20 April, 2024


After Nugegoda – What?

By Izeth Hussain

Izeth Hussain

Izeth Hussain

The recent Nugegoda rally in favor of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa would of course have been meticulously organized, but all the same the immensity of the crowd that assembled there was beyond dispute immensely impressive. It becomes all the more impressive when we bear in mind that the organizers did not have the resources of the SLFP but only of three small parties whose voting strength is negligible. These facts, taken together with the fact that thousands go on daily “pilgrimage” to MR’s Hambantota home, attest to his continuing popularity with the Sinhalese voters, more particularly with the Sinhalese Buddhist voters. Probably Ranil Wickremesinghe and other UNP big shots have their repose disturbed these days by the uneasy premonition that that local Nostradamus might have been right after all: MR suffered only a temporary eclipse and could blaze resplendently again as Prime Minister after the forthcoming General Elections. The reason is that the minority vote which was solidly against him would be divided.

What else could the Nugegoda rally signify? In my view it vividly illustrated the two major contrasting trends in our politics: the maturing of our democracy and the dynamism of racist neo-Fascism. In an earlier article I made some observations on our conquest democracy under which the victors at the General Elections behave like conquerors over both the defeated Party and the Sri Lankan people. The defeated were booed at sight, sometimes thrashed and their properties torched. They abided their time meekly like mice until the next General Elections, after which they too behaved like conquerors. Nothing like the Nugegoda rally at which MR rose resplendently, just weeks after his election defeat, was even imaginable in the past. Furthermore, the Government did not try to prevent the rally, nor has there been any punitive action against the notables who were present there. In his time President JR would have seen to it that his Jay Gang storm-troopers administered merciless maulings to the whole lot of them.

Mahinda NugegodaSo the Nugegoda rally, along with much else, attests to the maturing of our democracy. As for the neo-Fascist aspect of the rally, I will point to the implications of a couple of details in MR’s message which was read out on his behalf. One is this: “We were not defeated but deprived of power”. Apparently he did not explain in what sense he was not defeated at the elections, a fact which he has earlier acknowledged. Nor apparently did he explain how and by whom he was deprived of power. A further significant statement is this: “What we are experiencing is not a defeat but the result of a conspiracy.” I myself believe that the hill-country Tamil vote was influenced by RAW, and that certain powers were involved in trying to bring about his defeat. But the facts of overwhelming importance are that the elections were held under his auspices, they have been universally regarded as free and fair by our standards, and he suffered a decisive defeat. He is now unwilling to accept those facts. Is it that he has become so imbued with a Fascist mentality that he can no longer understand and accept democratic norms?

I am afraid that the answer has to be not only that he is imbued with a Fascist mentality but that he is an anti-minority racist. He is now refusing to accept defeat because the notion has gained ground that the crucial factor behind his defeat was the minority vote: 80% of the Tamils voted against him and even more of the Muslims did so. According to the Fascist reckoning the minorities are no more than visitors to this country and therefore they are not wholly and properly Sri Lankans. MR got 55% of the Sinhalese vote, which means that a clear majority of the true sons of the sacred soil of Sri Lanka were with him. In that sense – according to Fascist logic – he was not defeated. I charge therefore that the Nugegoda rally was at its core an outburst of racist neo-Fascism.

A couple of clarifications need to be made about the minority vote. They are supposed to constitute 24% of the population, and if the Catholics and other Christians are also to be regarded as minorities – since according to crazy racist Fascist logic only Sinhala Buddhists are true sons of the sacred soil – the minorities would total 30% of the population. Even if every single minority member voted against MR their votes would not have sufficed to defeat him. That defeat was possible only because a substantial proportion of the Sinhalese voted against him. The number is estimated as 45%. There is an important factor to be borne in mind about that percentage. It is known that all the resources of the State were used – illegally and criminally – to promote MR’s candidature. Without that factor the Sinhalese vote against him could well have amounted to 47% or 49% or even more. Anyway, it is ridiculous to hold that MR was defeated because of the minority vote.

The other clarification I have in mind arises out of the sharpening of the ethnic polarity in Sri Lanka as a consequence of the Presidential elections. The question to be asked is this: Can the minorities be blamed for voting against MR? Everyone understood that there was not the faintest chance of a political solution to the Tamil ethnic problem as long as MR was in power. Furthermore the Tamils were being needlessly humiliated. That has been shown by the corrective action taken by the present Government, such as the release to the rightful owners of a thousand acres of land which were held by the armed forces without any security justification. As for the Muslims, I wrote a series of articles showing that the charge that the Muslims posed an existential threat to the Sinhalese was nonsensical, and that the issues that have been bedeviling Sinhalese-Muslim relations sometimes for decades can all be resolved without much difficulty if they are properly addressed. By way of reply I have had abuse but no refutation that can be taken seriously. I must add that MR and his Government were clearly seen as supporting, blatantly though not explicitly, the BBS in its anti-Muslim campaign, as shown by the persistent refusal to apply the law against the BBS and other extremist groups. The minority vote against MR should therefore be seen not just as legitimate in terms of minority interests but as a signal contribution to the promotion of national harmony.

After Nugegoda – What? I have a thoroughly unorthodox suggestion to make, which to my mind makes good sense. I hope that a new Party will emerge, a racist neo-Fascist Party for which the most fitting leader would be Mahinda Rajapaksa. He would be the most fitted because with decades of political experience behind him and his undoubted political ability he should be able both to exploit racism for political purposes and also to hold the mad racists in check. Young racist hotheads won’t be able to do that. My suggestion arises out of the fact that Sri Lanka has never had even a single national Party that is accepted unequivocally as such by the minorities. The UNP, the SLFP, and even the Marxist Parties are seen as essentially Sinhalese ethnic Parties. It is a fact that racists are to be found in all our parties, which in my view has had a tragic consequence. Whenever one of our Governments seems to be approaching a solution to the Tamil ethnic problem, the main Party in opposition has always sabotaged the process. That is because of the strength of the racists in the Opposition. If they are concentrated in one Party, with racists from other Parties gravitating towards it as their natural habitat, it might become possible to contain them and stop their using several Parties to go on the rampage.

The SLFP is now undergoing an identity crisis. It has always had schism at its core with SWRD representing its democratic modernizing trend and Rev. Buddha Rakita representing a retrogressive racist Fascist trend. If MR gets control of the SLFP and leads it to triumph at the General Elections, it would amount to the triumph of the Buddy Racketeers. If in the alternative he forms a new party the SLFP will be split and the UNP could triumph. What is the solution? I don’t know at the moment. But I would be sad to see the SLFP go because I have been sympathetic to it since 1956, partly because my politics have always been left-of-center. The more important reason is that the fair treatment, and more than fair treatment, that I received from the SLFP together with generous acknowledgment of whatever abilities I may have displayed, was out of the world. The experience of that fair treatment, nullifying the ethnic divide, convinces me that ultimately the Sinhalese people will triumph over the racist neo-Fascism that burst out at the Nugegoda rally.

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  • 9

    The Nugegoda rally was a SET UP..look at the photo, the 2 women are PLANTED for attraction, they look like some stage artists who supported MR at his election rallies… Fooling the masses is MR’s forte, he did fool 5.8 million and is still trying so so hard….He is a spent force now like BBS’s Gandassara…but being given boosts by some media outlets… Ignore him for 3 weeks, he would be obsolete…

    • 3

      After Nugegoda – What? Here is my one-cent worth on it:

      A simple slogan for Mahinda to sweep back in power:

      It took us 30 years to beat the Tamils in war, Let’s take us 3 months to defeat them in election!

      We are going to have our 3rd independence in April 2015!

  • 4

    There is no solution until and unless MAHINDA and his racist gangs are gunned down and destroyed forever. Mahinda did this to most of his opponents. If Sirisena did not destroy Mahinda, Mahinda will be given the chance by the NWO bankers who are operating as the hidden hand in Mahinda’s Anti Minority anti Lankan project.

    The whole world knows how the NWO/Zionist gangs backed by the US/UK/Europe and Israel backed the many Sri Lankan regimes to keep the racist conflict burning and by which the Western NWO Zionists could fund both sides with their Jewish money as Loans to cripple any country that tries to become self sufficient.

    Remember, the once Ceylon was a exemplary country in the world. The British Evil monarchy planted Anagarika a former Christian to convert Buddhism into Fascism. He did and the results the entire country reaping is its harvest.

    Blavatsky and Olcott, Freemasonic Satanists. The Zionist entity experimented one of their first foreign secret operations in inciting the Majority brain washed community against the minorities in the form of 1915 riots. Its grand plan by the Anagarika to see some results in his evil doctrines.

    JHU is the new avatar of that doctrine to take to new heights and levels. Mahinda’s inborn skills in Murders, day light robberies and corruptions helped the Zionists to plan out a new strategies into keep the country burning.

    They formed the BBS with a full training by the Zionists who are based in Sri Lanka for many years to spy on India and the Chinese activities within the country. The Zionists gained arms deals and gave more money to Mahinda to plunder the wealth of the nation and to push country into a black hole of Jewish foreign debts.

    Sirisena will not go after Mahinda. That’s a sure thing. But, Mahinda will find very soon that an unknown gunman knocking at his door.

    The entire world is in a mess. BRICS countries will not allow Mahinda to return for the simple reason that he is a double game player and could pose a serious threat to the Indian front should the WW3 breaks out between Zionists in the West against Russia coalition.

    THERE IS NO SOLUTION BUT ONE, send MAHINDA to his creator. Its too late already.

    • 2

      Ken O Keefe on 911

      The Coverup of Zionist Organized Crime!

    • 2

      Desert Storm

      “There is no solution until and unless MAHINDA and his racist gangs are gunned down and destroyed forever.”

      So you want to be the VP/Gota combined executioner. Well you will have to prove yourself to be a double psychopath, with past experience.

      • 0

        Dear Native Vedda,

        Look, you and I and the entire country knows who Mahinda is. He is scumbag, a mass murderer, a thief, a day light robber, womanizer, TOP CLASS RACIST and a cheap thug. The country is just waking up to the nightmares of the loot these bastards have plundered throughout decades.

        You know how many innocent people he killed in cold blood. He kept his UPFA thugs intact and extra judicially killed other thugs whom he thought will be a threat to his hegemony.

        Suppose, if the Racists bastard comes back to power, what do you think he will do to the lives of almost all the opponents including the minorities???? He will surely and definitely re-start his same old game but with new vigor. He will assign the spineless Mahanayakes to confer their allegiance to him whether they like it or not. Thereafter, you would be able witness blood flowing like a stream in the country.

        You know how he tried the campaign against the Tamils and the Muslims do you? He even brought the Burmese Terrorist Wirathu(a coward in killing defenseless innocents) to plan out a mass killing of the Muslims.

        So, if this bastard is so cruel and unpredictable mass murderer is let to live any longer an animal with a cruel mind of making a comeback, will he do anything good for this country? NO…!

        This bastard should must be made of the past. I am just using his language that’s all. This is the language and animal culture that he is used to. GIVE HIM WHAT HE GAVE OTHERS…..GIVE HIM DEATH!

        After his death, the country will sigh a huge relief. And not only that all the people will then start to reveal the hard truth which kept hidden for long about all the corruptions he made. Even the bootlicker Azwer will open his mouth thereafter about some of the things he knows about Mahinda….

  • 6

    It is highly unlikely that MR would take control of the SLFP. Sirisena, simply will not allow that because he knows what could happen to him if MR bounces back to power. To strengthen democracy further, there should be a greater and faster exposure of the corrupt and criminal deeds of MR to the wider public so much so less and less of the SLFPers would want to align with him. That is the only way to protect democracy and strengthen good governance in the country.

    Sengodan. M

  • 5

    Mara is not only a fascist and a racist he is also a criminal and a thug. The Sinhalese have traditionally gravitated towards such figures in politics and that led to the worst abuse of power ever by a leader of Sri Lanka since independence.

    Look at the characters who organised the Nugegoda rally and you realise what their intentions are in wanting Rajapaksa back in power. The stupid sinhala masses are by nature racists and will flock to Rajapaksa if he stands for office. But, he only stands a chance of winning if he can run on the SLFP ticked and this is very unlikely. Despite all the scare about a Rajapaksa comeback I think the man’s chances of getting back into power are zilch. Thank God for that!

    • 2

      “The stupid sinhala masses are by nature racists and will flock to Rajapaksa if he stands for office.”

      CT is where all the plural non racist tamil and muslim [Edited out] talk how racist sinhalese are while living in Sinhala country

    • 1

      Piranha says:”Mara is not only a fascist and a racist he is also a criminal and a thug. The Sinhalese have traditionally gravitated towards such figures in politics and that led to the worst abuse of power ever by a leader of Sri Lanka since independence”. Well the stupid Tamils have flocked to racist idiots as Ponna, Chelva, Sunda and landed knee deep in Nandikadal Lagoon, haven’t they? Whether MR will make a come back or not, there are sufficient numbers in the community inspired by his achievements to lead the nation and care for security, prosperity and most importantly the territorial intergrity.

      • 2

        lal loo

        “there are sufficient numbers in the community inspired by his achievements to lead the nation and care for security, prosperity and most importantly the territorial intergrity.”

        There were/are sufficient numbers in the community inspired by achievements of Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Pol pot, Idi Amin, ……………

        Security and territorial integrity have been guaranteed by Hindia and not by little islanders. Premadasa sought VP’s services to throw IPKF out of the island. MR paid a generous fees to VP for his services to democracy.

  • 7

    I wish to comment on another aspect of the Nugegoda rally. Far from hyperbolic statements the total crowd was less than 10,000. The Daily Mirror of Feb 25 carried a panoramic view of one section of the crowd on page A12. I divided it into one inch squares and patiently counted square by square. The total came out at 1705. The Island of the same day carried an aerial panoramic view that showed the direction of the Daily Mirror panoramic view encompassed a quarter of the total. So that gives 4×1705 = 6820. An educated “scientific” estimate is about 8000.

    Overestimation of crowd numbers by enthusiasts is common. The devotees who filled a goodly part of Galle Face Green for Francis-I’s Papal mass just exceeded 100,000; not 150,000 as some newspapers reported.

  • 2

    ‘I hope that a racist neo-Fascist party will emerge…the most fitting leader will be MR’; and ‘ultimately the Sinhalese people will triumph over the racist neo-Fascism, nullifying the ethnic divide’.
    You contradict yourself!

  • 4

    I think Rajapakse days are over, he’s a spent force, physically and probably or soon, mentally too. He has no power now. Wimal, Vasu, Dinesh , DJ combo is not much of a power base.

    It depends also on RW+Maithree coalition style of rule and delivery of urgently needed good governance, rule of law, solving issues. They should be given time, hence nothing could be done overnight. The new regime should work honestly and sincerely to win the hearts and minds of all, including the mistreated and sidelined minorities, without cheating them time and again.

    If any regime continue listening to racist’s demands and ignore or delay finding solutions to majority and minority issues, Lanka will get into deep trouble from all sides. The usual delay tactics and cheating minorities must be stopped at least now and replaced with genuine and sincere approach.

    • 3

      What is required for MR to make a comeback after the daily increasing negative publicity and exposes is MONEY. The former money-bags that waited on him 24×7 grovelling are, slowly but surely, deserting him and are making contact with Malik and Ravi K. The exaggerated Nugegoda meeting and the bus-pilgrimages to Medamulana are all financed by Rajapakses and their catchers to keep alive in the image of the masses the Rajapakses are not entirely done for. They, in fact, are. Ranil, Mangala and CBK know that and so do Sirisena and Raajitha. The only hope for a Rajapakse EFFORT to comeback is by beating up the racial and communal drum. You can bet MR, Booruwansa, Dinesh and Gammanpilla will not spare a thought to take this bloody path. These are desperadoes who have lost all avenues of easy income for them and their many crooked side-kicks. The Rajapakse name will soon be as despicable in the country as the Quislings of Norway.

      When Sirisena and wife are received by the Queen and when Sirisena takes the Chair of the Head of the Commonwealth in the UK, MR will rupture a couple of veins. Just as well.


  • 4

    After Nugegoda it will be straight to Angoda , for WW, Dinesh,Vasu and DJ :)

  • 6

    MR has been and will continue to be popular among a section of the voters who are racist, though the mind set of some the voters have changed it will take several years of good governance for the rest of the population to be educated and reformed.
    Decade of ruling the country has left Mahinda with no achievements to talk about except of ending the war (Which he did not convert to a victory for the whole nation), few highways and several white elephants. Only trumpet he can blow is on the same line “koti enawa”, “rata bedenawa”. This has been his slogan and will continue to be the same until he is put away.

    If you look at the parties who are aligned with him all of them are prone to racial politics and nothing else to brag about.

    On the other hand in my opinion and based on the signals which we are getting parliamentary elections will not be held at the end of 100 days, rightly so.

    The current government will ensure MR and lackeys will be dealt with full force of the law they will not be able stand for elections. I would say don’t underestimate the current government, they are fully aware of pitfalls of allowing MR or any one remotely associated with him coming to power.

    Sit back and relax is what my approach would be. why call for election when there is 2 years left. They are in no hurry to bring the crooks to book but when they do it will be with vengeance.

  • 3

    They did organise a meeting in Nugegoda on 18th which based on attendance a success. However, ,
    how was the crowd transported and who paid for all these behind the scenes are doubts in the minds of many. Nevertheless , the whole purpose of this meeting would have been to get the SLFP, main partner in the UPFA to agree for MR’s candidature for the position of P.M. which would be more powerful when the constitution is amended. But from the manner the SLFP has been conducting its meetings, it is clear they will not agree to this.

    Wimal, Udaya, Dinesh, Vasu, Vitharana, Gunasekera etc cannot stand on their own and face elections and therefore they wanted a branch to hang on which they were looking for through MR. At the same time MR is hungry for power which is very evident from the manner he has been conducting himself
    Canvassing for himself at the same time blaming the minorities for his debacle and convince the Sinhala majority that he is a hard core Sinhala Buddhist, in someway bringing in a communalism, hatred, etc

    The UNP thinks They can face the election with the division in the SLFP, they will be able to be the leading party in the elections. All these would depend as to how well succeed in their 100 day
    programme with changes in the constitution, reduction in cost of living, and what they are able to
    achieve against corruption. So far, they have disappointed most of their supporters with their failure
    to catch any big sharks who were corrupt and against whom they had spoken so much in the Radio,
    TV, public forums abd election meetings, etc. If they do not show results of some magnitude, they will
    not be able utter a word in the election meetings but they can well expect to be ridiculed by other parties contesting against them. They have completed 50 days already without results and what they can do in the next 50 days is to be seen. UNP as a whole must pull up their socks and act unitedly, energetically, and win te confidence of the masses if they are interested in forming a UNP government for the next full term ( 5 or 6 years to be decided).

  • 2

    Izeth Hussain ,

    With due respect to your wisdom and knowledge, I beg to differ: We can never predict the future, however much we hope for.

    “….ultimately the Sinhalese people will triumph over the racist neo-Fascism that burst out at the Nugegoda rally.”

    Yes, they will, so did the Germans, but only after their brand of fascism was resolutely defeated by the Allied forces from outside.

    You simply do not not seem to realize the weight of Mahavamsa philosophy in the minds of Sinhala Buddhists:

    It is only a rousing emotional slogan away from firing mass frenzy over the minorities: Then the crowd mentality will take over to its fateful conclusion.

    Don’t forget the theoretician behind the fascist movement: Diabolical Dyan has already started pumping his rhetoric to hysterical levels.

    There may be Mullivaaikkals, Aluthgamas, or even an Nuwara Eliyas to follow.

    This Mahavamsa, with the Buddhist hierarchy starting with the Mahanayakes can be fueling the latest version of Sinhala Buddhist fascism.

    On another topic, since you are an enlightened Muslim, I want to ask your opinion on why the ISIS Islam-fascists are destroying the rare artifacts of Iraq’s ancient civilization of the Babylonians?

    The same fascist set of mind as Sinhala Buddhist fascists, I suppose.

    When there is an easy short cut to power in Sri Lanka, why labor with lofty idealism?

    Are the present day politicians any different from SWRD or others of his kind?

  • 3

    Dear Izeth, it is an excellent analysis and very timely: As you aptly state: “It vividly illustrates the two major contrasting trends in our politics: the maturing of our democracy and the dynamism of racist neo-Fascism”. It is opportune that readers are forewarned about the machinations of the NSSP and the VLSSP when they came up to show their true colours at an early stage not to mention those of the calibre of Dayan Jayatilleke and his ilk. Of Rajapaksa you say: ” I am afraid that the answer has to be not only that he is imbued with a Fascist mentality but that he is an anti-minority racist. He is now refusing to accept defeat because the notion has gained ground that the crucial factor behind his defeat was the minority vote:……. I charge therefore that the Nugegoda rally was at its core an outburst of racist neo-Fascism”. You cannot be further from the truth. He will in due course drown himself in the morass of his belief. Bensen

  • 3



    Me, and many many Millions of Sinhalese, would wish to convey from our inner-most heart, the appreciation to the most revered Maha Sangha and the above mentioned Gentleman, for disturbing the Ocean Plates, to cause ripples to form an impending TSUNAMI, to wash out a bogus administration, deceptively conferred on the unsuspecting innocent Sinhalese People of Sri Lanka, at the Nugegoda Man’s Jamboree, held recently. It caused ‘ butterflies in the stomach to many. Some went ballistic, seeing the Crowds. Yet some who ridiculed that 5000 people will not be there, shattered their character into smithereens, when they failed to honour their pledges. It was an exposure of how SOME POLITICIANS can lie through their teeth,

    All the above who organised this Jamboree, have hearts of Burning Patriotism, Resolve of Steel, a Fearless Formidable Attribute, to take any Bull by the Horns. We, the Sinhalese look forward to see the ” Nugegoda Man” keeping the same momentum, and not losing speed to resolve some malignant problems faced by the Sinhalese and the beautiful Sri Lanka in general. With great deference, I wish to place some severe malignant problems facing the Sinhalese, that has to be addressed IMMEDIATELY. No malice whatsoever, but the under-mentioned MUST be addressed as PRIORITY.




    When the Nugegoda Man, we all know who he is, comes in with the punch, valour and valiant efforts of those who made it possible for him to come back to his saddle, he must “get to work”.

    Make immediate arrangements to re-habilitate the 12,000 Sinhalese in the NORTH, who were ethnically cleansed by the megolomaniac. He must give them their land, build houses for them, give them seed money, to start their new lives, just the way he gave the Tamils with such generosity, and love. Well he must not forget the way his love was reciprocated, with a kick up his ass. He must harness the help of the Maha Sangha, in this MERITORIOUS ACT, along with all those who are willing and able to give a hand to complete this effort. Any Sinhalese who lost their land and homes in the EAST too should be re-habilitated in the same manner.


    The Nugegoda Man, must ensure that the 100,000 muslims who were ethnically cleansed from the NORTH, with 24 Hours notice, would be re-habilitated back in the North, with the same aforesaid conditions. Nothing more, nothing less.


    Once the re-habilitation process is complete, it will create a harmonius ethnic society, where tamil this, and tamil that, talk will be no more. It will nullify the endless villification of the Sinhalese perpetually. Simultaneously, the Army Bases have to increase in the North and the East, to safeguard all ethnicities. Broken and Damaged places of Worship has to be restored, period. Sinhalese Schools have to come up, in keeping with the dignity of little children. Sinhalese Universities have to bloom, and THERE SHOULD BE NO SEPARATE SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES FOR TAMILS ONLY, OR MUSLIMS ONLY. If this discrimination exists right now, it should be corrected immediately, and they should be made muti-ethnic. FEAR IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

    More Sinhalese should be given Land, Houses, and seed money to start fresh livelihoods in the North and East. The Maha Sangha should now come and give a helping hand. The entire NORTH and EAST should be MULTI-ETHNIC.


    Any Politician in SRI LANKA, who talks of divisive homelands, and attempt to have ethnic enclaves, should be charged for Treason. Equally true, if they wear their under pants and run to foreign countries, to complain about Sri Lanka, they should be arrested and charged for treason. If there is no Parliamentary legislation, to check these excesses, there should be laws promulgated right away, and put in place. Also, THE TRI-FORCES AND THE POLICE, AND NATIONAL SECURITY INSTITUTIONS SHOULD NOT BE MADE YOUR KITCHEN, TO COOK YOUR OWN RECIPIES OF RULES AND LAWS. No Politicians family and kith and kin should ever attempt to influence, any Institution, to breach the Laws of the Country, Period. THE LAWS SHOULD COME IN PLACE IMMEDIATELY, IF THEY ARE NON EXISTENT NOW. THEY SHOULD BE SEVERELY PUNISHED AND JAILED, WITHOUT FEAR.


    Other progressive actions can take place simultaneosly, without impedence to the above.



  • 1

    We want MR to become the next president of Sri Lanka. There is an another ethnic group (Name not Mentioned) in Sri Lanka. They want to convert the Sri Lanka into a country like Malaysia. In order to do that they will organize a called war and use population bomb to invade the Sri Lanka within next 400 years. They are more dangerous than LTTE. We Sri Lankans needs to realize this fact. MR and GR are the only men who can control this possible truth and threat. RW, Avamangala and CBK do not have any real blood that belongs to Sri Lanka.

    • 2

      Sunil Dahanayake

      Your previous regime was destroying your way of life ‘Buddhism’ through a Zionism inspired group called ‘BBS’ Your new government has a window of opportunity to restore Buddhism in the Island through peaceful means.

      Islam’s exponential growth is not mainly due to Muslims. It grows because people of intellect study / research Islam and embrace it to live a life of peace and happiness in their limited life. Islam is an indestructible force by Divine Degree, nothing can destroy it.

      • 0

        “Islam is an indestructible force by Divine Degree, nothing can destroy it.”
        The West and Israel will dismantle it stage by stage and save the humanity of this weed.
        Allah trying to save Islam through Talibans, Alquadas, ISISs, Brotherhoods will come to naught.

        • 1


          “The West and Israel will dismantle it stage by stage and save the humanity of this weed.”

          In their dismantling mode both have created more monsters than they can handle. My Elders tell me they never heard of Jihadi activism before 1980s. By the way wasn’t it US which was responsible for creating Holy warriors in Afghanistan with the finance provided by Saudi?

          Now the world has become worriers.

          Do you have a problem reading history?

  • 1

    Mr. Izeth Hussain,

    when will the muslims grow out of racism to realise destroying and illegally occupying other people’s places of worship is bad?

  • 1

    There is no doubt that MR managed the recent anti Muslim hooliganism crisis badly. However, Muslim leaders have not fully explained to their community that perhaps anti MR forces (local/externat) had a role in the anti Muslim hooliganism. Afterall, who gained by the disenchanchment of the Muslim voters? Certainly not MR. I hope Mr Izeth explores and explains what really happened since use communalism to gain political advantage is a crime against humanity. I hope Mr. Izeth will do the right thing for all communities.

  • 0

    What I can’t undetand is ??
    Who is in power now??? The minority elected president Sirisena!!! He needs to stop wasting our time and show the people that he can do better than our true leader Mahinda Rajapkasa!!!!

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