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Bahu Was Attacked Is A Fairy Tale

By Vickramabahu Karunaratne –

Dr. Vickramabahu Karunaratne

News items variously reported that NSSP leader Bahu was attacked at Dambulla, when he came to participate in the protest of the opposition-VV on 17 August. These claimed that people were protesting against his participation in TESO meeting in Chennai; some members of the public abused while others threw eggs at him. Under terrible pressure, frightened Bahu cried for help and pleaded Ranil for intervention. Ranil and other leaders came there in time to rescue Bahu from this predicament. Otherwise Bahu who faced the wrath of the people would have at least ended up in hospital!

I read this fairy tale in amusement. I wondered how this creation came out suddenly and spread out into so many media institutes. It has to be a plan from the top. Clearly this media creation is tied to another news item which said that I was interrupted while addressing the Chennai mass rally on August 12. This was highlighted by none other but President Mahinda himself. One news report said on16th August- “President Mahinda Rajapaksa said no one should be allowed to tarnish the unblemished image of the country while in Sri Lanka or abroad, by the patriotic people of this country. ‘The aim of the Eelamists is to break the unity and trust among us and reduce the feeling for the country and make us criticise the motherland,’ President Rajapaksa said. The President said a leader of a political party who attended this pro-Eelam conference had similarly criticised the country. ‘However the same people who tried to set up Eelam here intervened to stop his speech,’ the President said. President Rajapaksa said what this demonstrates is that although Eelam is we1come elsewhere they don’t want this to happen in their own country. The President said although Eelam could be established elsewhere, no country will want this to happen on their own soil. ‘On the other hand, patriotic Sri Lankans should not allow those criticising their motherland abroad or allow foreigners to criticise the country in their presence. We should not play into the hands of Eelamists,’ the President said.”

I must say clearly that nobody interrupted my speech at Chennai and that speech is available now in all three languages. Similarly no body threw eggs and disturbed me at Dambulla. I went to Dambulla around 3pm on 17 August 27, 2012 to participate in VV- the protest of the opposition. I was greeted by Dambulla UNP organizer Sanjeeva Kaviratne and a crowed of supporters. He requested me to start the protest campaign and by 4 pm the protest became a mass affair with large number of people gathered to watch and support our slogan shouting with the display of posters. Campaign went uninterrupted until Ranil arrived and started the rally. Arun Soysa opened the meeting; getting on to the double cab that was organised for this purpose. In my speech I ridiculed the government for getting pushed around by global masters. Ranil spoke last. The whole event was reported correctly by a main TV channel on the same day at 10pm and any one interested can go to  , and watch it.

Clearly some body wanted very badly to show the world at large, that Bahu was attacked for going to Chennai to participate in the TESO rally. It was vitally necessary for them, to show that speaking against the Mahinda regime is unpatriotic, and hence people spontaneously reacted to the presence of Bahu in public events. In particular it was necessary to show that in the first event I participated. Dambulla VV was a mass protest. Hence the so called attack was constructed carefully by a set of media creeps who could build fairy stories for any eventuality.


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