3 July, 2022


Boomerang Lesson For Yahapālanaya

By Mahesh Senanayake –

Mahesh Senanayake

During the same period in 2014 , nearly five years ago, the echoing clamor of the people of the island nation was to end nepotism, corruption, waste of public funds and bring democracy that would create a just society which upheld key features of a righteous democracy such as freedom of expression, equality before and equal protection of law and right to stand against discrimination, cruelty and degradation. Thousands gathered and voted for a just society based on principles of  good governance and emerged triumphant by electing a common candidate to the country’s highest pedestal: the executive presidency. A new government was formed and the hope for a new era hovered around the people .

Unlike  in the previous regimes, the hope was high as many reforms were brought to the book such as 19th amendment to the constitution, making right to information a law of the country, making public sector comparatively independent, Increasing wages and bringing down the cost of essential items such as automobile fuel, gas and several  medicines, freedom of speech marked by the wide spread liberty to criticize  even the top rulers of the country on conventional and new media  sans any assassination or brutality towards the members of the fourth state: the media. 

However, 6.2 million voters would not have expected that a shocking disappointment was in the offing. Yahapalan government formed to punish those who squandered state funds and apprehend the culprits who ruined the norms of corporate governance in the private sector fell short of its duties solely for it being not able to assign the right men in the top seats to carry out the said tasks. 

Is it not fair to say so when considering the political epics created by former FCID boss, former Minister of Justice and retired Solicitor General ? 

Three protagonists SDIG Ravi Waidyalankara, former Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe and retired Solicitor General Suhada Gamalath revealed seemingly – politically flavored shocking stories to the general public while slapping the Yahapalana rulers who, despite many opposition, appointed these individuals to important positions that dearly demanded integrity at highest level from the beholder of the hot seats.

At the time of the formation of FCID, it was a very well known fact amongst the political, civil and media circles that the appointment of the said SDIG was a sheer stupidity given his past track record with hardly any good to talk about. Despite such opposition, his appointment was made at the behest of few individuals who were eying to make some money through touting for the safety of the corrupt in the past regime. Ravi Waidyalankara was ideal as he too wanted to create a similar atmosphere. It is proved today with his revelations. Had he had to face pressure from ministers or any politicians at the time he was holding the post, why  was he unable to reveal such pressure then?, is the question for which public demands an answer. His surreptitious behavior was very well known and at least two senior ministers in the government Patali Champika Ranawaka and Rajitha Senarathne, several media personalities and civil society leaders raised their concerns as the FCID boss was clearly creating “a safe house” for the suspects  of major cases of public funds embezzlement to ensure they would never be made culprits by law. 

Add to this sorry status was the role of the Justice Minister who shamelessly claimed that he intervened to stop  arrest of key suspects of several cases of mammoth corruption. When his role was questioned by young MPs of the government and ever vociferous JVPers, it was scorned. Then justice minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe’s undue intervention in  FCID investigations was not something that was not discussed in the cabinet. It came to an end with his removal from the post and disgruntled man showed his true colors last October when the political coup occurred. 

Retired Solicitor general Suhada Gamalath is no exception. It was a very well  known “another” factor how close he was to former bosses from whom he enjoyed many perks bypassing many other competent officers. Again there was objection to his surreptitious deals, but the wheeler dealers close to and in the government protected him as much as they protected the former duo using all their connections and monetary power.

Lessons learnt from theses three sagas must have been enormous on the government who was also taken on a ride by the man whom they promoted to the highest post in the country with the support of the people. Angry public would only forgive the Yahapalana government as it is now crystal clear as to who prevented carrying out major investigations and subsequent law suits. Yet, It can never be a pretext for the government to say sorry. It is the fault of some of the so called stalwarts in the government who turned a sheer blind eye when these matters were brought up with proof. Hence, the next man who will come to the hot seat will have to pledge that the same mistake will not be repeated and whatever the victories people achieved during the past five years  will further be nurtured. One of his main tasks will be to appoint right individuals through the means provided  by the law, after thorough  scrutiny of their integrity. And most importantly, this man should be one free from  corruption and nepotism. 

What the people want is a just society  within which the culprits of corruption of both regimes  will not get scot free like last time. Is it not a lesson of boomerang for many?

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    Mahesh Senanayake is one of the candidates for the Presidency, and we are familiar with his visage. Very dark, and bald.
    This is a different person with the same name, isn’t it? That should be obvious, but by now we are not sure of anything at all, what with the Preference Votes etc. Not to speak of the unprecedentedly large number of candidates.
    More than in other elections, I feel that the real issues are getting blurred by irrelevancies. How I wish life were simpler!

  • 7

    Agreed with almost the entire content of this epistle.

    Among others, the writer has clearly explained where this Government failed in the promises given in 2015. He has also indicated the reasons for it although no excuse can absolve the Government of its failing in this respect. The MR mafia are freely roaming the streets even today, due to these shortcomings, lapses, weaknesses and failings although many folks are fully convinced who the criminals and offenders are. One such culprit (NGR) is running for the Presidency!

    One thing can be said with certainty. If the alleged criminal NGR, the psychopathic barbarian is elected, all these investigations will be swept under the carpet for all these criminal & nefarious activities to be resumed unhindered, unabated and with impunity. Infact, the main reason NGR is running for this position is to save his own skin! That is clear to a keen observer. Atleast there is a chance these investigations will continue under a SP Presidency although he has not clearly voiced his stance on this matter. Responsible Journalists should question him on this.

    Voters, please use your valued franchise judiciously, wisely and aptly!

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    If not for Waiyalankara and Wijedasa a lot innocent , good people, would have been behind bars.

    Which would have delighted most politikkas in the UNP Cabinet , because they were in the outer without the chance to ” collect’ for a long time.
    And some of them through their sheer determination to avenge and punish the War Heroes for defeating their beloved Pirahaparan and their Terrorists buddies.

    I gave up reading, after I saw the names Palitaha Champaka Ranawaka and Dentist Rajitha Senarathna depicted as the heroes of honesty, Integrity and Good Governance of Yahapalanaya…
    These are the two who harassed the FCID to lock up the Rajapaksas.

    But couldn’t come near Wijedasa ,becuase Wijedasas is much smater that both of them put together.

    Palitha Ranawaka says Dr Ranil is the new Parakkramabahu after Finance Minister Mangala Samare tried to sneak in the UNP -USA Millenium Pact before the 16th.

    This is the dude who made the Monks political partners and stirred up Sinhala Buddhists to attack Muslims and Tamils to get into Politics.
    And depicted the American as Satan to the naive Sinhala Buddhist inhabitants ..

    Dentist Rajitha protected and still protecting the Wahabai Terrorist Supporters
    He even sat on the same UNP PSC with Zaharan’s friend Rauf Hakeem to clear the whole cabal of Muslim ministers of any associations with the Suicide Bombers…

    Yhapalanaya was soooo good that the Srilankan Economy can’t reach even 3% growth even after Dr Ranil gave tens of thousands of our valuble Lands to foreigners to build Volks Wagens and Mitchelin Tyres and Nanos.

    Dr Ranil’s UNP lead Yahapalanaya has been so good that they were forced to field a guy as their Presidential candidate whom they themselves called a School Drop out and insulted him in the Public demanding him to produce his Certificate from the London School of Economics.

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    Mahesh you are 100% right.we have become a poor country by missing the “bus” always when opportunities are at our door step.
    For this our leaders and us have to take the responsibility.We always says country is at a very critical juncture. Unfortunately we do not take the right decision. In 2015 masses did not demand any financial gains.They demanded just society. Unfortunately lot was done but failed to end the story!
    Hope this time we the voters and winner will realise any country cannot move forward forgetting the national agenda and implementing their own agenda!

  • 1

    according to investigation revealed Waidyalankara’s wife Mary Basilica was a director Soorya International Corporation (Pvt) Limited,

  • 0

    Is Mahesh Senanayake bald or is he not?

  • 2

    After googling the Wijedasa’s contributions to Srilnaka as a politician , I can assure you that he has done a yeoman service to the Motherland on several occasions.
    Some of these in fact saved the Nation from separation by the Terrorist Pirahaparan.

    It was early 90’s when this same PM Dr Ranil signed a Ceasefire on his own with Pirahaparan .
    And forced the Armed Forces into the Barracks..
    PM Dr Ranil even ordered the Srilnakan Merchant Banks to accept Cheques issued by Pirahaparan’s Eelaam Bank.

    Wijedasa’s intervention to persuade the then President to use her Executive Powers forced Dr Ranil out of Praliament and saved the Country.

    Wijedasa did the same this time again as a Minister in Yahapalanaya to save the Srilankan Central Bank’s authority over the Financial Affairs of the country.
    As soon as Dr Ranil became the PM, one of the first Cabinet Decisions was to Sell Part of the Central Bank to a Malik Samraweer’s mates Comapany to operate the Bank to Bank cheque clearance operation which is the function of the Central Bank.

    The current system ensure the Bank transactions are clean and no Black money change hands which are associated with Drug Dealing and Arms Smuggling and Terrorist Funding…
    The Cabinet Paper was formulated by none other than the disgraced ex Finance Minister Karunanayaka..

    Wijedasa also intervened to stop Dr Ranil’s special committee headed by PC Weliyamunna and the NGOS issuing instructions to Dr Ranil’s FCID on what to investigate and whom to be prosecuted.
    Again this seems like a privatization of the Independence of the FCID and by passing the AG/SC Departments…

    These are ample evidence that Wijedasa is not like the other Dudes who give us Yahapalanaya..

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    The four years of failure of the Yahapalana govt to bring to book the many culprits of corruption and financial misdeeds lie solely at the feet of an inept President and Prime Minister. Their selfish agendas were put in place by the appointment of an unworthy cabinet of ministers to solely protect the party and a group of cohorts of both sides at the expense of the peoples will.

    Their inaction and lack of a firm commitment and courage to honour its fundamental election pledge has now thrown the country in a perilous situation permitting the emergence of a presidential candidate whose party and family tainted with corruption and mis-rule have given them an opportunity to get out of jail if re-elected.

    The appointment of the unprincipled double dealing Wijeydasa Rajapaksa as the minister of law and order , a portfolio of the highest importance was a colossal if not an intentional blunder. He was a double agent working to undermine the legal processes instituted against the biggest perpetrators was disgraceful. By his own admission he should hide his head in shame for his traitorous acts of putting his selfish interests before the country’s need.

    This is the calibre of our self seeking politicians now somersaulting and crossing over again and again to seek greener pastures and safety from prosecution perhaps under an authoritarian rule.

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