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Casino King’s Henchmen Intimidating Me: Opposition Lawmaker Dr. Harsha de Silva

UNP MP Dr. Harsha De Silva has made an official complaint in Parliament that the associates of Australian casino mogul James Packer had been engaged in attempts to intimidate him.

Dr. Harsha de Silva

De Silva, a national list MP for the main opposition UNP has been a vocal critic of the Rajapaksa Government’s tax holiday for a massive casino project proposed at D.R. Wijewardane Mawatha in Colombo.

The UNP MP told parliament today that highlighting the Government’s controversial deals had invited threats and intimidation for opposition parliamentarians. He said that he had been intimidated recently at a television station by “henchmen of the casino king who had vested interests.”

He said the incident had taken place at a local TV station while he was waiting for a debate to start.

“A goon touched me to ask me what my next move was on the casino expose,” he explained.

De Silva charged that if something were to happen to him, James Packer should be held responsible.

“This incident confirmed the danger for those who reveal bad deals between the Government and Casino King James Packer,” he said.

De Silva said that two of James Packer’s company officials had been in Colombo last week. The UNP MP said that the officials had been negotiating for tax breaks with Government officials for the proposed casino complex.

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