a companion in SG, – more mild and for that reason more smart.

  • 2

    The writer is trying to camouflage war crimes. In the first instance War criminals must be dealt with so that true reconciliation could be initiated on a clean slate. Bensen

    • 4

      Where are the evidence of war crimes? Why doesn’t anybody come forward? Why only the diaspora, TV stations and watch dogs funded by them only speak of war crimes? 5 years have gone by, why don’t these “war crime” yellers compile and publicize a list of all people and their relatives who were affected?
      What reconciliation and with whom do you want reconciliation?

      • 0

        Nonsense. The world is awaiting the opening of an Official Court ready to receive complaints with a guarantee of action. This is
        being delayed by GOSL to complete its hidden agenda first.

        All the evidence is available even for a Domestic
        Inquiry if set up to international standards and supervised by
        the I/C – UN, EU & C/W.

        • 2

          I am yet to see any valid evidence. I am surprised to hear you say the GOSL is so powerful to hold back a “court hearing”!

  • 6

    “It is a remarkable achievement to have maintained the country free of a single terrorist act for nearly five years after the fall of Prabhakaran”.

    I could not have put this across any better. A rare fete not achieved in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya or any other place in the recent history for that matter.

  • 6

    Let me give you my honest and calculated opinion ,

    No amount of good will and devolution will replace the need to security in the North and the East

    No minority of less than 8 % should get major federal devolution .

    If you cant live in sri Lanka please migrate to Canada in your boat loads , we dont care .

    Learn to live in a country where you are not the majority and are nothing but old time invaders the same way you learn to live in Europe or Canada as third class citizens .

    please dont come stoop down to the level of your brethren in Toilet Nadu , We have provided sufficient toilets there is no need to defecate in the outside .

    other than than that we have no issues .



    • 4

      Abhya – “We have provided sufficient toilets there is no need to defecate in the outside “

      so why are you defecating here in CT with your verbal diaohrrea.

      • 0

        It is just he feels he is someone – so does DJ… that is why these guys go on adding their low level views that have no relevance most of the time. Neither have they basis. Like MR responses to the foreign media – koheda yanne malle pol (asked where you re going is answered by saying what he has got in his hand bag).

        Ane habatama mehemath nataka is what I remind when reading those comments.

    • 1

      Abhaya, Thank you for your comment. It is offensive and repugnant. However the thanks are offered because it states in graphic terms the Policy of the Rajapaksa Gangster Government as it functions today, ostensibly representing the wishes of the majority Sinhala Buddhist population, but in reality practising total abuse in order to stuff their fat bellies with filthy lucre.

      So Mr Somapala Gunadheera, if you are reading, take note that your suggestions / aspirations will remain a pipe dream, until such time the Gang can be driven out.

    • 1

      ‘No minority of less than 8 % should get major federal devolution .’


      I am kind of a math crank! Please let me know the formula used for your finding.

      Do you also know the answer in percentage for the minority to get a minor federal devolution?

    • 2

      How many of the CT readership – do you think are interested in reading your comment ?

      For them you are just one another Mervin the vermin, or mad Wimal Buruwansa type

    • 3


      “No minority of less than 8 % should get major federal devolution”

      Of course you are right therefore you should allow the 92% to get major federal devolution and rest could have their separate state.

      Your opinion is not only calculated but also very honest indeed.

    • 3

      Goth-Abhaya from Detroit:

      Don’t forget we had two separate Kingdoms for thousands of years until the Colonial Powers merged the two for convenience. Even Scotland is about to break free why cant we. We will try stopping us.

  • 1

    The assumption in Mr. Gunadheer’s message is that the West (e.g., David cameron, Stevan Harper, or Manohan Singh no more in power) etc., are interested in the “TRUTH”, i.e., how many were killed, is there reconciliation etc.

    Unfortunately, they are not. They have excellent information from their intelligence agencies like MI-5, CIA, CISIS, RAW etc. They know how many were killed. They know how many are missing etc. Also, many of the “refugees” are in the West, and provide information as well as dis-information.

    The American Physical Society (a learned society made up of independent scientists) made a study of Satellite data over the Vanni in the last stages of the War, when requested by Human Rights Watch.

    So the facts are there in large measure. But they are merely a bone of contention
    and not relevant.

    It is in making a political judgment from the facts, or alleged facts, that the West, and others like the Sinhala public, most North Indians, even Australians,
    hold one type of view, and the other side (Diaspora, Tamil nadu, Navi Pillai as instigated by the West) hold another view.

    In practice, politicians in the West, or in SL, are not interested in getting at the facts, unless they fit the answer that they want. They have already decided on the answer they want. Darusman, and Yasmin Sooka also had stated their views long before they formed a UN reporting group. They selected the facts to fit their answer.

    So, what is wanted is really a political modus operandi and not all these suggestions of Gunadheera which are well-meaning but not desired by anybody on both sides of the political divide. One side simply wants to get the West to PUNISH the Rajapaksa regime WITHOUT punishing the collaborators of the LTTE who now reside in the West, or in the TNA. The other side wants the matter to go away as an “exaggerated vindictive claim by defeated terrorists”

    Actually, neither will happen. History will simply take its course.

  • 0

    The author wishes to see reconcilition. But alas, not many people are there to help him:

    Death threats issued to journalists and Jaffna university staff and students over May 18 remembrance, 20 May 2014
    In a flyer distributed around Jaffna today, a death threat has been issued to staff and students at the University of Jaffna as well as to journalists over their attempts to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the Mullivaikal massacre despite the military banning any public events.

    Translation of the flyer:
    Final warning
    Those trying to encourage terrorism in the University of Jaffna are going to be punished.
    After terrorism had been defeated, they are attempting to grow terrorism inside the University of Jaffna.
    We have identified those treacherous forces that are making such attempts.
    In addition to identifying them, the lecturers, deans and students at Univerisity of Jaffna, we have received reports of certain media workers working alongside them.
    Despite issuing warnings to them several times they show no signs of reforming, they continue to take part in terrorist activities along side students and staff.
    This is their final warning.
    Many have been identified including Pidaathupathi Sivanathan, Teachers Union head Rasakumaaran, Students Union head Kirupa Komes [and] newspaper journalist Shalin [and] Nirojan.
    If they still do not reform, the final sentence is a death sentence.
    The final day has been marked for some.
    Do not take this lightly as with previous warnings.
    You are guaranteed to be freed from this world.

    Force Protecting the Country

  • 2

    “Even at this late hour, those in power do not appear to seek a solution to the problem behind this alleged threat, short of bravado and demagogy.”

    Did all our brave soldiers die for just five years of peace?

    Is the political will there for implementing any of the good suggestions in this article?

    Are we not willing to re-organize ourselves and live in peace and with dignity for all citizens, or are we condemned to live in a state of eternal war like Israel?

    How long before such eternal war makes us bankrupt?

    The PRESIDENT of Sri Lanka PROMISED the PRIME MINISTER of India AND the SECRETARY-GENERAL of the UN to fully implement 13, or 13A or 13+. How long will Modi’s India give us to honour that promise before the ‘or else’ consequences begin?

    Will India employ covert means for regime change because we have close military and political links with its arch enemies – Pakistan and China – and never lose an opportunity to rub it in the face of the Indians?

    If India, with its 70 million Tamils across the narrow Palk Straits, decides on a Crimea solution (which was supported by our Foreign Minister), will the US, UK, EU Trio impose targeted sanctions on Modi and his clique (like they did on Putin and his clique), or will the Trio sit back and say “We told you to mend your ways and now see the consequences”?

    Will Pakistan and China go to war with India, with nuclear consequences, to protect the unitary state of Sri Lanka and/or a family regime?

    At what point will the Muslim counties of the Middle-East gang up on us and cut off the employment of millions of Sri Lankans and the billions of dollars in workers’ remittances because of the actions of the BBS and their puppet master?

    All these questions and more are ‘blowing in the wind’.

    The President needs to set up a think tank with real brains (not the brains of thugs and imbeciles like Mervyn), to review all scenarios and develop a long term and sustainable strategic plan for a peaceful and prosperous Sri Lanka in the real world, and not just in rhetoric.

    Time will tell whether the President can change and be a Statesman instead of just a Politician juggling temporary promises.

    But time is not on our side after 5 years of aimless drifting, hoping the problems will go away if ignored. Modi is lurking in the north and the Western Trio (with their own targeted sanctions – travel bans, asset seizures and banking restrictions) are lurking in Geneva, just waiting for the final report of the UNHRC in March 2015.

  • 0

    Every Sri Lankan who has migrated to the developed countries has at sometime and will continue to, experience RACISM. This includes Burghers, Sinhalese, Tamils and everyone else – without exception. The
    only reason that these thousands of Ceylonese / Sri Lankans continue to remain in their country of adoption is the ECONOMIC gain that have gained and continue to enjoy. Claims of discrimination, torture, rape and the ‘genocide myth’ are all alibi’s by all these ECONOMIC MIGRANTS and (without exception).
    For this reason alone the LTTE cannot and will not raise its head again
    in Sri Lanka.

    • 0

      Whilst about 300,000 Tamils left Sri Lanka and sought asylum in the west (and that ‘west’ includes Australia and New Zealand), quite a few thousand Sinhalese too escaped the corruption, violence, lawlessness, and joblessness of Sri Lanka using the same trick – most recently as boat people to Australia, even 5 years after the war. But more than that, over 200,000 non Tamil Sri Lankans – Sinhalese, Muslims, Burghers – have left Sri Lanka to settle in the west and few come back for good until after retirement. These people are professionals and went as legal migrants. They are doctors, engineers, scientists, accountants, bankers, IT professionals, university professors and other skilled persons who contribute immensely to the economic developments of their adoptive countries. From time to time they may encounter some discrimination, and that is more in Europe than in N.America or Australia, but they have no intention of coming back because they know that their economic life is better, their children’s future is better and society is better. It’s a huge potential for Sri Lanka to tap into, but having tasted free societies and true democracy where a free press forces governments to be transparent and where your tax money is used for public good instead of for ruling family glories, having tasted independent public institutions and civilised public discussion, no one wants to come back. If Sri Lanka was truly the Miracle of Asia in deeds, not in just words, if there was meritocracy instead of kleptocracy*, if the public institutions were not corrupt, if the schools, universities and medical system were well funded instead of funding empty harbours and airports, if, if, if…then thousands of these economic contributors will return, and Sri Lanka will become the Miracle of Asia. Till then, we have to live on hot air, bombast, rhetoric and false promises and be under the subjugation of nutcases like Mervyn.

      *Kleptocracy, is a form of political and government corruption where the government exists to increase the personal wealth and political power of its officials and the ruling class at the expense of the wider population.

  • 3


    99.9% of the Tamils are Tigers as long as people like you don’t change your attitude and accept that the Tamils have a right to live in the North & East under their own jurisdiction. But the time has arrived to RIGHT the WRONG.

    • 1


      Countdown: 86 days to go.

      Is Amma in the process of planning logistics?

      • 0


        She is busy choosing the right Lipstick to wear for the opening ceremony of the New Parliament. All foreigners are barred.

        • 0


          Countdown: 84 days to go.

          “She is busy choosing the right Lipstick to wear for the opening ceremony of the New Parliament.”

          I thought she is going to boycott N Modi’s coronation. Please shed some light.

    • 1

      This is wrong. I have met tamils that DONT bear LTTE view.
      Most of them live in Germany, France, Switzerland, UK and other euroepans countries. Likes it is with us sinhalese, there are tamils that seek only peace and harmony, not even separate country for their own. You are telling a lie. WIthout sufficient proofs, brining this kind of percentages are no way accepatable.

      Most of them tamils moved to Europe are not real refugees – they should have their own assets in srilanka to allow them human smuggle to europe to gain more.. to seek green pastures abusing Europeans laws. Now the stiatuion is very difficult as one of my swiss analyssts pointed out me lately… gone are the days that one succeeded forged asylum in Europe. Now EU together work against wrong refugees. That I find is good.
      over 80% of the entire refugees flow to Europe are just economic refugees. Even afro amies that live under briges in the states could also come and seek gree pastures abusing basic laws of european coutnries. But they would not…

  • 0

    Mr. Gunadheera, who I understand is a former senior government official, makes an attempt at tight-rope walking. He wants to appear to be fair while, simultaneously, like many learned from the Sinhala Buddhis side he fears to offend the larger Sinhala Lobby. Some of his suggestions, however, appear to be well-meaning and reasonable.

    There is no option but to have a Tamil civilian as Governor in the NP and I am glad Mr. G favours this, albeit – somewhat obliquely. However,
    Mr.G is far too smart to know this sudden development of a “revival of the Tigers” is fictional and aimed at fooling the Sinhala masses. Many Tamil people in the areas concerned are convinced the 3 killed are unconnected Tamils. They were killed and bodies disposed of far too quickly in suspicious circumstances. The version of witnesses and State officials in the killing is contradictory. But this is nothing new in a country where thousands of Tamils came by their deaths similarly with no such thing as the process of law going into how they come to lose their lives.

    Whatever good intentions of Mr. G he will recall the President gave too hoots to his own virtually-doctored LLRC recommendations and took his own time even to take action on some of them. It is, therefore, unlikely the Govt will pay far too much attention even to such caring
    laborious efforts of responsible citizens.

    The Rajapakses will only yield to pressure from outside.


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