14 August, 2022


Bopage Sabotages Budget Vote Of His Ministry

Controversial Secretary of the Parliamentary Reforms and Mass Media Ministry Nimal Bopage has traveled overseas, disregarding an order issued to him by the Secretary to the President, ordering him not to go abroad.



Bopage who is embroiled in a alleged fraud case amounting to millions, is in Rome to attend a film festival.

Bopage’s request for official leave to attend the film festival wad rejected by President Secretary P B Abeykone as foreign visits by ministry secretaries had been cancelled due to the ongoing budget debate in Parliament. Bopage’s unauthorized departure resulted in the ministry facing a crisis as there had been no acting appointment made prior to the departure of Bopage, it is learnt.

According to sources, Bopage is deliberately avoiding prepatory meetings of the ministry for the budget vote.

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    If this is the attitude of a Secretary of ministry what could expect from officers under him.

    Disciplinary action should be taken against him and must be removed from such a position immediately.

    • 16

      Secretary to the President,

      “Bopage who is embroiled in a alleged fraud case amounting to millions, is in Rome to attend a film festival.”

      It would have no difference if Bopage went abroad or not.

      So, please get rid of him. He is not needed. Give him a fishing boat, and ask him to fish. The Indians are catching out fish.

      Can you please convey this message to the President.

  • 12

    This Nimal does what this Nimal wants to.

    Who will dare stop him?

  • 18

    Mr. President: Where is that “Madu Walige”? This is where you have now to make use of it. Don’t you SEE things are going out of hand and control? You should have vetoed this appointment (Bopage’s) at the very initial stages. You failed in that. Now he acts, even in disregard of official directives from your own Secretary. What’s the reason for your silence? Some MYSTERY. Isn’t it? Any “DEAL” or “OBLIGATION”?

    • 2


      //Mr. President “What’s the reason for your silence? Some MYSTERY. Isn’t it? Any “DEAL” or “OBLIGATION”?”//

      Mr. President has shown his colors as a Turncoat, Traitor, Gona and a Mala-Pertethaya to those 6.2 million voters wh vote for him. die to being in cahoots with and bought by the Mahinda Rajapaksa, Gotabaya Rajapaksa. Wijedasa Rajapaksa and Cronies, from theit stolen billions belonging to the people.

    • 0

      Madu walige was trimmed by 19A. People failed to realise that while it was necessary to punish the politicians, there is no mechanism whatsoever to keep the NILADARI PALANTHIYA honest.

  • 0

    What has this Parliamentary Reforms & Mass Media dude got to do with the Budget?.

    Does it need so much Spin?.

    Y SLFP Economic Whiz kids have give 4 amendments to Galleon, as must add clauses.

    Surely that will hold the Budget until Bope returns.

    BTW, more important is how this Galleon Budget is going to Transform our inhabitants as the President told the suckers .

    Y President said yesterday, 2017 is the year of the Rich.

    Couldn’t agree more. Aloysious has already got the Swara Wahini in the bag.

    All courtesy and generosity of the Yahapalana PAYE Tax bracket.

    IMT, Batalanada Ranil addressed the Diplomatic Nursery Grads in the BMICH, to tell them that it is the Middle Class he wants to expand and enrich.

    Because that is the way he can make them part of Asia in this current Global Transition.

    But no mention of his new mate Modi or his ETCA.

    May be Batalanda got goose Bumps, watching Indian Middle Class Women standing in the scorching Hindu Sun, waiting to change their 500 and 1000 Gandhi Bills.

    Thank heavens that 300 Million of them do not have those Bills, stashed in the Attic.

    Otherwise the queues in Tamil Nadu would have extended to Thalai Mannar.

    Just imagine our Yahapalana Middle Class chicks standing in the Hot Sun in the future Federal Magapolis?………….

  • 1

    During the period 1977 o 1992, we who served as Chairmen of Corporations had to obtain permission from the Line Minister, then from the Prime Minister. But the important person was the Secy to the PM Mr. Bardaman Weerakoon. One Chairman went to the UK with permission but overstayed by 48 hours. When he got off the flight in Colombo on his return, he got a letter dismissing him!!

  • 1

    Is he representing MR regime yet?

  • 1

    The head of state don’t obey the law,so be it the people.this land always have some form of aggressiveness.

    He failed to given an example when his son’s commit crime,then sabotaging Dilurkshi’s fair work.then warn the judicals to be blind eye.he hijacked Ranil in order to safeguard and protect the old kingdom.

    Old king knows how to play the dirty game very well.he got lot of loyalists are still there even the current prz to cabinets that’s only in govnt alone.he made greese yakkas it’s all unimaginable,then Avva for Tamils,sinhalee for Muslims,then comes Gota’s blessed saffron Buddhists army,few months back they found ammunitions in the temple but all only for headline.

    What is this govnt achieved so far.now Ravi’s task is to up the skirt for MPs in order to make visits to Sri jeyawardanapura before old king take the kingdom.

    In the east these officials are working for govnt but he changed the colour Tamil officers are Thambi’s and he echoed through Gunarsa that Tamils and Muslims are kallathoni.

    But lot of Tamils are not for separation but you could see why we all pushed into it.

    For me as a Tamil when I looked at Buddhism very violent but dress and cilour coding contradict me.

    My take is regardless when everyone accommodate as Sri lankans then only this mother Lanka prosper.exampe how Europe passed these obstacles 60 or 70 years ago they had war but how they moved on why they haven’t feed the old unhelpful history for future generations.

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    Are we going to over take Somalia near future.you can’t build roads,cant even lay railway tracts,dumb harbour as well as the air port no ships no planes.power plant can’t be fixed it,from admitting the children to school to all the way to bring foreign exchange have to send mother sister Aunty grandma,,,

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    Bopage, surely did not defy the Secretary to the President for nothing. He is cocksure of either of the following: The first possibility is that he is confident that nothing would happen to him. The second possibility is that he is going have a decided advantage in travelling abroad even if it costed his job. Even as far back as 1995, some secretaries pocketed their hefty commissions on award of tenders outside the country.

    Yahapalanaya means Yahapalanya. Both the politicians and the bureaucrats must follow the norm.

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    In the private sector if an employee takes unapproved leave of absence severe penalties will ensue – even dismissal.

    Ah but this is the wonder of Asia – the Sinhala Buddhist Nation.

    Bopage very well knows that overriding the Presidential Secretary P B Abeykone’s objection means nothing. The government is an inept joke and Bopage knows that.

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