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BBS Blames Islamic Fundamentalists Of Restricting Their Cyberspace Interactions

Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) General Secretary Galagoda Atte Gnanasara expressed fears over the administration of the popular social media site Facebook, falling into the hands of extremists whom he believes have played a part in blocking their official page on the site.


Expressing his views to Ada Derana Gnanasara has requested the responsible authorities of Facebook to be wary of the growing influence of extremism over the operations of the social media site.

“We have not at any point degraded or condemned any religious leader or a particular religion. It is the activities we carry out against Islamic extremism in Sri Lanka that led to our Facebook page being blocked. It is not just us who have been targeted – Minister Champika Ranawaka’s page has also been blocked,” he has stated.

He has gone on to state that it is a very unfortunate situation because the BBS is no longer able to promote their campaigns as effectively through electronic or print media as through social media sites.

Gnanasara has continued to blame Islamic extremists of carrying out an organized campaign to block the BBS website and their Facebook page and restrict their activities on cyberspace.

“We don’t have blood on our hands and never have we at any point created clashes anywhere. This is an era where injustice triumphs over justice,” Gnanasara has further stated commenting on his displeasure of being kicked-off Facebook.

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