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Army Major Now Says Malaka And Rehan Did Not Assault Him

By Colombo Telegraph –

The Army Major Chandana Pradeep, who was injured during a brawl at JAIC-Hilton Colombo now says Malaka Silva and Rehan Wijeratne did not assault him.

His lawyer filed an affidavit before the Colombo Fort Magistrate today stating that Malaka Silva and Rehan Wijeratne did not assault him, Colombo media report says. The affidavit also stated that five others, who are in the remand prison, have assaulted him and also agreed to settle the matter amicably.

Meanwhile both Malaka Silva and Rehan Wijeratne, who were ordered to be remanded by the Fort Magistrate yesterday, were admitted to the Prison Hospital from the Magazine prison and the other five suspects were transferred to the normal prison ward.

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