23 September, 2023


‘Blood Bank’ Boils, Medical Officers Call For Director’s Blood

Medical officers of the National Blood Transfusion Services launched trade union action on Monday (9th) protesting alleged corruption, administrative irregularities, defamation of professionals and harassment of medical officers by its quasi director, Dr Rukshan Bellana.

It was the first time since the Blood Bank was set up in 1950 that this vital and life-saving service has come to a halt, in this instance the case against Bellana has also implicated the Minister of Health Rajitha Senaratne, his brother and a host of others.

Dr Rukshan Bellana and Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne

Irregular Appointment By Ministry Of Health

Bellana secured his current quasi appointment through the practice of the Ministry of Health in not making permanent appointments in the Ministry of Health to keep lucrative positons ‘unoccupied’ so that the political stooges maybe appointed on ‘acting’ appointments to fuel the loot machinery of politicians and acolytes through tender irregularities and procurement. 

Colombo Telegraph has so far exposed three accounts of administrative and massive financial irregularities committed by Bellana to which Rajitha Senaratne and his brother are complicit. Bellana who contacted Colombo Telegraph in the aftermath of the exposes confirmed that the voice recordings exposed by Colombo Telegraph were authentic. He further stated that he has evidence that President Maithripala Sirisena was corrupt during his tenure as the Minister of health and promised to furnish relevant evidence to Colombo Telegraph. He also contacted Colombo Telegraph on two occasions via email and promised to send in his response which he has failed to do to date. 

Brutally Indifferent Janaka Sugathadasa

The Government Medical Officers Association in a press release dated 5th July 2018 have informed the public of the stark administrative, financial and professional violations committed by Bellana. 

However the Sleeping Secretary of Health Janaka Sugathadasa infamous for his procrastination and lack of administrative initiate to oppose politicization of his important ministry has been demonstrating a non-committal approach at the verge of his retirement. 

Sugathadasa has consistently failed to take prompt administrative action on this time bomb of an issue that has escalated in to a potential national crisis. In a recent meeting where the Medical Officers of the NBTS met with Sugathadasa and explained to him the urgency of addressing this chronic and putrefying issue that might lead to a trade union action affecting thousands across the island, Sugathadasa has lamely responded “what else to do no?”. The stalling of NBTS services affects thousands of ICUs, dengue patients, pregnant mothers, thalassemic patients and critically ill patients. This brutal indifference of the top administrator of the Ministry of Health in resolving the very administrative failure he has perpetuated, stand to cost lives of the public. 

Bellana: consistent violator of the law

Colombo Telegraph has reliably learns that as far back as 2005 Bellana has been a consistent violator of the law of the country, Establishment Code and the SLMC code of ethics, engaging in defamation, intimidation and forging the signatures of the officers of the state. The then Director of Colombo South Teaching Hospital (Kalubowila General Hospital) has informed the GMOA with the support of members of the GMOA the stark violations of discipline committed by Bellana on 10th March 2005.  

We produce below and extract of the minutes of the GMOA Meeting held on 30th April 2005 where several counts of violations of the law by Bellana were discussed and documented. 

In the aftermath of this communications GMOA has suspended the GMOA membership of Bellana as per regulations on 06th April 2005.

Ten years later Bellana made the fateful violation of defamation of Presidential candidate Maithripala Sirisena accusing Sirisena of sexual debauchery with a married woman with a child. Ironically, the Yahapalana government, instead of taking meaningful and conclusive action against Bellana settled for arranging him a quasi-appointment to feed the Rajitha Senaratne loot machinery at the Ministry of Health. 

History of Sexual Harassment 

The current saga of corruption, intimidation and violations of the law surrounding Bellana is also laced with allegations of sexual misconduct where he is recoded to be coercing female employees in to late night phone sex. Colombo Telegraph has been reliably informed with documented proof of grave and criminal accounts of heinous nature committed by Bellana. However abiding by the policy of Colombo Telegraph we are awaiting the response of Bellana regarding the documented evidence shared with Colombo Telegraph by whistleblowers. (By Chinthika De Silva) 

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    “The current saga of corruption, intimidation and violations of the law surrounding Bellana is also laced with allegations of sexual misconduct where he is recoded to be coercing female employees in to late night phone sex.” Oh dear, blood is boiling for sure !!!

  • 1

    It seems that CT is desperate for any headline, or a leading article.
    As such CT is publishing news articles that are either unfounded or unverified, thus violating the basic rules of proper investigative journalism.

    I’ve noted over time that many of CT’s headline stories are from those who have been domiciled in western countries for many years, thus them commenting with criticism of issues in Sri Lanka, without any clue of the ground situation.

    I hate such off-shore commentators who pretend to be the “angels of truth”, with no such idea of the conclusions they make and the premises that they seem to highlight to support them.
    In most of your writings, your premises are third party hear-say, thus only lead to uncogent inductive deductions.
    Do please try to do better, when you publish.

    CT: Please do verify the facts and ensure that your writers do have a reasonable argument when they preset their writings. Else your website will be perceived to be a hooolw and meaningless one with fabricated facts.

    Dharshana W, PhD.

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    It seems CT is also seeking blood of Dr Rukshan Bellana – a very good man

    Shame on you CT

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    The minister, and even the president cannot be unaware of this situation regarding Dr. Bellana.
    Their inaction is puzzling.
    Does Bellana know unpalatable truths?
    Is his conduct grave enough to be conveyed to the Sri Lanka Medical Council.

    • 0

      It is reported that Dr. Bellana has been removed from his post.
      A Haematology specialist should be chosen by advertisement, to fill the post.

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    National Blood Transfusion Services is infected with alleged corruption, administrative irregularities, defamation of professionals and harassment of medical officers.
    Thanks to Trade Union GMOA for attempting to alleviate this. Is Dr Rukshan Bellana the ONLY person behind this?
    GMOA has suspended the membership of Dr Bellana. Does it look like a kangaroo court? In any case why?
    Trade Unions are often manipulated by paymasters. GMOA must prove that they are not being ‘used’.
    GMOA must address corruption/nepotism/impunity – past and present.

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    Muslim and Tamil blood should be stored seperetely to avoid cross contamination

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      Jim Soft in the head.
      You Racist, when one day you need blood look for donkey blood.

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        I prefer donkey blood rather than a non Buddhist blood

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          Jim Soft in the head.
          Buddhist blood my foot. You donkey a huge number of Sinhalese Buddhists are living thanks to the blood donated by Tamils, Muslims, Burghers, and even Pariahs.

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