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Basil Loses His 240 Million Worth Luxury Villa In Malwana

Pugoda Magistrate D. A. Ruwanpathirana today ordered authorities to auction the luxury villa and the 16 acre land in Malwana, which is allegedly owned by former Minister Basil Rajapaksa.


Delivering the verdict, the Magistrate ordered the house estimated to have been built at a cost of Rs. 240 million on a 16 acre land in Malwana in Gangabada Road, Malwana be auctioned. The Magistrate delivered the verdict following a case filed by the FCID.

Rajapaksa was also arrested in June in connection to the land, which is valued at Rs. 60 million.

Last week, Rajapaksa denied any ownership of the villa. Rajapaksa’s lawyer, President’s Counsel Jayantha Weerasinghe informed the Pugoda Magistrate last Friday that his client had absolutely no ownership over the house.

In September, the Colombo Telegraph reported how a very close associate of Rajapaksa betrayed him by dragging him in to yet another money laundering scandal. In a letter addressed to the Commissioner of Inland Revenue, Muditha Jayakody claimed that a large sum of money amounting to millions which was in his bank accounts was not his money and it belonged to someone else.

“That money is not earned by me, nor did it belong to me or my company. It belonged to another person, and based on his instructions, I purchased a land to build a house at 111/3, Mahawatta, Gangabada Road, Mapitigama, Malwana,” he said in the letter.

Jayakody went onto say in his letter that the money was given to him by another person who requested him to handle all the payments in relation to the construction of the house in Malwana.

In June, the Colombo Telegraph reported that the Government had decided to confiscate several houses and an office belonging to former minister Basil Rajapaksa.

Note: This story has been updated to correct the figure to Rs. 240 million, the earlier version incorrectly stated the value as Rs. 125 million.

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