20 May, 2022


Attack On Tamil – Muslim Students At Peradeniya University Is Not A Counter Attack On Jaffna Clash: Dr. Liyange Amarakeerthi

Dr. Liyanage Amarakeerthi, Senior Lecturer at the University of Peradeniya has said that the Monday attack on minority students at the Peradeniya University was not an attack to counter the recent clash at the Jaffna University’s Science Faculty.

A victim - supplied photo

A victim – supplied photo

The Monday clash left several Tamil and Muslims students injured and four hospitalized.

The clash occurred between a group of Tamils, Muslims and Sinhalese students, including seniors and a group of freshers’ from the University’s Allied Health Sciences Faculty for allegedly refusing to take part in an activity organized by the seniors.

Dr. Amarakeerthi, told the Colombo Telegraph that there has been a series of incidents where senior students have been assaulting juniors. “But, there is no real racial element in these attacks. This is basically a comeback by the seniors against the junior when the juniors refuse to take part in student union activities led by the seniors.”

He said that while it was difficult to say that the attack was racially motivated, he did note that maybe there could be some racial undercurrents specially as the culprits were believed to be Sinhalese while the victims were from the minorities. “But, this is not in reaction to the Jaffna University clash,” he said.

According to Tamil media reports, the clash occurred when a group of Sinhalese students ganged up against a group of 15 Tamil students and one Muslim student who were returning from a Kovil and Mosque. The Sinhalese students had told the female students in the minority group to leave and had then assaulted the minority male students with clubs.

Police is conducting investigations into the clash.Peradeniya university Tamil muslim students attacked

Meanwhile, President of the University’s Students Union Mangala Maddumage has condemned reports that the attack was racist centred. “There is no truth to these rumours that it was a racist attack,” he had reportedly said.

The incident has however been downplayed with few media organisations reporting the incident and details of the victims. In July, the Jaffna University Science Faculty was closed after a group of Tamil students attacked Sinhalese students over a cultural activity to welcome freshers’ at the Science Faculty. When the incident happened at the Jaffna University, the Media Ministry ‘unofficially’ ordered media organisations not to report the racial angle when reporting the incident.

Meanwhile, the Bodu Bala Sena in a statement condemned the attack on the Tamil students at the Peradeniya University.

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    Once upon a time….

    in May 1983….

    Tamils were beaten up in Peradenya….


    • 10

      ” Lanerolle report stated: “To describe the May-June incidents as inter-communal would be inaccurate; rather, with traffic flowing entirely one-way, it would be more correct to call them an unseemly exhibition of racism.”

      The stupid lanerolle grew up stupidity of the british system where english was a second language and was unaware the there was America and a constitution devoted to race and ethnic to let in other europeans immigrate.

      It was ethnic northerners (tamils) vs the ethnic southerners (sinhalese)

      Colombo night of black July was death to all tamils of colombo by Southern Sinhala Buddhist and looted by muslims.It was ethnic violence not racist to suit the eurooean slave master and black/brown slaves.

      Lankans are spin doctors with loud mouth to boast the untruth.

      • 0

        Firstly, thanks Rohan, that was an informative if deeply disturbing report. Ranjith, what exactly is the difference between ‘racist violence’and ‘ethnic violence’?
        And in what way exactly do you disagree with Lanerolle’s comments?

  • 3

    Racists are everywhere.what we habe notice is those who love all living biengs can never be a racist.That is the universal truth.it doesnt make any excuse cor those who cry for justice or injustice.

    • 16

      Racist?? Are you from animal race or occidental or…??

      I dislike saints without sins.
      Religious bigots are fascist and Buddhism’s humbug, wealth, fame ,power.
      So worm your way out of it.

      • 2

        My dear friend ranjith, I dont know who you are or your real name. But you are may be belong to one who belong to above mention groups. If hat is fit , wear it. Yes, even though with anyone sins, racists are racists. It doesn’t mater weather you are Sinhalese, Muslims or Tamil. racists must punish with severe penalties. If all religious bigots are religious bigots are fascists then tell me who you belong to? You are a Tamil racist? or Sinhalese racist? What ever correct it doesn’t matter. Those who run the MR regime and those who was behind LTTE has no difference. Both parties were run by the real racists. If you belong to them, then wear the hat.I understand your situation.

        • 12

          “”But you are may be belong to one who belong to above mention groups. If hat is fit , wear it. Yes, even though with anyone sins, racists are racists.””

          You play in circles thats a clue to a `chip on the shoulder`- kolonnawe dirt mountain.

          vulgar sloth do you know what is education?? you are kaiyya gahan ganu – kakula ussala.- i don’t dream of piss pots from lankan stock as its not my gene.

          “Sinha- Le………..Dema-Le……..Marakka-Le……hamadama api Wa-Le… “

          **race is to do with physical characteristics.(black, yellow, white europeans)
          **ethnic is to do with physical and social characteristics.(tamil, sinhala,gujarati (hindu and muslim,c, buddhist) bengali (hindu and muslim, c, buddhist )

          “”It doesn’t mater weather you are Sinhalese, Muslims or Tamil. racists must punish with severe penalties. If all religious bigots are religious bigots are fascists then tell me who you belong to? You are a Tamil racist? or Sinhalese racist?2″”

          You know what you are sloth on 2 legs an old hag.- there is on one race.
          you are animal being, because you have no library and museum. to know what is race and difference of ethnic.

          FASCISM OF BUDDHIST + MUSLIM (the immigrant) IS THE DISEASE-
          Hingannage Thuwale .(nonhealing beggar’s wound)

          Go on keep your foot in the mouth-and get a selfie.

      • 2

        Sinha- Le………..Dema-Le……..Marakka-Le……hamadama api Wa-Le…

        • 10

          He He HeHeHeHeHeHeHeHeHeHe.

          Schedule Class Schedule Tribe Buddhist??


          We are very choosy aren’t we??

          Sociopath take a book and read empath is same too and NO.

          I stopped being sorry for you and hiruknickers.

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    Thank you for the link which describes the events at Peradeniya in May 1983.
    Incidentally,K.N.O.Dharmadasa,Prof:Sinhalese mentioned in the article was married to Sumangalika,who read English at Pera.She happened to be the daughter of M.D.Banda-a former Minister in the UNP Govt: of 1965!
    I could well imagine what it could have been for a Tamil student in May/June/July 1983!
    Prof:Sivasekeram has stood by Balasooriyan,in those tragic times,though he was not Prof:then.

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    Where is the police in all these news. No mention at all. Assault is a crime whether committed within the confines of a University, temple, church or a mosque. It is the job of the police to investigate and charge the offenders. If action is taken by police most brutes, thugs and sycophants who engage in assaulting others can be silenced.

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