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An Ode To The Sri Lankan Patriot

By Romesh Hettiarachchi

Romesh Hettiarachchi

An Ode to the Sri Lankan Patriot,
Lanka’s Intellect of Academic Rarity,
A (keyboard) warrior like no other
Fickle though their patriotism may be.

Revel in the traditions of the Sri Lankan Patriot
Defending corruption, division and paranoia.
Respond to those breaking with these traditions
with (in)appropriate amounts of hysteria.

Honour the Sri Lankan Patriots,
Elders holding the One Common Truth,
Theirs is the only narrative that matters
To others, care not a hoot.

Respect the Sri Lankan (and Tamil) Patriots
Whose allegiance may be bought for a fee
They know what’s best for Sri Lankans
Even when they live overseas.

Long live the Sri Lankan Patriot
Much prosperity we hope to see
To every Sri Lankan living on the island
Peacefully, Equally and Equitably as one community.

And to the Illustrious Doctor
May I offer a suggestion
On how to respond to the Sri Lankan elections
Without silence, skepticism or derision?

Return to your TARDIS and visit the Sontarens
whose smugness and pride is only exceeded by your own.
A ready audience you’ll find to your views of Gramsci, Mao and Marx
But for the sake of the universe, do not get cloned.

*Romesh Hettiarachchi is a lawyer and mediator in Toronto, Canada. He can be reached @romesh_h .

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