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Bar Association To Monitor The Breaches Of Rule Of Law

Lawyers Collective welcomes the decision of the executive committee of the Bar Association to appoint a standing committee of the Bar Association on Rule of Law under the chairmanship of Senior Attorney at Law Lal Wijenayake to monitor the breaches of Rule of Law, to enable the Bar Association to go into such cases and take appropriate action to see that Rule of Law prevails.

Lal Wijenayaka

We call upon the members of the Bar to monitor breaches of Rule of Law in their areas and to report to the committee on Rule of Law without delay so that effective action can be taken by the Bar Association.

We also call upon the Bar Association to look into the serious recent breaches of Rule of Law that has being reported and to see that those responsible are accountable to such actions as it is our view that such actions which blatantly violate the Rule of Law should not pass unchecked and unchallenged.

We of the Lawyers’ Collective will make all efforts to work closely with the committee and help the committee in this task.

Lawyers’ Collective

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