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An Aimless TNA & The Disillusioned Tamils

By Eelaventhan Manickavasakar

Eelaventhan Manickavasakar

TNA, functioning like a tail during LTTE’s reign, is still continuing to don this robe. TNA, a mixture of, EPRLF, TELO, PLOTE, and the Thamil Arasu Katchi is grappling with disunity, dissension, lack of direction, and objectives each pulling in different directions in the absence of a strong willed dynamic and aggressive leadership. Sampanthan is ailing in politics and he is finding it difficult to put up a unified approach, and working for a set purpose and objective as expected from a strong leader who is unable to unite to keep his house in order.

TNA, after getting the mantle of Tamil leadership from June 2009, has failed miserably to advance the causes of the defeated and traumatized Tamils. Instead, they have been prodding and plotting to set up an agenda or goal needless to mention the lethargical and cavalier approach to the burning problems of Tamils.

Their listless records of performances so far do not augur well for the Tamils. Tamils are confused as to TNA targets or aims. Is it 13 or plus or something else? They have already provided a sworn affidavit renouncing separation and accepting the unitary form of present Sri Lankan government. This step has closed the doors to mount agitations for a two-states solution. It appears that no one is prepared to sacrifice office, power and privileges for the future existence of Tamils by agitating for self-determination.

TNA has not succeeded in empowering the Northern and provincial council with powers over land and police as provided for in the 13th amendment using their present flirtations with Maithiri. TNA has failed to obtain the release of even a single Tamil political prisoner, many languishing in jails for more than twenty years without charges. TNA has failed to reduce the presence of the army amounting to 150,000, though camps have been reduced from 193 to 137. Sri Lankan President has already confirmed the permanent presence of this army, brushing aside TNA or “Wigneswaran’s requests”. TNA has failed in its efforts to retrieve the civilian lands acquired by the army which is about 87 000 acres in the north. A token 400 acres have been released amidst pomp and pageantry filled ceremony by Maithiri. So far there is no word about the rest of the land. And this issue appears to be, a rest in peace situation.

The howling voices of Mahinda clan are now heard about the threat to national security by LTTE, which is already declared extinct by Gota and Mahinda in 2009 with about 1 army to 5 Tamils living in North. It is nothing but a fiction to accept this story unless the soldiers are also lending their assistance to the budding tigers or turning their eyes away.

The naked truth is, Tamils and Tigers remain as the fodder for Sinhalese politicians and they will continue to thrive on this to remain in power and in politics.

TNA’s lopsided and concealed meetings with Sri Lanka’s government ministers earlier in Singapore and recently in London with one man Sumanthiran’s participation have only boosted the image of Sri Lanka who also succeeded in creating divisions and dissensions among the powerful diaspora. These unholy flirtations ended with empty rhetoric from Sumanthiran who lashed out at his fellow TNA MPS. exposing the disunity of TNA. So far these meetings have drawn blank for the Tamils who are more confused than ever.

TNA’s, friendly but unacceptable past gestures, raising lion flag, participating in independence day celebrations, appearing in court in support of the 19th amendment, have produced nothing but only humiliation for the TNA and Tamils.

TNA has failed miserably to avail the Maithiri’s 100 day programme and even after to obtain any kind of relief for the Tamils not to mention any proposals
towards political settlement or even any measures to perfect the limping Northern and Eastern provincial councils.

TNA representing the wounded Tamils is duty bound to mount agitations to obtain the healings from the offenders. Instead, TNA is adopting the “let us hope and wait” submissive approach which is not the historical trait of the Tamils.

TNA has not taken up the agonizing matter of more than 90,000 who are said to have disappeared. Even information as to their disappearance, who got killed, along with their numbers are hidden and shrouded in mystery. Thousands of Tamil women are living in a state of untold anxiety and mental agony to decide their lives as widows or live as wives separated from their husbands.

TNA it appears has abandoned the demand for an international independent investigation, which is now the only weapon for Tamils. TNA has abandoned the demand for a referendum as laid down in the UN charter also. TNA has weakened its standing as a united force by not registering it as a single political party. TNA is calling the Tamils to stand united while TNA itself stands divided and disunited to preserve its self-image and interests. Sampanthan knows “charity begins at home.” For the sake of the future of Tamils, TNA should spell out its goals: even at least in the forth-coming elections, instead of emotional, political empty rhetorics to tap the votes of Tamils.

A murky political scenario is in the offing after the forthcoming elections. Possibilities are Maithiri as President and Mahinda as a Member of Parliament conniving to become Prime Minister Ranil, as opposition leader as usual, while TNA will be isolated and Muslim congress allying with whoever controls the power. The net result is Tamils will have to re-start the engine of politics from square one with all the trappings of uncertainties with its members pulling in different directions.

Communalism will dominate the Sinhalese’s parties and politicians and the issues of Tamils will be preserved for future use exploitation .

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