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Bond Scam: Perpetual IT Officer Says He Was Told To Delete Call Recordings

Perpetual Treasuries IT officer Sachith Devathanthri today informed the Bond Commission that he was instructed by the Chief Dealer of the Company to delete certain call recordings from the system.

Arjun Aloysius

This comes a day after it was revealed that Perpetual Treasuries had fabricated evidence with regard to the call recordings.

Yesterday, Devathanthri admitted to the CID that he had lied in previous statements regarding call recording systems.

Devathantrhi today said that on July 5, Chief Dealer of Perpetual Treasuries Nuwan Salgado had given him a list of serial numbers and asked that they be deleted.

Right on the very next day, July 6th Perpetual Treasuries had completely erased the recording system inserted by Metropolitian Communications and wiped off the call records.

The Lawyers for Arjun Aloysius and Perpetual Treasuries led by Nihal Fernando, Kalinga Indathissa and Anuja Premarathne during cross examination of the Metropolitan Chief Engineer attempted to assert that the recordings were deleted because the “computer crashed”.

The evidence by Devathanthri completely negated the above and made it clear that the entire deletion was done at the behest of the higher ups of the Company.

Lawyer for Perpetual Treasuries Nihal Fernando throughout the time insisted that there was no tampering of the call recording system, until the revelation by the Metropolitan Chief Engineer.

Each time the Attorney Generals department brought up the issue of the call recordings handed over to them not being complete, they insisted that it was.

ASG Dappula De Livera also asked the Commission to arrest the Chief Dealer Nuwan Salgado and the Chief Executive Officer Kasun Palisena.

Devathanthri said that the Chief Dealer met him at the server room of PTL and asked that the calls be deleted. He had thereafter inserted voice recordings instead of the calls on the serial numbers.

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