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BBS And The Doctrine Of Taqiyah

By Rifai Naleemi –

Dr. Rifai Naleemi

Unfortunately Bodu Bala Sena failed to learn Islamic teachings and it’s principles from the authentic sources of Islam. Bodu Bala Sena chooses to pick up distorted forms of Islamic teaching from sheikh Google and it’s cohorts of on lines teachers: BBS tried to make a fuss of Halal logo in Sri Lanka and yet, people came to know that BBS is dancing to the tunes of some political thugs in Sri Lanka.

Today Singhalese people are cleverer than these idiot monks and political thugs and most of them today interact with Muslim people here in Sri Lanka and Abroad. Today people have access to the true sources of knowledge through information technology and any false and distorted information can be verified through researching into right sources of knowledge. BBS thinks that people would believe them without any verification what they say and what they preach about Islam: falsehood has no place in this world and falsehood bound to perish. False propaganda of BBS is bound to perish soon.
They took some Quranic verses out of context to justify some of their false propaganda and yet they failed on that. Recently they begun to tell people that Quran preach to steals and rob the property of Non- Muslim people: This is mere fabrication and false accusation: Nowhere in Quran tells like this to steal property of any human beings or nowhere it tells to harm any non- Muslim people:


Jews and Christian people have been living with Muslim since the time of prophetic period until today. Muslims and non- Muslims have been living together for centuries in many Muslim countries non of Jewish or Christian community made such a non- sense accusation as BBS claims in Sri Lanka. Non- Muslims lived under Ottoman Empire and they never made such non- sense complaints and they lived under Muslim Spain and they never made such complaint.

Today look at demography of Non- Muslims living in Muslim countries. A large percentage of non- Muslim live in Muslim countries do Muslims in those countries rob the properties of non- Muslims as BBS claims: what a fabrication is this? Who will believe in these none- sense?

Do they have any common sense before they make such non- sense accusations?

Contrary to this false accusation Quran tells Muslims to respect non- Muslims and tells humanity is one and all beings are equal no one human being has superiority over others except through God conciseness and piety.

BBS with its racist agenda fabricates the true facts of the Quran and twists the meaning of Islam what is then this so called doctrine of Thaqiyah?

This concept was practiced by some deviated Shia sect in Islamic history and most of Islamic scholars modern as well as classical consider his concept as a religious innovation and it had no place in Islam at all: even deviated  Shia sect never tells to rob and steal properties of non- Non-Shia people. BBS blindly accused Muslim people of spitting on the tea they make for Singhalese people. No sound person would accept such accusation. This is most fabricated childish accusation and indeed this blank fabrication. Muslims have been running restaurant business for many centuries in SL.  It should be noted that Muslims people are somewhat good in making tasty food and for that reason people in Sri Lanka prefer Muslim restaurants. No complaint   was made about this by any customer in the past and yet, how did BBS come up with this fabrication? This is intentionally done to tarnish Muslims and to distract Non-Muslim people from Muslim restaurants and yet, public knows that truth and they would not bow down to this stupidity of BBS.

BBS not only insulted Muslims but also insulted all other minority communities: like that of Christian and Tamil communities. Look at the way BBS told off some of MPs in Parliament in Sri Lanka. The general Secretary of BBS spoke about some of MPS with vulgar worlds and sentences:  I do not even dare to mention some of these words and descriptions. Some of MPS are badly humiliated by these BBS thugs in public and some of Senor Police officers badly told off in public. MPS and Senor police officers had some respect and dignity in public eyes and BBs had shattered those respects for politicians and yet, President has no interest to protect honour of his colleague in cabinet. BBS can be charged with hundreds of offences within the constitution of Sri Lanka and yet, I should mention some of them here that in expectation one day justice would be done.

The general secretary of BBS should be charged with many offences. 

For insulting many members of parliament for no reason,

For inciting communal hatred,

For spreading false accusations about Islam and Christianity,

For perverting course of justice,

For insuring law enforcement agents in SL,

For making mockery of court of law in SL,

For bring shame for Buddhists and Buddhism in SL,

It is shame on BBS and its supporters to spread falsehood. It is done intentionally with deliberation to incite public against Muslims in Sri Lanka and yet, public in Sri Lanka knows well BBS is dancing to the tunes of some political thugs. BBS gives bad name for the good name of Buddhist people, and their religious leadership. It is interest of Buddhism that BBS should be banned and should be taken to court sooner rather than later. It should be punished in the court of law for its crimes and racism: for its false accusations and fabrications: justice should be done so that that next generation of people in Sri Lanka would learn lessons. Moreover, monkhood of this mad monk should be taken away in the interest of Buddhism.  The general secretary of BBS cannot be a real monk and I do not think any real monk would speak with such vulgar word and sentences. He brings shame to his teachers and to his family and he bring shame to the entire Buddhist communities in the world. 

I wonder why religious leadership of Buddhism in Sri Lankan maintain silence on this issue so far.  Is it afraid of political leadership of this country? Time will have its own answers.

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