19 October, 2017

Bond Scam: AG’s Department SILENCED !

In a bizarre day at the Commission the Attorney General’s Department shockingly fell silent today refusing to examine Ministers Malik Samarawickrema and Kabir Hashim, instead putting on a defiant “we don’t give a damn” attitude at the Commission today.

Jayantha Jayasuriya -Attorney General

The team led by ASG Dappula De Livera which had brought the proceedings to a near climax by necessarily implicating Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and Arjuna Mahendran, refused to examine the two minister and instead stared defiantly at the Commissioners and the witnesses during todays proceedings.

Hashim and Samarawickrema instead had a free walk attesting to a purported meeting held in February 2015 attended by Ravi Karunanayake and Mahendran at which they had supposedly discussed the urgent requirement for funding for the highways.

The Attorney General heavily disputed the fact that such a meeting was held previously. They brought in evidence to show that there was no such funding requirement and only Karunanayake and Mahendran were aware of such a requirement.

The Attorney General also disputed the undated letter given by Karunanayake to Mahendran referring to the meeting in which such a requirement was discussed.

The AG lambasted Ravi Karunanayake and called him a “liar” and said that the letter was given after the Commission proceedings commenced in order to cover the tracks of robbery.

They pointed out how unlikely it was for a Minister to give an official letter without a date or a reference number.

Hashim and Samarawickrema ended up being questioned for ten minutes each by the Commissioners and true to the script the duo insisted that the meeting was in fact held and that there was in fact a funding requirement, both of which was clearly disproved earlier by the Attorney General.

It is unclear as to the reason why they sat defiantly but observers insisted that it looked like the team was instructed to do something they didn’t want to and they had no option but to comply. So they put on a big “fuck you” face.

Steve Samuels, the Personal Assistant of Arjun Aloysius also feigned a “chest pain” and did not attend the Commission to testify.

The usually vociferous AG meekly listened to the “chest pain” excuse and did not object to it or call the excuse into question.

The Attorney General during the proceedings led witness after witness and cross examined them vociferously emanating sordid scandals including insider trading, bribes through commissions granted, the apartment scandal, the placing of key individuals in treasury departments of state banks and the EPF setting the stage for the scam, the fact that there was no urgent requirement at all for the auction, witnesses being bribed or intimidated to give false evidence and the fabrication of evidence among other facets of the scam.

The team today, remained mum throughout.

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  • 8

    What is JO doing ? what is MR doing? all are silent on bond scam in order to cover the sins of MR. I think MR time is over and he should retire now. The respect we had for MR is gone with this deal and I firmly believe Maithree is the only choice left now

    • 19

      My3 is the stooge front for Ranil’s corrupt deals. My3 pretends to be innocent! A man who stabbed his leader in the back after eating from the same plate cannot be trusted!

      • 0

        GRAND LARCENY is the name of The bond scam at Central Bank.
        The report of the justices should recommend Impeachment of Ranil Wickramasinghe and his cronies including Malik Samarawickrama, Kabir Hashim and Harsah de Silva the bond scam foot not man for GRAND LARCENY, soon.

        Misleading the public while looting Central bank, increasing national debt, and money laundering is being done on the fake “advice” of IMF and other Washington FAKE economic development Advisors and economic hit men, who “advised” RW to turn a blind eye to corruption of Gota and Basil who are their citizens -in order to push foreign interests through the corruption back door, while everyone is distracted with Geneva Human rights circus.. Meanwhile taxing the poor, soaring cost of living, great malnutrition among children and women is the result of IMF fake advise.

    • 9

      What they should do? On on a rampage? Stage protests? What? Please explain. The action has to be taken by the so called “Good Governance” people. JO nor MR has a power to apprehend the criminals who have robbed Sri Lanka is broad daylight.

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  • 5

    Dear Native,,,,,,, Yours must be a mutation of Dr Ranil and Mr Sampathar’s genes…..

    • 2

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      By any chance you are the business partner of Shalila Moonasinghe and Janaka Chaminda Nammuni ?

      Maj. Gen. Jaliya Nammuni is the father of Janaka Chaminda Nammuni. Is it the case of Army brats, taking advantage of father’s unearned position in the country? We used to have army brats whose father was a general in the army (unearned position) .

      Any how keep an eye on your valet.

      • 1

        Shalika Monesinghe is another corrupt yahapalana crony just like your pay master pakiyasoorthy saravanamuththu or Arjun Mahendran who pumped millions into Sirisena’s election campaign and then made billions.

      • 0

        Dear Native………
        No wonder SG Livera, who put Swiss Kumar in the Slammer for 30 years before he will be hung for making sadistic Porn for your Diaspora mates went cold Turkey the other day , in front of Dr Ranil’s two Bag Men………
        That Mune you are talking about is Dr Ranil’s appointment to Litro……And he is the same Mune who who gave Gamaralage Sirisena and and Dr Ranil;s Yahapalana Foield Marshall the tickets to contest the Elections……..
        Just imagine what a Scandal it would be If Mune Talks………….
        Hope you can now work out why Sira called Crisis Talks with Mallika and Kabira , before they appeared before Jayawaradana to tell him about Yahapalana Bond Scam………
        .Livera is a Legend……..

        • 1

          KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

          ” he will be hung for making sadistic Porn for your Diaspora mates went cold Turkey the other day , in front of Dr Ranil’s two Bag Men………”

          You are more than two years late with the above sad story.

          Ask you Gota mate about his boys taking porn movies with boys and girls who were interned for a long time and some of them were ultimately killed in the act. Where did they sell those Video nasties? Were they for local consumption or exclusive middle east market?

          Gota warned his boys to stop selling them in the international market in case the Interpol busted his bum.

          Is that why Black and Decker demanded to see live action rape video as evidence of Army’s atrocities?

  • 2

    May be on 11 Oct 2017 while there was a heated argument between ASG Livera and PC Romesh De Silva on questioning of Mahendran, one of the Judge said to ASG Livera in a disappointed manner that “At this moment you are not facilitating the Commission.

    Because of that ASG Livera may have thought that no point of questioning Malik and Kabir anymore when they said that they have not discussed on Bond issuing matter which was scheduled on the following day. No one could believe what they said.

    If I were ASG, definitely I would be kept my mouth shut.

    • 0

      K.A. De Silva: Why FCID should not expose the lack of control on party politics funding and the Central Bank robbery was happening even during the Mahinda Rajapakse and PRevious CBK times when Ranil was the PM. when are they going to question against Ajith Nirvrad
      Cabral for accpeting about Rs one billion, I suppose, as the Central bank governor. How much Kabral gave away to Perpetual Treasuries ?. Is Tango Mahinda Rajapakse and who is CAr ? Namal Rajapakse ?

  • 3

    AG’s Department, particularly Dappula, appears to be working for somebody else’s Agenda. The intention appears to have been to sling mud at the UNP and the present Government. Dappula tried his best to show that the former Governor and through him , the Prime Minister and Kabir Hashim, etc., had benefited from the Bond Scam. A huge noise was made over the sum of Rs. 10 Billion when only Rs. 1 Billion of funds were needed. But when the two Ministers were questioned by the Commission (by the Judges and not by Dappula) it came to light that Rs. 18 Billion was needed to pay off the installments and interests of the loans taken by the MR regime on their infrastructure projects committed using huge Chinese loans. If we do not pay those, the predicament would be far worse than leasing out the Hambantota Port to China. Dappula would have been advised by the MR cronies not to question the two Ministers to hide from the public the behind the scene story relating to the bond scam. It won’t be long before the public gets to know the close relationship between Namal baby and Arjun Aloysious and how they swindled public money during the MR era, now that one witness is spilling the beans about how PT has been giving bribes in millions of Rupees to government officers at EPF, ETF and NSB as far back as 2014! It looks like what Ajit Perera revealed during the COPE meeting about the need to investigate the lower rung employees at Central Bank and other government institutions including BOC, is indeed what should have been done, without going on a witch hunt to attack the UNP. Dappula is not hitting the target in his stone throwing exercise!

    • 0

      Typical UNP moron. Chinese loans are paid in dollars. UNP bigwigs issues bonds and then pilfered our money in rupees. Do you even know the difference you c**t?

    • 0

      YOu may be sleeping with the other party. HE is catching thieeves. Why he is wrong. Is he correct only if protect thieves. Ranil is a well known ALI”BABA. His has a history on that. What else is wrong. Ranil is now absconding using his position. Ranil and NMY3 were given the power because they promised they would open FCID, they would run the govt as Lichchavi-malla type. Now, we know it is the recycling of the sme gang of thieves. So, you sy revealing it was wrong. Ask your leader Ranil what the MOU that Ranil and Mahinda Rajapakse had. IF Ranil opens his mouth, Ranil knows the whole history of Mahinda Rajapakse comes out. Why Ranil is silent and lose over and over again.what is wrong ?

  • 1

    It appears to b false alarm. Only people who do not know facts would think like this.
    There is hardly anything to b obtained from these two people. There is sufficient evidence to establish that an unusual meeting was held.
    What was discussed there. Only RK and AM were talking about 75 billion. All others maintain that the ostensible requirement was 15 billion.
    They both, Hashim and Malik confirmed it
    What more????

  • 4

    Legacy of the President: When history is written, major happenings and acts of all others becomes a part of the legacy that is attributed to the leader of the country. That may be unfair. But that is the reality. The CB bond scam, supposed to be the biggest fraud to have occurred in Sri Lanka, is something that will adversely affect all of its citizens, rich and poor for a long time to come. Just imagine, every time a poor labourer drinks a plain tea (a simple act), he will pay part of the penalty of this scam. Not only that, it will affect the unborn generations to come.

    In the future, when people speak about it, it is unlikely that they will attribute it to Ranil. They will say that it happened during the rule (or better, still, the mis-rule) of MS. Hence it will become part of his legacy. That is why MS should act now, to clear his name. It appears that he is the only one who can do something to apprehend and punish the culprits who perpetrated this heinous crime whomever they may be.

    • 2

      Grandpa Edwin, how reu doing ?
      We missed your SINETHRA or Cleopatra stories all these months.
      I hope everything is fine with you even if Quartar has been met with trade embargoes currently.

      So could have been the case, if Mr Megalo got reelected in 2015. However we should be lucky not and thanks to all diverse forces lanken Mugabe had been marignalized from the power.
      Even today, after 2.5 years since he is no longer the prez, he has still been struggling to come back to power. Whatever he has been doing is connected with hypocracy- that is what is being revealed by some ministers that had been close with him in his high days.
      I still remember the words of ” Keankoku malluma or the like” you added to this forum while IH was still wioth us. Now with two more commenters aren writers of that nature have been NO longer there, I still come to this forum since then. I never thought IH was in his early ninties as I was reading his POWERFUL provocative articles and thoughts. He sounded sometimes, as if he was very young.
      I dont think you too, ever knew IH was in his 90ties. ?

      Take care of you Edwin, welcome back to THIS VALUBLE FORUM.

      • 0

        Hi. Samson, I remember well those good old days when IH was writing. When I started fighting for him, he was initially delighted. But as time went on, even he seemed to be embarrassed by my comments. I could feel that he was sort of trying to distant himself from me. That was how obnoxious I was.

        I wonder what happened to our favorite enemy, Kettikaran. Then there were was Lebbe, the Wathies, Samuel and so on. And of course you were always crossing swords with me.

        Qatar isse has not affected me in anyway so far. But I understand that those working in Qatar are badly affected.

        You say, We missed your SINETHRA or Cleopatra stories all these months. You mean Silvestra, I think. She is fine and successfully running a small grocery shop back in Philippines. In one of her messages she told me that she was selected as the Fiesta Queen. She is 40 but still so pretty that she beat the younger contestants.

        Thanks for your welcome words.

        • 1

          Thanks. Yes your comments were beyond all margins to many.

          But I found sometimes fine.

          Anyways, I missed your thoughts.

          I know the kind of SINETHRAS from SL too sacrifice their lives to ME countries.

          That has become a part of lanken social problems of the day. Most I have read about are broken families. Just because the children are made to grow up the love of a mother. Most among them are the ones you will find among drug traffickers or consumers in colombo or any other metropoles int he country. Drug problem and the like social problems were not at all the focus of previous men. They just let so called development project to cover up their abusive politcs looking back.
          I think even if the motives of the current govt is fine, ther e is a long journey if they really want to adapat civlized systems to rotten prevailing once.
          People s attitudes cant change WITHIN shorter period of time. I have got some problems within my family circles since i have lived on the west for the last few decades. They cant get me 1 to 1 and so I do towards them. I question why they stagante in some issues while they cant see my impatience mostly. I am more into work and work and work.. most of my famlies down there just see totally different picture in me. They just believe living onthe west is a previledge just having looked at the tourists. Most tourists travel once a year after having sacrificed their time for hard work. Today, I am sick with fever, but I dont have other choice than keep alert on my several dozens of emails incoming to my outlook inbox. So having worked to different parties you may yknow all these better, I assume. I have not worked with any arab companies. Most of them are amies, germans, and israelis.

          • 0

            Bank Bonds, James Bond and Maids: Sri Lanka runs on the dollars sent in by our housemaids. Though I get a very good salary, I remit only perhaps, 30% of that on the average. On the other hand, the maids send almost all they get.

            It is with this money that our politicians buy super luxury vehicles, have their jaunts abroad and so on. As if that is not enough, they also indulge in daylight robberies such as the CB bond issue. What hurts most is the callous attitude of the politicians involved. They do not seem to be at all caring about our feelings and treat it as some sort of joke.

            Such huge frauds have been perpetrated in other countries too. But what makes Sri Lanka stand out is the way that the politicians seem to think that it is their right to do so.

  • 0

    I’m not surprised. This government is the most undemocratic government to rule Sri Lanka ever just because they managed to get/rob 2/3rd majority in the parliament with no mandate as such. The moment someone expose their filthy corrupt deals or their traitorous moves they will be branded a racist and silenced. The bastards have the full backing of west/USA/India so there will be zero pressure on them too.

    • 1

      You should be an idiot if you call the current govt so.

      Where on the earth even current minister were summoned by a commission and with all freedom was given to Journalists to even attack loudly as they can ?

      Were you born yestreday Cleo, may be you ahve been born stupid to see that way ?

  • 0

    The President of Republic SL and Commissioners CB Bond scam and Attorney General & his subordinates Attorneys has three-one -combination was unique operation in history of Commission in Sri Lanka since 1948!.
    Therefor an operation that knows very well that where is ceiling of an investigation & inquires shall be stop time given time by green lights from MS and CBK.
    Their personal instruction come in limelight by time to time over the phones calls. An Entire operation of Commission sessions has been videos by relevant authorities, it can be lively see by Office of President and Premiers that on going sessions by their relevant staffs.

    On the spot they have given instruction to Commissions to how to handle the situation that step by step. Mode of operandi of session of Bond scam Commission was well organized by foreign back agencies.
    At the end of the few days before 20 witness were listed that including Primer was in appear.
    But His disappear was notable incident by avoided for the cause of Primer has been to oversees trip to an invitation from Republic of Finland <
    They( Govt. of Finland) offer to Primer huge amount of loan, grant and unbelievable of Billions of US Dollars investment more than offer by IMF and World Bank?
    Needless say to be review national economy before 2020 that Primer won global record ?
    Such huge an investment came into being by Primer has dodging to be disappear in the before last days of session of Bond scam Commission.
    The commission has end their session without key culprit of Primer , that Central Bank robbery which ever-never happen in Modern Democracy in any party of world except Sri lanka; by that paramount "Rule of Law and Good Governance" has been an introduce and recommends by IMF and World Bank after 2015 January 8th?

  • 1

    Govt popularity taking a nosedive. Time to reexhume Thajudeen’s body !

  • 0

    Agree with Percy. Let’s bring back Thajudeen………….

  • 0

    While the bond “kolama” being enacted, AG provides cover in cahoots with Deshapriya for MS+RW+CBK to postpone elections and Jayampathi continues with enacting separatist led Marxist, internationalist constitution paving the way for creating the “South Sudan” of Indian Ocean.


  • 0

    AG’s come and AGs go. It will be the same with
    the present AG, Jayantha Jayasuriya.

    One difference, however, is when he goes, he
    will leave a stink. In recent history, he is the
    only AG who has sucked up to the UNP and has
    had no backbone to either defend his department
    or his officials. He is real amoeba.

    People should be ashamed of people like this. They
    cannot survive on principles but only on political
    patronage and brown nosing.

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