Colombo Telegraph

Bloated Cabinet On The Cards

The much-awaited and many times promised cabinet reshuffle is set to inflate the already bloated cabinet of ministers, Colombo Telegraph reliably learns.


The Presidential Secretariat has drawn up a list of 48 cabinet ministries as well as those warranting deputy and state ministers. A total of 45 ministries which require ‘state ministers’ have also been identified.

Colombo Telegraph also learns that some ministries that have been amalgamated without any logic have been separated, for example the Ministry of Highways and Education. Some ministries meanwhile have been reduced to single subjects, for example ‘Sugar’.

The list has been forwarded to the Prime Minister, according to sources.

While the new cabinet will consist of MPs from all parties of the unity government it is not clear whether those who supported the no confidence motion against the Prime Minister or were absent at the vote would get portfolios.

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