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Anura K Accuses SLFP Of Scuttling LG Election, Calls For Faizer’s Resignation

JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake accused the Sri Lanka Freedom Party of conspiring to postpone local government elections indefinitely and accused Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Government Faizer Mustapha of deliberately submitting an erroneous gazette notification and that too after an inordinate delay.

Dissanayake claims that Mustapha knew that there would be legal action demanding that the gazette be held back. He further pointed out that the litigants were all close associates of senior SLFP Ministers and that one of the legal representatives was a long serving junior of Mustapha’s lawyer father.

The JVP leader explained that the entire process was orchestrated by Mustapha but admitted he didn’t know under whose direction.

Dissanayake said that Mustapha had time from February to November 2017 to discover if there was any error in the notification and asked what kind of minister he is if he couldn’t do that in all this time.

“He should resign,” Dissanayake said.

Dissanayake also pointed out that it was timed in such a way that court vacations would intervene and the determination delayed and possibly challenged in a higher court, thereby necessitating further postponement of the elections that are already more than two and a half years overdue.

Dissanayake said that there would soon be a vacancy in the Supreme Court and that since it will most likely be filled by a judge of the Appeals Court, determinations of this particular case could be colored by the career ambitions of incumbent judges.

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