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Acknowledge Tamil People’s Right To Self-Determination: Tamils For Labour

Tamils for Labour has called upon the Labour Party to impose travel sanctions and freeze assets of Sri Lankan military personnel and politicians in order to pressure Lankan authorities into delivering justice for the thousands of Tamils who lost their lives in their struggle for freedom.

Sen Kandiah

Chair of Tamils for Labour, Sen Kandiah speaking at a conference on Monday (22) at the ‘Britain’s Global Role’ debate had also urged the Labour Party to acknowledge Tamil people’s right to self determination urged.

In his speech, Kandiah referred to the recent referendum in Scotland where millions of Scots were given the chance to embrace their democratic rights in a free and peaceful manner.

“There is a lot to learn from the British example – its so different to everything I have known in our struggle in Sri Lanka,” Kandiah stated pointing out that in Sri Lanka thousands of lives were lost fighting for the same right which people of Scotland enjoyed a few days ago.

He has also highlighted the deteriorating human rights situation in Sri Lanka as well as the harassment and difficulties faced by Tamil people, particularly the militarization and the land grabbing carried out by the military.

While calling for international action to remedy the situation, he had welcomed the investigation on Sri Lanka by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), he had heavily criticized the Government of Sri Lanka to cooperate with the investigation pointing out it is reflective of the disinterest of the government to adhere to international norms and standards.

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