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Anti-Muslim Assaults: Sinhalese Mobs Ignite Kandy For Second Night

At least one mosque is currently set on fire as violence continues for a second night despite the state of Emergency and Curfew with fears of it spreading to Kandy town, the Colombo Telegraph learns.

IGP Pujith Jayasundara

Mobs have been roaming the street of Lewalla, and Balagolla with the mobs moving towards Thannekumbura and the Kandy town.

The small mosque in Thennekumbura was torched a short while ago and is currently in flames while mobs roam freely around the street, the Colombo Telegraph learns.

The violence continues despite the Police and the Special Task Force being on duty.

Sources say that ambulances have been heard around the vicinity of the Menikhinna area.

MP Wimal Weerawanshe today informed Parliament that MP Dilum Amunugama had warned the chance of violence on March 2nd, but the Police had brushed aside his concerns.

Colombo Telegraph learns that the Muslims were instead informed by Police to stay at home and close the shops. The torching took place thereafter. The elctricity was also cut off prior to the violence erupting in Theldeniya yesterday

Thalwaththa area is also tense according to reports. Muslims have been gathering in mosques seeking safety.

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