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Appeal To Ravaya Readers And To Those Who Appreciate Ravaya

Following is the appeal made by a group of writers, journalists, creative artistes, social and cultural activists, trade unionists, academics, lawyers and concerned citizens, in our effort to make the 25 year old “Ravaya” news paper, a news paper owned by the readers, by the people. Perhaps the first such news paper in South Asia and definitely the first in Sri Lanka, to be in the mainstream print media.

Three weeks ago we informed our readers the need to broad base the ownership of “Ravaya” news paper with its identity and independence of 25 years intact. For this appeal we received an immense response from all over the country, from the regular readership of Ravaya as well as from independent well-wishers who, though not necessarily belonging to Ravaya readership, wish to see an alternative discourse to continue further in this country. That positive response was a strength as well as a blessing to our initial effort. First of all, we take this opportunity thank them.

All those who called us had one common yearning: to see Ravaya of tomorrow as the same vibrant platform as it used to be all along. At the same time they raised one common question as well. That is, how could they contribute to this worthy cause ?

The additional capital needed for our program of broad-basing the ownership of Ravaya on a  qualitatively more advanced and economically more sustainable footing can legally be raised only by changing the present corporate structure of Ravaya into a company with shares that can be sold and purchased by the public. Such exercise is not possible within the present structure of the Ravaya Guarantee Company. Hence, the need to change it into a limited liability company. For this purpose, Mr. Victor Ivan, following several discussions we had with him, agreed to transfer all the assets presently owned by him and the Ravaya workers to the new entity and to make the public, the owners of up to 40 percent of shares thereof. For that we are wholly grateful to him.

Another fortnight or so would be needed for this process to take off and be completed. In the meantime, we are attending to the legal process of forming a separate entity, to which contributions, in the form of shares as well as of outright donations, could be made possible.

As soon as that legal mechanism is worked out, share prices, maximum shares permitted to buy and mode of payment for the transaction etc would be notified.

Further clarification, if need be, could be obtained by phoning (Gamini Viyangoda / 077664757, Kusal Perera / 0773508328, Chulananda Samaranayaka /  0714204092) or by e-mailing ( OR OR

We hope to see you in whatever capacity you may be able to be with us in this venture,

1.  Dr. Dharmasena Pathiraja

2.  Dharmasiri Bandaranayaka

3.  Dr. Sunil Wijesiriwardene

4.  Prasanna Vithanage

5.  Ashoka Handagama

6.  Prof. Sarath Wijesuriya

7.  Dr. Nirmal Ranjith Devasiri

8.  Gamini Viyangoda

9.  Kusal Perera

10. Wijayananda Jayaweera

11. Susil Siriwardene

12. Chulananda Samaranayaka

13. Parakrama Niriella

14. Vimukthi Jayasundara

15. J. C. Weliamuna

16. Chandraguptha Thenuwara

17. Sudharshana Gunawardene

18. Anoma Rajakaruna

19. Janaka Inimankada

20. Dr. Udan Fernando

21. Sunil Jayasekara

22. Bennette Ratnayaka

23. Ranjith Dissanayaka

24. Piyal Kariyawasam

25. Lal Wijenayaka

26. Anton Marcus


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