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BBS Slams TRAC For Terrorist Classification And Says No Connection With Gota

While ridiculing the classification of the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) as a terrorist organisation, by TRAC, the Secrearty General of the Bodu Bala Sena Galagodatthe Gnanasara addressing a packed media briefing held in Colombo today said that according to the premise of the classification, every person including US State Department officials and the Foreing Minister of Britain David Miliband should be classified as terrorists.


“The premise that they have used to classify us as a terrorist organisation is the fact that we have met the Burmese monk Wirathu. According to this premise every person who tried to save the LTTE from destruction including Robert O Blake, David Miliband and other officials from around the world have to be named as terrorists for the simple reason of having met or communicated with Prabhakaran” he said.

The controversial monk said that the organisation was undeterred by the classification and vowed to continue its struggle in a more “disciplined” manner,

“What is most important is that we are going to be more organised, vigilant, disciplined and fast than we were in order to rid the many ills that have befallen this country. The rulers of this country have to accustom and adapt themselves accordingly. We know that alot of Public Officials and politicians although they covertly support our cause are fearful of doing so overtly. They have told us ” Hamuduruwane you go ahead with what you are doing but we cant because of the positions we hold”. Thats how lame and cowardly our officials have become and unbeknowest to them the death rights of them and their children are being conducted. Thats what we have to tell the rulers and the administrators of this country” he said.

Reiterating the Organisations and the monks stance further, Gnanasara said that their first and foremost duty was to protect the Sinhalese in the country.

“The monk has a historical duty, we have to protect the Sinhalese first. We received Buddhism later. This includes the Catholics the converts and all those who encompass the race. Although the Sinhalese are the majority in this country, we are a minority if you take the region as a whole and we have to protect this culture and heritage” he said.

Gnansara who spoke alongside the Chief Executive Officer of the BBS Dilanthe Withanage charged and challenged several MInisters for a public debate to refute what he has alleged.

“It is Rauff Hakeem, Rishad Bathiudeen, Vasudewa Nanayakkara, Dilan Perera and Wimal Weerawansa who have supplied the necessary information to these organisations to classify us as a terrorist organisation.They are the ones who supplied such information to the Colombo Telegraph. I challenge all of them to debate me at any forum regarding every statement that we have made. I want all five of them to come on the same stage because if not it wont seem right” he said,

“If these mad devils were real gentleman all they had to do was summon us and ask us what we are doing, why we are doing this, what is our ambition ?, isn’t it wrong to behave in such a manner? that’s what they should have done but they haven’t given us that chance” he said.

The monk also denied that the organisation has any connection with Secretary to the Ministry of Defence Gotabaya Rajapakse and the government.

” From the year 2000 I have been writing to all Ministers including Champika Ranawaka, Dinesh Gunawardena, and even the Secreraty of Defense Gotabaya Rajapaksa, in order to find land for a garage that is situated in the premises of my temple but not one person to this day has responded. If we had such a connection, and Gotabaya is portrayed as the all powerful, we are yet to receive a positive reply to our request. We don’t even have a kitten behind us. There is no such patronage.

” Gotabaya has not even given us a rupee or any other donation to this day. Thats a false story and it not only creates and portrays a wrong picture about us, its also damaging to him” he said and asked for proof of such patronage received by the Defense Secretary.

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