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AG Files Indictment Against Hirunika Over Dematagoda Abduction

The Attorney General has filed charges against Parliamentarian Hirunika Premachandra for abducting, and intimidating a man in December last year in Dematagoda.


The AG has indicted Premachandra, and eight of her staff members for aiding and abetting the abduction, and threatening the man. Premachandra, who is a UNP MP used her defender jeep to abduct the man, Amila Priyanga Amarasinghe from his workplace in Dematagoda on December 21.

The AG has filed indictment charges on 29 counts against Premachandra and her staff members, over the incident.

In January, just weeks after the incident, she was arrested by the Colombo Crimes Division, but within hours she was released on bail. She denied threatening the man, even though a police spokesman quoting the victim said that Premachandra had personally threatened the victim and had told him that she had the power to do anything she wants, including kidnapping.

Later, Premachandra, denied the accusations leveled against her and said that she had not threatened or assaulted Amarasinghe, but she only wanted to help one of her staff members, as his family was about to be broken up by an outsider. She also went on to say that Amarasinghe who was also married, had been having an extra marital relationship with the wife of one of her staff members who had two children.

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