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Sri Lanka's Secrets: How The Rajapaksa Regime Gets Away With Murder

Sri Lanka’s Secrets: How The Rajapaksa Regime Gets Away With Murder

by Trevor Grant

Veteran Australian journalist Trevor Grant presents the shocking story of the final days of the civil war in Sri Lanka through images and testimony of many of the survivors, and details the continuing persecution of Tamils in the north and east of the country, along with the shameful complicity of foreign governments, including Australia, with the internationally-condemned Rajapaksa regime. Buy here.


Thomas More’s Socialist Utopia and Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

by Dr. Laksiri Fernando

Thomas More (1478-1535) was not the first socialist thinker who aspired for a classless society without poverty. But he was the first one to do so by presenting a strong critique of the emerging capitalist society in England in the late 15th and the early 16th centuries. In that sense he was the first ‘modern socialist thinker’ with considerable repute and influence. Buy at Amazon here.


And Then They Came For Me

The Lasantha Wickrematunge Story

by Raine Wickrematunge

A few weeks before his assassination, Editor of Sri Lanka’s The Sunday Leader newspaper Lasantha Wickrematunge penned a chillingly prophetic editorial predicting, “When finally I am killed, it will be the government that kills me.” Buy at AuthorHouse here.


Still Counting The Dead

by Frances Harrison

The tropical island of Sri Lanka is a paradise for tourists, but in 2009 it became a hell for its Tamil minority, as decades of civil war between the Tamil Tiger guerrillas and the government reached its bloody climax. Caught in the crossfire were hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren, doctors, farmers, fishermen, nuns and other civilians. Buy at Amazon and Waterstones.


The Devil Dancers

by T. Thurai

Following Independence from the British, Ceylon’s future looks bright. A new prime minister is creating a modern nation. But his legacy is an unexpected one. The deals that brought him to power turn into a time-bomb and the country is contorted by bloody race riots. Buy at Amazon, WHSmith and Kobo.


Long War, Cold Peace

Conflict and Crisis in Sri Lanka

by Dayan Jayatilleka

Long War, Cold Peace deals with politics and its extension: war. Most wars generate in their aftermath a process of reflection. This book is an analytical interpretation of what led to the war, what the most significant lessons of that experience were, and what could prevent a recurrence of conflict. Buy at Amazon.


The Cage

The fight for Sri Lanka & the Last Days of the Tamil Tigers

by Gordon Weiss

This account unravels the compelling history that leads up to that horrific moment, peeling back the Sri Lankan government’s cloak of silence to reveal the events of those weeks beat by beat. Buy at Amazon.

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