23 May, 2024


An Appeal To The Voting Citizens Of Sri Lanka On Behalf Of Caring Elders Of Society

By Chandra Jayaratne

Chandra Jayaratne

Your Vote at the forthcoming General Elections is a Constitutional Right endowed on you, to be exercised thoughtfully, in order to assure that the nation’s governance of the future is placed in the hands of political parties and representatives, who will strive with commitment to discharge their obligations post-elections, solely for the advancement of the nation Sri Lanka, ensuring the long-term benefit of all citizens of today, including yourself and your family, as well as the the unborn generations of tomorrow.

It is therefore your obligation to thoughtfully evaluate all political parties and independent groups contesting the General Elections in August 2020. You should in addition, thoughtfully identify the specific nominees of such selected party or independent group, you prefer to be Your Representative in Parliament; and to whom you are willing to entrust, as members of the party or group selected, the rights of legislative governance, in crafting the destiny of the future generations. Such preferred nominees must be selected, based solely on their character, capability, leadership achievements and capacity to promote economic growth, pluralistic values, democratic governance and prosperity of the nation.  

Please cast your vote selectively and only where you are able with a degree of evaluated certainty, to be assured that the party/group and the nominees chosen are those who have the capacity, with a deep commitment to uphold conscientiously, the following guidelines in the collective governance of the nation:

* Abiding by constitutional obligations and not willing to amend the Constitution in any manner detrimental to your future;

* Govern upholding hallowed democratic principles, assuring  democratic rights and freedoms, with space remaining open and accountable, without excessive and unjustified militarization and use of police powers;

* Abiding by the principles of equity, equality of all citizens duly recognizing their right to share national resources; 

* In the allocation public investments, commit to exercise affirmative actions in support of the needs and expectations of the poor, marginalized and disadvantaged segments; including those engaged in livelihoods with high seasonal/entrepreneurial risks, and those dependent on weather, essential resources and market options availability; 

* Assuring Citizens’ rights to peace, harmony, ethno-religious rights and freedoms, recognizing the needs and expectations of minorities, marginalized and disempowered segments of society;

* Upholding the Rule of Law and ensuring that fair and just treatment of all citizens;

* Commit to preserve and guarantee media freedom, with space open for public free expression, debate, dissent and speaking truth to power;

* Ensure the Independence of the Judiciary and other institutions set up to ensure Good Governance;

* Adopt best practices of Good Governance, ensuring effective, efficient, and economic decision-making, based solely on advancing the nation and all its peoples’ interests, with equity and equality as cornerstones;

* Practicing a Non Aligned Foreign Policy, whilst effectively managing international relations without bias and unfair preferences, in order to add value to the nation and its people;

* Eliminating waste, corruption, conflicts of interests, related party preferences, nepotism and unfair and inequitable governance practices; 

* Upholding the principles of professionalism and strictly abiding by set standards of conduct and ethics, accountability and transparency in governance, especially in the allocation and use of national resources and the management of national debt obligations;

* Implementing national education and health policies to develop a pool of capable, efficient, high skilled, technologically-advanced, physically and mentally competent, women and men to compete in the job market and attract investments; 

* Adopt and consistently practice national policies and governance frameworks to enable Sri Lanka to reach the Top Quartile in South Asian Indices on Gross National Happiness, Global Governance, Ease of Doing Business, Preferred Destination for Investments, Corruption Perception, Gender Parity, Human Capital and UN Sustainable Development Goals;

* Assuring environmental and ecological sustainability;

* Adopting consistent macro-economic policies and governance practices which assures consistent economic growth with low gini-coefficients, balanced budgets, efficient public debt management, financial systems and currency stability, low inflation and full employment;

* Delivering for all households’ sustainable livelihood opportunities and assuring that their essential needs and services are met effectively, with access to basic needs of shelter, sanitation, power, water, telecommunication, transport, and recreation facilities for all;

It is also an important imperative that you exercise caution, with thoughtful and effectively assessed selection, of the individuals to represent you in Parliament and exercise on your behalf their accountability in the delivery of the aforesaid core commitments. 

Therefore your selection criteria must assure that anyone to whom you cast a preference vote to represent you in Parliament must not in any event be charged, suspected or perceived to fall in to any one or more of the following  negative characteristics;

1.  Engaging in, promoting or assisting in any criminal or immoral activities;

2. Engaging in, promoting or assisting in bribery, corruption and wasteful spend of national resources;

3. Engaging in, promoting or assisting anti-social groups/trades/activities and extremist elements;

4. Engaging in, promoting or assisting any activities damaging the environment and its sustainability;

5. Abusing power and authority;

6. Engaging in, promoting or assisting abusive financial contracts, conflicts of interests and related party transactions;

7. Failing to promote public good and failing in the electoral duties for the benefit of the community;

8. Failing to promote adequate opportunities for women and youth;

9. Failing to strictly abide by Codes of Conduct and Ethics and Accepted Societal Values and Norms;

10. Failing in accountability, transparency and public disclosure of assets and unexplained wealth;

And in addition to the best of your knowledge and belief these preferred nominees must have the capability, knowledge, expertise, values and attitudes and a proven track record of leadership skills to be a representative of the people in Parliament and to exercise on your behalf their accountability in the delivery of the aforesaid core promises.

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Latest comments

  • 2

    Although the Srilankan Government is run by elderly people, most of them over 70 years, they don’t seem to care for the senior citizens. Senior citizens who live on interest earned on there fixed deposits are in for trouble. It is said that a 15% interest on 1.5 million will not be disturbed 1.e. approximately Rs. 18,750- per month. Intrest on other deposits, even by senior citizens are drastically reduced, thereby they will not be able to lead a healthy life. as they are prone to old age sickness. The total interest they may earn even on a Five Million Rupee deposits will not suffice to meet the day to day expenses. This situation will be worse if they have a family of two or 3 members.
    . Hence the Seniors who run the country should consider the plight of the elderly citizens and give them relief by way of additional interest on 1.5 Million or enhance the interest on deposits over 1.5 million.
    It may be interesting to know as to how much a senior politician needs to live a life without luxury.,

  • 6

    Chandra Jayaratne,
    I haven’t read the full list you produced here. It looks pretty good but I don’t think any of those who were in the parliament or presidents for past two decades will not qualify for selection in the next parliament. What should people to do in this case?

  • 2

    Dear Mr Chandra Jayaratne,
    Thanks for reminding us all that we have to set about selecting our representatives with care. I think that you have drawn up your list of criteria rationally, and with care.
    I’ve been all over the place with comments in which I have suggested most of the criteria that you have suggested, but you have formulated it all very well.

  • 3

    How can SL uphold the law equally when different people have different laws?

    First fix this and then we can execute the law equally without excuses. Otherwise there is always the excuse that they have this law and we don’t have that law.

    Kandyan people have Kandyan law.
    Muslim people have Muslim law and Sharia law.
    Malabar people have Thesawalami law.

    • 2

      We have enough and enough of Civil law and ordinance and acts of parliaments in our country. Even the Current quarantine ordinance and Infectious diseases ordinance are archaic ones still active.

      Lets stress the importance of the Criminal Procedure Code and its full implementation of the same speedily and effectively. Justice delayed is Justice denied.

      Please at least do not vote for anyone who are enlarged on bail for criminal offenses

  • 0

    Kanapathy Varunan

    15% is the annual interest, monthly interest is only 14.06%

    • 0

      Yes! You are right.

  • 1

    Lets vote for Gentlemen in Politics and have a hung parliament. Let them work together for the betterment of SL.

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