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BBS Gnanasara Promises Pandemonium Countrywide By Tomorrow

It has been just over a week since BBS Gnanasara’s Presidential pardon and he is already promising pandemonium (sanakeli – සැණකෙලි) countrywide, if government doesn’t take action against Wahhabism.

Just before BBS goons unleashed mob violence Aluthgama violece in 2014, Gnanasara famously uttered the phrase ‘Aba Saranai’ (අබ සරණයි) which was a premonition of the violence to come. Sanakeli appears to be his replacement phrase for ‘Aba Saranai’, indicating fresh BBS sponsored violence ahead.

The action expected by the government against Wahhabism at this point, appears to be the removal of Muslim politicians M L A M Hizbullah, Rishard Bathiudeen and Azath Salley from their positions.

Speaking to media this afternoon after his visit to Athuraliye Rathana thera who is on the third day of his protest fast in Kandy, Galagoda Atte Gnanasara issued an ultimatum to the government.

“I give time until noon tomorrow to the government…if there is no action, they will be able to witness pandemonium (sanakeli) islandwide,” he told the media, while the crowd around him chanted ‘saadhu, saadhu, saadhu’.

Gnanasara alleges he is armed with video proof, of Eastern Governor Hizbullah helping three individuals who assisted terrorist Zaharan flee the East soon after the bombings.

“I have informed this to the President as well…So I tell him, either leave or be prepared to be ousted from your position,” he said.

Gnanasara also added he will not allow fasting Rathana thera, to grow weak because of three thug politicians. However, it is not long since Gnanasara said Salley has understood the dangers of Islamic extremism that Gnanasara warned him about, months ago.

“Rathana thera is my teacher in the national movement. We may have ideological differences but we stand united before the Muslim issue…,” he said while adding, “If the terrorist threat of Wahabism mania and violence is not stopped, it will root itself for another century.”

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