24 May, 2022


Amend Standing Orders, Govt Should Follow COPE Recommendations: DEW

Some remarkable recommendations had been made with concern to increasing the efficiency and promptness of implementing the COPE (Committee on Public Enterprises) report recommendations, when the report was tabled in the parliament last Thursday by MP DEW Gunasekera.



A recommendation has been made by the Committee on Standing Orders in consideration of the problems raised in previous COPE reports, that standing order No: 126 should be amended in order to ensure the government either follows the recommendations promptly or, within a mandatory period with effect from the date of presenting the report to the parliament, explain reasons in writing, as to why the particular public institution failed to comply with the recommendations. It is to be submitted along with a description of the remedial action that will be taken with regard to the recommendations that were not duly implemented.

Meanwhile it has also been pointed out that the Treasury is to note any adverse audit opinions that have been expressed by the Auditor General on the final accounts of any given institution to curb the practice of continuing to engage in financial corruption and misappropriation.

During the tabling of the report on Thursday, it had also been recommended for the Auditing of limited liability companies to be assigned to the Auditor General’s Department and for a mechanism to be established through which, the Auditor General would receive the audit reports of private Auditors with regard to subsidiary companies.

It has been recommended that the minimum qualifications of the members of Boards of Directors of Institutions should be constituted and declared by the CAO of each line Ministry with the concurrence of the Treasury in order to avoid any unqualified appointments.

When a new institution/subsidiary company is established under a given ministry, the relevant CAO should be duly informed about the Committee and the Auditor General of such formations of institutions along with the details of the Boards of Directors, shareholders etc.

Where applicable, the Treasury has been advised to formulate a mechanism through which longstanding debtor balances due from one public institution to another would be settled when the annual budgetary allocations are made.

Among other recommendations is for the Accounting Officer to ensure that audit queries are replied to, within three months of the receipt of audit queries.

It has also been revealed that the current practice of transferring institutions from one Ministry to the other is wasteful and limits efficiency and effectiveness in government institutions. Therefore, following a scientific basis in the constitution of Departments and Institutions belonging to each Ministry should be allocated on a permanent basis.

The institutions are to strictly adhere to the mandatory requirement of conducting audit and management committee meetings and the relevant minutes are to be tabled during the meetings of the board of directors along with the progress of replying to all the pending audit queries.

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  • 8

    It is good to improve the functions of the COPE. However, what were the members of COPE doing when so much frauds, robbing, sterling, misuse of power was taking place?
    DEW should answer now but he seems to be backing MR back to power to continue ransacking whatever is remaining.

    • 7

      These AGING BULLS with no horns are trying level best to secure a better retirement, so they jump from branch to branch like Monkeys… All lefties are now more concerned of their well being than that of the country..case in point..he, Vasu, Wimal, Gomman who is also racist…..These IDIOTS should be sent packing home to spend retirement and new blood should be infused who are not corrupt… the Declaration of ASSETS must be taken by the Bribery Commission from ALL those who contest Elections from bottom to top.. and checked every 2 years…along with family also of kith n kin…SO that Corruption could be nipped in the bud and SL can prosper for our generations to have a better life in this beautiful Island Nation…

      • 2

        Just appeared again, after being under a rock all this time.

    • 11

      What were you doing Mr Gunasekera with all these crooked rackets you exposed in Parliament? except just Paper over Crooked MARAS misdeeds.
      You are a bloody two timing Commie fraud no different from the likes of BOORUWANSA, Borulugoda Bullshit artist Dinesh Gunawardene and Gomanpillai. COPE recommendations my foot, you old man? We are not fools . We belong to a new generation of educated young people that can see thru your wily selfish pronouncements to suck up to Sira and Ranil where you think the lucre can be bought with pious speeches. Old Buggers like you should retire with some sort of dignity instead of trying to be great democratic politicians that serve the people.Time out for you old man.

  • 7

    Typical Leftist! Double standards: Supportive of MaRa and at the same time Audit of Govt:Expenditure!

  • 2

    Irrespective of whether DEW supports MR or not, it is in the interest of the country to enforce COPE’s recommendations.

    The recommendation were applicable then as well as now.

    There is no need to pontificate anymore. Just get on with the job. This is my request to the new government.

  • 6

    Hypocrite !

  • 5

    These “LEFTISTS” who always found “JOBS” with the Governing side towards their ‘Retirement”; have made so many recommendations, when in fact, while being in power failed to do anything for the country. For the last five years what were they doing? How many times this “Leftist Leader” went through the Accounts, Management Reports of Sri Lankan & Mihin Air. What did they find? In reading that Weliamuna Report, DEW must tender his resignation not only from the Chairmanship of the COPE, but also the Parliamentary seat.

  • 2

    CT pictures are sometimes really funny.

    I have been wondering what the hell is DEW. But now I know I should have been asking who the hell is DEW.

    The face in that picture is like that of someone afflicted by serious constipation sitting on the commode and struggling to get his shyt out. More seriously, is this symptomatic of what is ailing Sri Lankan Administration?

  • 3

    Proposals sound good,but the Million Dollar question
    is ,what were these donkeys doing when MR and gang was
    ransacking the country?

  • 2

    DEW has done bull shit over the last 10 years. His reports have had no impact.

    Hopefully we will not see him in the new parliament.!!!

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