4 June, 2023


Agriculture Academics Slam GMOA President For “Consummate Politicking” And “Baseless” Allegations

Remarks made by the highly political President of the Government Medical Officers Association Dr Anuruddha Padeniya challenging the knowledge of agricultural officers on organic agriculture have been roundly condemned by academics specializing in the field in universities around Sri Lanka.

Issuing a media release, over 100 academics from Agriculture Faculties at universities in Sri Lanka said Dr Padeniya – who they called a “consummate politician and medical trade union leader” baselesly alleged that agriculture specialists in state institutions were biased towards fertilizer companies in exchange for benefits. “As we clearly described earlier, the present crop varieties cannot simply grow and give anticipated high yields without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In this backdrop, the remarks of Dr. Padeniya are highly deceiving and can mislead the general public, thereby jeopardizing the dignity and integrity of agricultural specialist,” the media release from the academics said.

Padeniya – GMOA

Media Released in Full:

We, hereby, vehemently condemn the derogatory and misleading remarks made by Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya – who seems to be a consummate politician and is a medical trade union leader – during a recent media release, in which he challenged the Agricultural officers’ knowledge on organic agriculture. Furthermore, we believe that his conduct is highly unethical, unprofessional, and amounts to crossing someone else’s border to a field in which he is not at all an expert. Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya, not only shows and challenges his own understanding on agriculture at this vital point, but also dishonours his own professionalism. However, his baseless remarks don’t appear to have had any impact on men and women who are attentively serving in the agricultural sector in the country with a view to making Sri Lanka self-sufficient in food.

We wish to question and challenge Dr. Padeniya’s knowledge as to how he can comment on the knowledge of agricultural specialists on organic agriculture as his immature and irresponsible behaviour may establish a bad precedent for other professionals as well in the country. Therefore, we take this opportunity to categorically condemn the unfounded claims made by a trade union leader against other reputed professionals in order to obtain cheap popular political mileage.

It appears that Dr. Padeniya is unaware of the Green Revolution which occurred in 1950/1960 in the world. During the green revolution, the crop/food production was increased significantly by introducing high-yielding crop varieties (HYVs) which replaced the low yielding traditional varieties. These HYVs, which is grown today across the globe, need chemical fertilizers and pesticides and, otherwise, they do not give the expected yields no matter what measures we take. If we want to stop the use of chemical fertilizers/agrochemicals, we need to have a holistic approach and design an operational model. This cannot be accomplished in a few months/years. We are not surprised to observe that Dr. Padeniya cannot understand simple facts like these as they have no qualification/training what-so-ever in Agriculture. The unscientific and sudden ban of chemical fertilizers/pesticides in the country will undoubtedly push the country to a chaotic situation soon where the prices of food will skyrocket and the poor and vulnerable communities would even starve.

We, hereby, dispute Dr. Padeniya’s baseless allegations inferring that the recommendations made by the agricultural specialists in state agencies/departments are made with a strong bias towards such companies, because the agricultural specialists get direct benefit from chemical fertilizer and pesticide companies. As we clearly described earlier, the present crop varieties cannot simply grow and give anticipated high yields without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In this backdrop, the remarks of Dr. Padeniya are highly deceiving and can mislead the general public, thereby jeopardizing the dignity and integrity of agricultural specialists. Their apparent motive of gaining cheap fame and personal benefits amounts to low-quality and unprofessional ethical wrongdoing. Further, it is pitiful that Dr. Padeniya is deliberately ignoring and tarnishing the good name of agriculture professionals who have guided the Sri Lankan farming community to nourish this proud nation for centuries in the past. According to his misleading statement at a media briefing, all agricultural teaching and training institutes, agriculture faculties, and research institutes in Sri Lanka are no longer necessary. Dr. Padeniya should better understand the difference between “ගොවිතැන” and the science behind agriculture before making false statements about reputable professionals in the country.

We wish to remind him that, at this critical point, the country’s most vulnerable and pressing worry is not the knowledge of agricultural officers on organic agriculture, but the rising COVID-19 pandemic, in which Dr. Padeniya is also deliberately misleading the wider public and concealing the dire situation in his sector. Therefore, we respectfully suggest that he focuses more on COVID-19 pandemic, smoking, drug addiction and the non-communicable disease incidences occurring throughout the country, without making false and unconfirmed references and links to agricultural inputs in relation cancer, CKDu, etc. We believe that he can act more confidently in his designated profession rather than making derogatory remarks on other reputed professions. Further, we would like to ask and invite Dr. Padeniya to accept full responsibility for the country’s possible future food crisis, which may occur in the near future as a result of assertions of this nature, rather than blaming the agricultural professionals who have helped feed the nation for millennia. Finally, we respectfully suggest that Dr. Padeniya devotes more time on his own profession rather than commenting on skills and talents of other professions, thereby, causing problems to the society and destroying his own credibility.

Number Name Designation University
1 Prof. KKIU Arunakumara Professor University of Ruhuna
2 Prof. Buddhi Marambe Professor University of Peradeniya
3 Prof. S Subasinghe Professor University of Ruhuna
4 Prof. Barana Jayawardane Professor University of Peradeniya
5 Prof.  LM Abeywickrama Professor University of Ruhuna
6 Prof. Wasantha Kumara Professor University of Ruhuna
8 Prof. Rohitha Prashanth Professor University of Peradeniya
9 Prof. RMC Deshapriya Professor University of Peradeniya
10 Prof. KDNWeerasinghe Emeritus Professor University of Ruhuna
11 Prof. Saman Herath Professor Uva Wellassa University
12 Prof. AMWK Senevirathna Professor Uva Wellassa University
13 Prof. EDNS Abeyrathne Professor Uva Wellassa University
14 Prof. DKD Darshaka Jayasena Professor Uva Wellassa University
15 Prof. J.K. Vidanarachchi Professor University of Peradeniya
16 Prof. MHJP Gunarathnaa Professor Rajarata University
17 Prof. AW Wijeratne Professor Sabaragamuwa University
18 Prof. Chandrika Dissanayake Professor Sabaragamuwa University
19 Prof. GY Jayasinghe Professor University of Ruhuna
20 Prof. Nalika Ranathunga Professor University of Ruhuna
21 Prof. GC Samaraweera Professor University of Ruhuna
22 Prof. RT Seresinhe Emeritus Professor University of Ruhuna
23 Prof. Indunil Pathirana Professor University of Ruhuna
24 Prof Mahinda Atapattu Professor University of Ruhuna
25 Prof. BC Walpola Professor University of Ruhuna
26 Prof. Champa Navaratne Professor University of Ruhuna
27 Prof. Dulcy Senaratna Professor University of Ruhuna
28 Prof. NMNK Narayana Professor University of Ruhuna
29 Dr. Nilantha Liyanage Senior Lecturer University of Ruhuna
30 Mrs. Chintha Rupasinghe Senior Lecturer University of Ruhuna
31 Dr. Menaka Fernando Senior Lecturer University of Ruhuna
32 Dr. Chandima Gajaweera Senior Lecturer University of Ruhuna
33 Dr. Jinendra S Balasuriya Senior Lecturer University of Ruhuna
34 Dr. K Pakeerathan Senior Lecturer University of Jaffna
35 Prof. Kapila G Prematilake Professor Uva Wellassa University
36 Dr. Anurudda Karunarathna Senior Lecturer University of Peradeniya
37 Dr. Samantha Dissanayaka Senior Lecturer University of Peradeniya
38 Dr. Chammi Attanayake Senior Lecturer University of Peradeniya
39 Dr. Jayampathi Ekanayake Senior Lecturer University of Peradeniya
40 Dr. Dilini Hemachandra Senior Lecturer University of Peradeniya
41 Dr. Prasanna Pradeep Senior Lecturer University of Peradeniya
42 Ms. Sewwandi Chandrasekara Lecturer University of Peradeniya
43 Mrs. Bhagya Prabhashini Lecturer University of Ruhuna
44 Ms. Sadeeka Jayasinghe Senior Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
45 Dr. SLD. Amarathunga Senior Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
46 Ms. MK Ranasinghe Senior Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
47 Ms. Anusha Bulumulla Senior Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
48 Dr. MGPP Mahindarathne Senior Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
49 Mr. Sanjaya Fernando Senior Lecturer Rajarata University
50 Dr. Niluka Nakandala Senior Lecturer University of Ruhuna
51 Ms. VP Ellepola Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
52 Dr. Ewon Kaliyadasa Senior Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
53 Dr. Kurukulasuriya Senior Lecturer Uva Wellasa University
54 Ms. Achala Alakolanga Senior Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
55 Dr. AD Ampitiyawatta Senior Lecturer Sabaragamuwa University
56 Ms. AM Samaraweera Senior Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
57 Ms. CHM Banagala Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
58 Mr. PP Ruwanpathirana Lecturer University of Ruhuna
59 Ms. KGBA Samarasinghe Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
60 Mrs. MKTK Amarasinghe Senior Lecturer University of Ruhuna
61 Ms. Chamari Coswatte Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
62 Ms. NM Wijesundara Lecturer Uva Wellassa university
63 Dr. Deshani C Mudannayake Senior Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
64 Ms. JMDR Jayawardana Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
65 Ms. Gayathri Rathnayake Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
66 Dr. SD Rathnayaka Senior Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
67 Dr. Chaminda Egodawatta Senior Lecturer Rajarata  University
68 Dr. JBDAP Kumara Senior Lecturer Sabaragamuwa University
69 Dr. Nishani Abesinghe Senior Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
70 Mr. Namal Ranaweera Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
71 Ms. RAAS Rathnayaka Lecturer Rajarata University
72 Dr. Thusitha Amarasekara Senior Lecturer Rajarata University
73 Dr. UGAI Sirisena Senior Lecturer Rajarata University
74 Prof. NY Hirimuthugoda Professor University of Ruhuna
75 Dr. RMH Tharangani Senior Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
76 Mr. Ishara Wijesinghe Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
77 Prof. WAJP Wijesinghe Professor Uva Wellassa University
78 Dr. BVASM Bambaranda Senior Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
79 Dr. C Ranawana Senior Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
80 Dr. NS Abeysingha Senior Lecturer Rajarata University
81 Prof. Anton Perara Professor University of Ruhuna
82 Dr. Thusitha Weerasooriya Senior Lecturer Rajarata University
83 Ms. AMC Amarakoon Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
84 Dr. GD Kapila Kumara Senior Lecturer Sabaragamuwa University
85 Dr. Sumali Dissanayake Senior Lecturer Rajarata University
86 Dr. Chamila Weerakoon Senior Lecturer University of Ruhuna
87 Prof. AL Sandika Professor University of Ruhuna
88 Prof. Achini De Silva Professor Sabaragamuwa University
89 Ms. T Sudini R Fernando Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
90 Dr.  DMSH Dissanayaka Senior Lecturer Rajarata University
91 Dr. MAAP Kumari


Senior Lecturer Rajarata University
92 Ms. NE Wedamulla Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
93 Dr. M Esham Professor Sabaragamuwa University
94 Dr. MWACS Wijetunga Senior Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
95 Mr. WTL Fonseka Lecturer University of Ruhuna
96 Dr. Dananjali Gamage


Senior Lecturer University of Ruhuna
97 Dr. KNN Silva


Senior Lecturer University of Ruhuna
98 Ms. Madhushika Perera


Lecturer University of Ruhuna
99 Dr. Aruni Wickramaratne


Senior Lecturer University of Ruhuna
100 Dr. MPM Arachchige


Senior Lecturer Uva Wellassa University
101 Prof. HSR Rosairo


Professor Sabaragamuwa University
102 Dr. Mojith Ariyarathne Senior Lecturer University of Peradeniya
103 Dr. Warshi Dandeniya Senior Lecturer University of Peradeniya
104 Dr. Saman Athauda Senior Lecturer University of Peradeniya


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  • 0

    The Isha Agoro movement in India by Swami Sadguru,campaigns and give farmers advice and support,how do farming without poisonous chemicals,not only fertilizer also pesticides doing naturally own their own,without spending vast amount of money,1St year may be hard when converted to from chemical to natural as soil is with poison,but slowly you.brings the cycle,but they emphasis how important to have.cow,you get fertilizer as well as natural gas for cooking very simple method,hope this officials study and help farmers,they need training,don’t do politics
    Indian govt encarage and gives subsidies to farmers,they use panchakavia(5substance) geeveamirtham,how to control pesticides,and identify good and bad spices lot.of them help farmers bring the natural circle,it’s very interesting and so many farmers getting benefiting,don’t poisoning the water,air,then we all have affected by it.
    Why.can’t the GMOA contest the next election they have.concern it’s good trade union in all aspects

    • 13

      As for me, Paddeniya deserves to be caught by extra judicial killings, compared to the levels of high crimes committed by Uurjuwa and others that got killed latey by the state.
      Paddeniya s total ignorance being close to POHOTTUWA criminals, let people dying for no resons. Saddest reality is the kind of illfated men got their MBBS titles thanks to the free education provide by srilanken state, also not forgetting it was the tax payers funds. Our people bend down before the kind of EGOCENTRIC men, leaving them to continue their kind of crimes further.

      • 9

        “It appears that Dr. Padeniya is unaware of the Green Revolution which occurred in 1950/1960 in the world. “
        Of course he isn’t aware of it, just like that other self-serving charlatan Ratana.He was born after that. He doesn’t know that he owes his own survival to chemical fertilizers.
        This is the problem with many Sri Lankan professionals. They may be even trained scientists in the daytime, but believe in Hooniyang at night. What a country!
        I believe it is not madrasas that should be banned, but the Dhamma schools where innocent children are irrevocably brainwashed.

    • 3

      It’s sad state,loosing GSP plus,they will shift to Bangladesh and.find it successful,well done our …..
      I just posted it to learn from big brother,how they are progressing,we may have big heritage,but now Bangladesh have to bail out,even India has producing wheat flour,SL?

    • 6

      Dear cugan,
      At this moment, even the last comment of the twelve on display at the moment is by you. From what you have said there, it is clear that by now you realise that you have erred with this first comment of yours. It is not that your thinking-powers are poor (I’m afraid that your English is) but that you have failed to take account of the scale of things.
      It is very true that micro-level organic farming is preferable to modern commercialised exploitative and unethical genetically modified global food production, but there won’t be sufficient food produced for our 21 million Lankans who foolishly and unthinkingly elected a moron as President.
      Please go here,
      and see for yourself what harm too much nationalism can do.
      The main article has been written by a knave. Since you have hopefully read what I have written here, read no more of what I have said there. Just analyse what Champa has said there.

      • 5

        PART TWO
        Nathan, Native Vedda, chiv, old codger, Shiva Shankara Sharma and Ajith have made their serious (and witty) comments there, but none of this array of learned Professors (some drawn from Peradeniya University where I lectured; but mostly from more recently set up Universities where the emphasis is on practical skills), nor the other brilliant commenters like nimal fernando, Agnos, Ashan, Plato, Davidthegood, Raj-UK, srikrish, Kumar David, Jeevan Hoole, SJ, Rajan Philips, Sugandh , nor Good Sense has been there yet.
        The problem, cugan, is that the world is now over-populated. Life expectancy was only 20 years in the Roman Empire , 31 in 1900 , has now shot up to 72.2 worldwide. Please check. I’m that age now, but there’s worse to come: once I have got to that age, demographists hold that I will live another thirty (my extrapolation, so check seriously).
        Our parents’ generation made the mistake. Contraception became available, but they kept having between 5 and 12 children per family. Now in Lanka, we have so-called religious leaders (the majority of them supposedly celibate) urging the three communities to compete in increasing population.
        Work it out: is our present thinking rational?

      • 2

        Yes my English is still poor I understand but I put my points,but not only.me ask north and east.of the natives, air force comes and bomb,in our front yard or most of us have bunkers,put embargo for.same citizens treat us as enemies,so many of us missed the.opportunities to carry on of our studies,but at that time safeguarding the life more than.anything,you all studied at masters time even my.both.parents were studied in English medium and govnt servants,then came Sinhalam only.start to rotten,
        You have pride and have free education,but happy to serve the masters and sleep under their bed.
        The young couple who broke the law and organized the birthday party in 5 star while ……the people ….they wants to.go to human right pandemic natural disaster of flood then lockdown then ship wreck
        By the way now new helping hand from Bangladesh,

  • 11

    Cugan, You say to contest next election, but Padeniya has to win GMOA election on the 26th. That’s why the vaccines and the extra allowances he recently chased after. Foolish AP never got anything worthwhile from Viyathmaga as he is unpredictable and only paediatric in his neurological brain capacity, crossing too many red lines. Could have been an exemplary national healer instead of schemer, now politically deceived. It is a shame that he destroys qualified doctor healers bringing karmic justice to his children and family.

  • 10

    GMOA President knows very well that President and Prime Minister of the country are not worried about people or country and they don’t have a brain. I don’t think the idea of complete ban on fertilizers and replacing the fertilizer with organic fertilizer is coming from GMOA president but it may be from “Viyathmaga group” or military President from the advice of China. Military President only knows how to kill and how to cheat and how to destroy a country.

  • 8

    Shame on you Dr Padeniya. Waiting for your reply.

  • 0

    The tea is proud and brings dollars,but the pickers are most of them not Buddha’s bless land.citizens nor India,but the slavery still going on ,but we are slaves in ME our pothuwas haves big investment in Dubai,even opened up a branch BOC in Seychelles in order to channel through the loots,when next time go to put petrol see the board most of them are IOC I asked the ordinary what’s that IOC means don’t have clue ,I said its Indian oil co,that’s how our they brings through the back door ,experts like soorawansa Ganampillai are their to misguide the masses, hope.Namal brings more youngsters from all corners and brings back steady country for.whole Lankans,

  • 0

    Mathurinice in Tamil Nadu they have nuclear plant for electricity plant,if any disaster 3/4.will have effect in SL only 1/4 will have the state of TN ,you lot used the LTTE for your own benefits even Premadasan given arms to VP,India put the.parripu in mouth in.order to shut up,but before that another poss vedia ordered and warn alert shoot anyone comes to his territory,
    Learn and respect,work for betterment

  • 5

    How is it that 104 senior staff and professors from all universities are opposed to Padeniya’s comments, simply stooging for obvious government support. Since Padeniya deceived minister to sack the Medical Council and took control, he has publicly announced and reported that SLMC files of approved foreign medical colleges for nation’s citizens, are missing. Over 1000 foreign trained doctors who sat ERPM have not had their results released, so they could get their internship and help with the Covid pandemic. Supreme Court has approved them. But Padeniya wants to delay and destroy these young lives after such sacrifice from their parents as well. False accusations were not accepted by the supreme court. Justice needs to wipe out these evil devils from the profession and nation, on the 26th at the elections. Wickedness must die.

  • 8

    Dear President, in next cabinet shuffle please appoint Mr. Anurudda Padeniya as a Agriculture Minister so he can make Sri Lanka’s next Green Revolution in Fools Paradise. Over to you, President

    • 4

      Fools paradise
      To replace for health ministry put inventor of Kali pani

    • 1

      fools paradise, Padeniya schemer wants more than agriculture. Hungary and another country are protesting against China setting up universities in their countries. Padeniya lacks professor title and will destroy university structure to establish Chinese university under his control, probably in Port city. Under those conditions, his desire publicly expressed for his son to be a doctor at 23 years can be fulfilled. To hell with the ERPM graduates of 30 years whom he has destroyed. Also can handle yuan then. How can he escape the damnation of hell.

  • 0

    The biggest issue with banning chemical fertilisers &pesticides on which our crop success is very dependent is that it cannot be done instantly without severe impact. There should have been a planned transition which easily takes at least a year. A corroborating health risk assessment should’ve been provided if this was such an urgency!

    Even if the government had no knowledge of the green revolution mentioned here, it still necessitated a detailed impact assessment and conclusion by experts to support such a ban. Dr. Padeniya isn’t that expert.

    Dr. Padeniya himself hasn’t cited any scientific study, let alone a body of scientific evidence, that correlates incidence of kidney disease and cancers in this country to use of chemical fertilisers.

    SriLanka’s limit for Cadmium in chemical fertilisers since 1988 has been far lower than much of the western nations. I infer that our ministry of agriculture and the agriculture academics who have contributed to the decisions on heavy metal limits for fertilisers have been cooperative and due diligent in consideration to public health.

    Is Dr. Padeniya lobbying the double-Paksas to ban importation of all food products that are made from crops grown with chemical fertilisers and pesticides?!

    • 0

      Take a listen here on what some of our economists are saying about the workings of the double-Paksa regime;

      • 1

        Sugandh, Thank you for the reference where economists gave very enlightening views. Padeniya and his GMOA are also in courts on 21st for their 26th election. They only want their kind. To hell with the other doctors. Same story with ERPM citizen doctors whom Padeniya wants to chase away from the country being so insecure in their ability as if everything in this world is competition only. God is love and Jesus is full of compassion.

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