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Anti-Muslim Violence; Conspiracy Against Relations Between Sri Lanka And Muslim Countries – Pakistan Observer

A daily newspaper in Pakistan – the ‘Pakistan Observer’ has described the anti-Muslim violence that broke out in Southern Sri Lanka as a conspiracy hatched by enemies of the island nation who wish to damage its relations with Pakistan and other Muslim countries.

The newspaper’s editorial today titled ‘Attempts to damage Pak-Sri Lanka relations’ asserts that the anti-Muslim violence in Sri Lanka that resulted in three deaths and extensive property damage, are being engineered by the enemies of the ‘traditional and historic relations’ between Sri Lanka and Pakistan and other Muslim countries.

The editorial has noted that the factions attempting to instigate anti-Muslim violence are bearing a clear agenda in mind to damage the bilateral relations between Sri Lanka and Pakistan that is presently ‘flourishing and gaining depth’ since they have created detrimental  impacts to the enemies of Sri Lanka.

Furthermore, the Pakistan Observer calls upon all Sri Lankans to comprehend the complexities of the situation and ‘demonstrate maturity and foil all the conspiracies’ that have created divisions among them.

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