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“Ban National Shoora Council” BBS Tells Government

The Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) has called on the government to ban the National Shoora Council (NSC) that released a statement earlier this week holding the BBS responsible for the anti-Muslim clashes that erupted in Southern Sri Lanka. The hardline group has justified their demand stating they perceive the NSC as an initial step in a conspiracy to transform Sri Lanka into an Islamic state.

Issuing a statement, the BBS has also urged the Presidential Secretariat to probe into the legal rights that have been exercised by the NSC to identify themselves as a ‘The National Consultative Council’, since the title can only be legally used by a Council that has been appointed by the President.

They claim that a ‘Shoora Council’ is a phrase used to identify the administrative branch of an Islamic state. The BBS therefore claims, the NSC assuming the title of ‘The National Consultative Council’ gives those outside of Sri Lanka the impression that the ‘administrative branch in the Islamic state of Sri Lanka has held the BBS responsible for the violence that broke out in Aluthgama and Beruwala’.

The BBS has gone on to state that they believe the NSC is being funded by a group of foreign states whose larger plan is to absorb Sri Lanka into their map of Islamic states worldwide.

“Therefore, we urge the government to probe into any foreign relations that are being maintained by this NSC as well as to investigate into any funds they receive from foreign countries. . .”

Furthermore, the statement has called upon the government to ensure that laws are drawn up immediately to curb the misuse of official titles to name bogus establishments as it could bring detrimental harm upon the country.

The hardline group has also alleged that extremist Islamic groups and politicians have disrupted a program they recently implemented named ‘Wishwasa Parama Gnathi’ (Trust is the greatest relative) in order to build on communal harmony between Sinhala and Muslim communities in the grassroots level.

“Statements by groups such as the NSC that have held us responsible for the Aluthgama violence needs to be probed in order to check whether they are being promoted through the influence of foreign powers,” the statement reads.

Expressing their anger and objection to the allegations, they have gone on to question the NSC. “On what grounds are they holding us responsible for the attacks? If they value democracy, what right do they have to taint our image through such damaging statements and how ethical are these allegations? Moreover what legal entitlement do they bear to proclaim us guilty for the chaos that erupted in Aluthgama?”

Thereafter the BBS has gone on to condemn the groups that accuse them, stating they are certain that the ‘gates of hell will be open to such groups for the lies they have spoken’ and while adding, “We can only hope that their God will give them a chance to be forgiven through a confession about the lies they have uttered.”

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