20 October, 2021


Arrest Of Royce Fernando: ‘When Lanza House Raided President Arrived By Helicopter To Prevent The Investigation’ – UNP

The United National Party notes with concern the arrest of Royce Fernando, member of the UNP and a candidate at the forthcoming Western provincial council election.

Royce Fernando

Royce Fernando

As a Party constantly calling for the restoration of the rule of law, the UNP regards these allegations against our candidate with the gravity and seriousness that they are due. It is unfortunate that it has been the norm in recent times to victimise political opponents on trumped up criminal charges. Therefore, the UNP calls upon the law enforcement authorities to carry out this investigation in an impartial, transparent manner, disallowing political interference or partisanship in this election season in order to restore public faith in this country’s justice system.

In recent times, palpable disgust has built among the general public in Sri Lanka about the ruling regime’s patronage of and asylum for hardened criminals, drug barons, rapists, and murderers within its ranks.

When the residence of UPFA Western Provincial Minister Nimal Lanza was raided by the Special Task Force, President Mahinda Rajapaksa arrived by helicopter to smooth the situation over and prevent the investigation from going any further.

When the residence of UPFA Western Provincial Minister Nimal Lanza was raided by the Special Task Force, President Mahinda Rajapaksa arrived by helicopter to smooth the situation over and prevent the investigation from going any further.

The impunity enjoyed by criminal elements within the ruling party, from Ministers and provincial councillors to pradeshiya sabha members who stand accused of grave crimes, has eroded public confidence in the legal system and the fundamental right of equality before the law. If the Government`s law enforcement agencies that act with such speed and skill in investigations against opposition members and activists showed similar zeal towards inquiries into drug scandals that have erupted in the high offices of the Prime Minister no less, faith in the system may be restored. When the residence of UPFA Western Provincial Minister Nimal Lanza was raided by the Special Task Force, President Mahinda Rajapaksa arrived by helicopter to smooth the situation over and prevent the investigation from going any further. Such blatant patronage for partymen under the scrutiny of law enforcement is a shocking indictment on the extent to which politicisation has seeped into the system.

As a responsible opposition, we cannot contribute to the further disillusionment of the people. It is time for Sri Lanka’s people to learn to be able to hope for a more just and accountable political culture under an alternative political leadership.

The UNP pledges that in the event that Mr. Royce Fernando or any other member of the party is pronounced guilty through an impartial, transparent and just legal process, we will not stand in the way of the law taking its course. This party will neither protect nor defend criminal elements, whatever their rank, profile or affiliation. There is no room in the UNP for members who fail to uphold and respect the law of the land. As a party striving to make a political difference, it is our fervent pledge to be different. It is our hope that the public will learn to make the distinction.

*Statement Issued by the United National Party

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    While I too vehemently condemn the dirty politics practiced by the UPFA gov., I cannot help but remember that it was the UNP that started this county on this slippery slope.

    Incidentally, I’m yet to hear the UNP offer a public apology to the unlawful acts they engaged in and pledge not repeat them, if they were to come to power again.

    Lacking that public admission and pledge I am not surprised people are highly suspicious of the UNP still. And if that admission gets delayed any further you can bet “The Third Force” will take its place and the UNP will loose its position in party politics in Sri Lanka forever.

    • 6

      This was EXACTLY what I was thinking when I read this: a great statement, but it would be both more just and more politically effective if the UNP admitted its own responsibility in establishing the tradition of criminalised politics, apologised, and pledged to reject it once and for all.

    • 5

      It is really sad, that many in the country even today argue basing on “if UNP did it then, why not us UPFTA today”. Knowing this way of arguments will bring no solutions to any of the problems. But the fact is the rulers that are in power today are not making genuine efforts in terms justice, law and order issues. Top to the bottom in Rajapakse administration, this has been the common feature. He the leader himself says, that UNP is on a mud slinging campaign not evaluating the amount of the progress that the country has achieved in terms of physical development projects across the country, but not uttering a SINGLE word what he may have contributed to anti corruption levels that have rampant in the country today. It is said, this man has kept JUSTICE MINSTER totally paralyzed by acquiring department of legal affairs to be functioned directly under the presidential authorities.
      General public raise the question what has been the role of MINISTER OF JUSTICE in the current govt ? For outsiders, he is seen to be FUNCTIONLESS man specially comparing with any counterparts of other functioning democracies. Current administration boast about democratic election campaign but not paving way any basic democratic values being safeguarded.
      People are becoming clear the mess that MR has created in the country today, I believe there will be a clear message given by the people this time.

    • 1

      ha. ha.
      who else could you blame for UPFA patronage for drug barons?
      I am sure you can also blame Brits, Americans, Prabhakaran, Navi pillai. etc…

      grow up kids.-:)

    • 3

      nonsense katmai.dirty politics introduce to this country by 70s sirima b. regime. present pm was one of the key contributor. in 77 unp retaliated for what happened to their supporters.
      dont bullshit if you dont know facts.
      slfp yet to produce a single decent politician to this country but it wont happen any more because the slfp is dying thanks to gonraja. its the only good thing that gonraja did to the country so far. eliminating terror was not gonraja’s brain, it was gen fonseka and team.

      • 0

        Is UNP growing under Sinhala kotiya?

    • 1

      All the parties,Who were in power like UNP SLFP,UPFA and
      Some other parties Like JVP, SLSSP, SLMC, SL CP, TMVP, TNA and TERAS like LTTE, TELO, ENDLF, EPRLF PLOTE …… all Did was to cheat people of Sri lanka and the honest political affiliate left them in disgust.

      So now Everybody wearing a brilliant white cloths, red ties with European dress and Kurakkan saatakas coming as sheep lambs to people to loot them in disguise.

      This the wonder land’s POWER, Money, Kudu and SEX politicks.

      • 2

        But the worst has been UPFTA no doubt.
        It is like a mixture of all evil constituents.

        See alone the reality, that JHU not to ignore current no confidence motion can awake the masses that JHU or other masses should support any opposition party to stand against UPFTA.

        Not long ago, few weeks back, one of the CT writers described UPFTA as most virulent germ that the lanken politics is infected today. To keep the coalition to intact, president deliberately avoid uttering a word against UPFTA evil constituents. His reactions are clearly seen as KIRIMATI GILAPU KIMBULA (A CROCODILE BLOCKED BY CLAY CLUMPS).

        Coalitions of 1-5 constituents can definitely word for the progress of nation and country than dangerous coalitions like UPFTA.

        Looking at the current actions of UDAYA GONMAPILA – so called nation’s UPASAKAYA, appeared to attain Nirwana in couple of months now, behave almost like highly corrupted MR thugs these days. He is trying to prove that that Defense secretary’s role in current politics should not be seen and deviation of law- just because Gonmapila should win the election by justice or injustice.

        • 0

          See alone the reality, that JHU not to support current no confidence motion can awake the masses that JHU or oth…………

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    Regardless of party, race, religion, they the authorities should, atleast today, take actions against any culprits will definitely pave the way people to feel secure. Right at the moment, rulers ‘s rise against crimes seem to be deliberate attacks against their opponents rather than genuine efforts in solving them- only taking a revenge on UNP, but there are countless numbers that rulings thugs, sycophants break all laws in the election campaigns being currently held in the country. Western countries for example have no this kind of problems, because their law and order issues are tip top. They act equally against any kind of culprits. Be it against ruling party politicians or the opponents, that is the same. Germany’s politician whose alleged prophencities towards child pronography has not room to escape – even party men of the accused are trying to make him clear how he has to react, whether he is at all a paedophile. If found to be a paedophile, authorities would take action send him for a therapy. Latter are the civilized actions on those countries.

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    This particular “Fernando” resembles that Arund Fernando who made public statements about the missing journalist Eknaligoda. The issue was buried again though irresponsible statements of the man caused victimized family (young two boy and the wife) giving further hope of their father and husband.
    Can anybody read anything about the issue since then ? I dont think so. So why was it allowed this kind of parliamentarians to issue add that kind of untruths about the life of a missing lanken citizen ? What measures have the lawful authorities taken against Arundath Fernando for his lies that harmed that victimized family ? NO LAW, NO JUSTICE UNDER MR ADMINISTRATION.

  • 1

    This guy was dispatched from the STF to Hong Kong by the UNP. Ranil what you say?
    [Edited out]

    Then he was hanging around John Amaratunga..
    Great surprise to note that he is the leader of the opposition in the Negombo muniscipal council.

    UNP first brought Premethiratne to counter PA violence in Gampaha Diastrict.
    Now, they attempt to bring forward Royce Fernando to counter Lansa & this other MP & Deputy Minister………

    Thuggery is the name of the game in politics.

    • 1

      Best match would to replace their surnames with ” THUG OR THUGGERY” .

      Mahinda King Thug (one who just paid NO HEARTED attention by implementing 17 Amd)

      Basil Thug (Collecting all sums of people’s funds in the name of development – 10% to all)

      Chamal Thug (Running the Parliament a mockery of thugs, by passing anything in favour of them)

      Gotabaya Thug (Nation’s executionist proceeding all harms top to them bottom of the current society – but clever enough to live behind radical buddhist elements like BBS)

      Namal Thug (Manipulating and abusing the masses of youth sending a message to all untouchables – getting them in to deep doo-doo)

      so the list goes on.

  • 1

    Please! UNP should first verify if the evidence shown thus far by the Police indicates Royce F’dos involvement at ANY level. If the answer is yes, then shut up and forget about him.

    If the answer is NO, then mount a major defense of him because he will not be the first or the last! The Rajapakses will want to win the two elections at any cost, and more importantly there are many crooks who need them to be in power to carry on with their illegal activities.

    It takes two to tango!

  • 1

    It may be a difficult concept to understand going by some of the comments made here. But the situation in the country in terms of corruption can in no way be compared to what went on in the UNP days. No one can deny that here was corruption during UNP rule. However, there were limits to it. While some can rail at Premadasa for example for killing the youth of the JVP this had to be done to bring the situation under control. The youth were not innocent but were responsible for the most brutal killings of high ranking government members and supporters. I was reminded of one gruesome incident related to me where a father was killed in front of his family by hacking his head off bit by bit with a sword for being a UNP member. If for example a driver went to his local MP for a job he would be accommodated as a driver in a department where there was a vacancy or not. Today the driver will be appointed head of department just because he is a local UPFA thug that is the difference. In the UNP days there were competent ministers who shined on their own today there are none!

  • 1

    There is no place for criminals, bank robbers and drug dealers within the UNP in the future.

  • 0

    This is blatant political victimization of the future UNP Leader material and put them away if possible to clear the path to the PP for young Rajapksa.

    Look at poor Royce’s face with ” I am innocent” written all over.

    JHU nominees , trying to rob to fund their campaigns is understandable because of their sheer disadvantaged backgrounds.

    UNP the party of the Bourgeoisie and the Intelligentsia has shit loads of Moolah in Greenbacks, at election times.

    Their last nominee’s close relative is still on the run with the left overs in a sack on his back.

    BASL should send the best brains and the best mouths to defend this innocent young man whose fundamental Human Rights are being violated by the Sinhala Buddhist Extremist Genocidal Govt.

    Has the AHRC notified the HR Commissioner about this?.

    BTW , Did that Lansa dude stick up a Money Changer too?.

  • 1

    When it comes to decent politics SLK is a write off. Not that politics is decent anywhere in the world. It is the most corrupt and thug based profession wherever you go, but in the spectrum of politics and how it is done, SLK is very close to the extreme margin of the worst. This applies to all parties, major or budding power mongers.

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