7 June, 2023


Cat Burglar Caught Pronto; Killers Of Scribes And Activists Roam Free

By Pearl Thevanayagam

Pearl Thevanayagam

Pearl Thevanayagam

The burglar who robbed Mangala Samaraweera of his laptop and foreign liquor was soon apprehended by the police. But killers of human rights lawyer Kumar Ponnambalam and Sunday Leader editor Lasantha Wickrematunge whose death anniversaries fall on January 05 and January 08 respectively are roaming scot-free.

Kumar received a telephone call on January 05, 2000 to come to Wellawatte to meet someone and he chose to drive his car himself and was shot point-blank in broad daylight. Lasantha was brutally murdered on his way to work in a high security zone on January 08, 2009 by several armede men who used revolvers and truncheons to bash down the car windows in broad daylight when he drove the car himself instead of his driver as was his custom.

Prageeth Ekneliyagoda, who disappeared in January 2010, is still missing and feared dead although CJ Mohan Pieris let it rip to the international media he had sought refuge in a European country on the flimsy evidence from a lowly government MP who heard it from someone who said he had seen him in France. Neither can pinpoint where he is.

Killers of Richard de Soysa, the first journalist to be murdered by the government in 1990, were apprehended and subsequently released. His ‘crime’ was sending video-tapes of Black Cats (notorious and brutal killer squads led by DIG Udugampola who roamed the length and breadth of Southern Sri Lanka  in the dead of the night) under President Premadasa abducting and murdering JVP youth to DPA, an international News Agency. They were men in army fatique.

K.Sivaram alias Taraki, Aiyathurai Nadesan, Relangi Selvarajah, Ketheeswaran Loganathan, Nimalarajan , Puniyamoorthi and Isaipriya among other journalists sacrificed their lives in the call of duty at the hands of killer squads and to date not a single killer had been arrested or charged.

To date almost 40 media personnel have been killed by successive governments and their sins were exposing bribery and corruption, human rights violations, nepotism among other irregularities by government agents and top and not so important politicians all cocooned and feathered by the governments in power.

Iqbal Athas, a well respected journalist who wrote the defence report for Sunday Times and CNN correspondent was hounded out through intimidation, attack and threats on his life and those of his wife and daughter.

The exodus of journalists intensified after Mahinda Rajapaksa and his family ascended the throne of parliament.

This is not happening in Communist North Korea, China or Russia where such crimes are the prerogative of the ruling powers; this is happening in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka once known as Serendib meaning peaceful isle.

As we mark the eighth anniversary of university students who were brutally murdered while relaxing on a beach in Trincomalee and question the impunity with which the government sends out is agents to kill at will as they did with the French aid workers in Batticaloa we can only stand aside and keep mum for fear of being bumped off.

Media in Sri Lanka be it state or otherwise is under the total control of the state as long as the reporting is from within the country.

The islanders are known for their bon-homie and hospitality but lurking under this façade is a nation tainted by mass graves of dissenters, murky underworld killer squads (consisting of government security forces and paramilitary groups supporting the regime) directly under the supervision of the governments who would kill for a few lakhs of rupees and corruption at all levels of governance only matched if not being superceded by its neighbouring India.

There is much work for international investigators of Sri Lanka’s notorious history of mass murders, war crimes and media suppression and we have less than three months before all the evidence is presented prior to the UNHRC sessions in March. Could 2014 bring relief to the victims of the violent regime? Only if we act fast and furiously.

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    Let us recall these individuals too, lest they be forgotten:

    Shoba, O’liveechchu
    May 18 or 19, in Mullivaikkal, Sri Lanka
    Puniyamoorthy Sathiyamoorthy, freelance
    February 12, 2009, in Mullaitheevu district, Sri Lanka
    Lasantha Wickramatunga, The Sunday Leader
    January 8, 2009, in an area outside Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Rashmi Mohamed, Sirasa TV
    October 6, 2008, in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka
    Paranirupasingham Devakumar, News 1st
    May 28, 2008, in Jaffna, Sri Lanka
    Suresh Linbiyo, Voice of Tigers
    November 27, 2007, in Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka
    T. Tharmalingam, Voice of Tigers
    November 27, 2007, in Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka
    Isaivizhi Chempiyan, Voice of Tigers
    November 27, 2007, in Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka
    Selvarajah Rajeewarnam, Uthayan
    April 29, 2007, in Jaffna, Sri Lanka
    Subash Chandraboas, Nilam
    April 16, 2007, in an area near Vavuniya, Sri Lanka
    Subramaniyam Sugitharajah, Sudar Oli
    January 24, 2006, in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka
    Relangi Selvarajah, Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corp.
    August 12, 2005, in Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Dharmeratnam Sivaram, TamilNet and Daily Mirror
    April 29, 2005, in Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Lanka Jayasundara, Wijeya Publications
    December 11, 2004, in Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Bala Nadarajah Iyer, Thinamurasu and Thinakaran
    August 16, 2004, in Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Aiyathurai Nadesan, Virakesari
    May 31, 2004, in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka
    Mylvaganam Nimalarajan, BBC, Virakesari, Ravaya
    October 19, 2000, in Jaffna, Sri Lanka
    Anura Priyantha, Independent Television Network
    December 18, 1999, in Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Indika Pathinivasan, Maharaja Television Network
    December 18, 1999, in Colombo, Sri Lanka

    6 Journalists Killed in Sri Lanka/Motive Unconfirmed
    Sahadevan Nilakshan, Chaalaram
    August 1, 2007, in Jaffna, Sri Lanka
    Sinnathamby Sivamaharajah, Namathu Eelanadu
    August 20, 2006, in Jaffna, Sri Lanka
    Sampath Lakmal, Sathdina
    July 1, 2006, in Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Vasthian Anthony Mariyadas, Freelancer
    December 31, 1999, in Vavuniya, Sri Lanka
    Atputharajah Nadarajah, Thinamurusu
    November 2, 1999, in Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Rohana Kumara, Satana
    September 7, 1999, in Colombo, Sri Lanka
    (Source: Tamil HR-Paris)

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      The killings of the 17 aid workers in Muttur.



      On 4th August 2006, 17 humanitarian aid
      workers of Action contre la Faim (ACF)
      were brutally assassinated in the Sri
      Lankan town of Muttur – the aid workers were lined
      up and summarily executed on the organisation’s
      premises. The Muttur massacre is one of the most
      atrocious war crimes ever committed against
      humanitarian personnel.
      ACF has closely followed the domestic investigation
      only to become convinced that the Sri Lankan
      justice system is incapable of investigating the
      case. Several domestic mechanisms dealing with
      the Muttur massacre arrived at no conclusion: the
      Magistrate Court (from 2006 to 2008), the National
      Commission of Human Rights (from 2006 to 2008),
      the Presidential Commission of Inquiry (CoI)
      (from 2007 to 2010) and the Lessons Learnt and
      Reconciliation Commission (from 2010 to 2012).
      Meanwhile, a lot of information has leaked into the
      public domain, including the names of the alleged
      murderers. ACF has also collected information
      which reveals that the 17 humanitarian aid
      workers were likely assassinated by members
      of Sri Lankan security forces and the criminals
      must have been covered up by Sri Lankan top
      This report brings together publicly available
      information on the Muttur case, combines this
      with information obtained by ACF directly (from
      witnesses, diplomatic contacts and other sources
      close to the matter) and offers several arguments
      in support of this allegation.
      The report begins with the results of independent
      investigations and individual testimonies which
      implicate Army, Navy and Police personnel in
      the killings and continues with a description of
      how the security forces attempted to destroy
      the evidence in the days immediately after the
      massacre. The report then explores the multiple
      irregularities of the official investigation which
      have helped the killers avoid justice and the role
      that the top Sri Lankan authorities have played in
      providing impunity.
      Facing growing pressure by the international
      community for an effective investigation, Sri
      Lankan authorities are attempting to deflect public
      attention by claiming that another investigation into
      the Muttur massacre has been opened. However,
      deliberate subversion of the investigative process
      over the past 7 years and continuous harassment
      of witnesses and journalists who have raised the
      case have demonstrated that no effective legal
      action can be taken in today’s Sri Lanka in relation
      to the Muttur massacre. ACF believes that only
      an independent international investigation can
      effectively lead to prosecution of the killers.
      With no prospects of an effective domestic
      investigation today, ACF has decided to publicly
      say what it knows about the Muttur massacre.

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      We are talking journalists not terrorists of the VOT, moron!

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        Croak-et, nothing exist as wholes and parts in their natural context.

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      Ah, this list. It looks like you forgot to mention that most of them were either card carrying LTTE propagandists (and hence legitimate targets, according to NATO) or were killed by the LTTE.

      Just remember to tag that little caveat on somewhere the next time you copy & paste this – you wouldn’t want people to think you’re trying to mislead them :D

      • 0

        Reverse BD the tight Khyber Pass.

        There is no NATO after Equinox but just the male cow will fly from M.E.

        In three days return to stone age even before NATO can blink, that’s the splendid experience of creating BD in 8 days.

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    Killers of scribes and activists are not cat burglars. They are ghosts.

    • 1

      Hello Gal/Pol in parliament werewolf!! (^O^)

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    Let us also NOT FORGET those young men and teenagers who were killed in October 2000 in BINDUNUWEWA when they were HELD in the CUSTODY of the GOSL. One scathing independent report at the time ended……..But many questions remain about the role of those further up the police and army chain of command. Which higher authorities did the local police chief tell about the incidents the night before the massacre? Why were troops and police withdrawn from the camp that night even though there had been a menacing crowd? Why did the local police chief do nothing when he heard that a mob was gathering outside the centre in the morning?
    It is highly unlikely that any of the official inquiries will provide answers.

    For sometime now, some killings have been more important than others. This is in common with the current official stance that some of our citizens are worthy of protection and others, well, they are expendable. Ministers and officials, thick-skinned and dismissive, have no problem resorting to our age-old Sri Lankan practice of blaming ‘someone else’. At the very top, Our President is quite blustery when he defends everything because he has his finger on the pulse of Mother Lanka and he knows more than anyone that Mother Lanka and her children are ALL IN DENIAL.

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      The list “K.Sivaram alias Taraki, Aiyathurai Nadesan, Relangi Selvarajah, Ketheeswaran Loganathan, Nimalarajan , Puniyamoorthi and Isaipriya” is interesting.

      None of them was a “journalists” who sacrificed their lives in the call of duty.

      It has been proven beyond doubt that D. Sivaram was an LTTE agent who willingly passed on information to the bombers in C’bo about VIP movements. It is also known that he obtained information from the Island office he infiltrated through the CIA via its long term C’bo ‘asset’ Gamini Weerakoon. Sivaram first came under suspician following the failed attempt on Maithripala Sirisena at Mirihana and was finally outed by the killers of IP Jayasingham, leading to his death.

      Isaipriya was a female LTTE fighter who later switched to news presenting ‘cos of her affair with a LTTE high ranker.

      The ‘journalistic’ credentials of these terrorist spies and agents were not greater than that of Pearl Thevanayagam. They wer lousy.

      The nation has better things to do than mourn such scum.

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        Well said!

      • 1

        “|”he infiltrated through the CIA via its long term C’bo ‘asset’ Gamini Weerakoon.”|”

        …..danegena giyot katargaame!

        Village Jackal,this is your hero–Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.—Adolf Hitler.

        No doubt the Sinhalese are better writers but you are as stupid as Tamils. (@_@)

        You don’t want to know that she is a journalist and that she does know Sinhalese journalist living in London.

        Insanity is saying the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.。◕‿◕。

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    Killing journalists and closing down news papers started in the Dharmista Rule of J.R.Jayawardene.

    In Jaffna two “free presses” were closed down and the owner of “EELAMURASU” Myl Amirthalingam and the staff reporter I.Shanmugalingam were killed by LTTE goons in 1989.

    When UNP and LTTE killed the journalists, those who bark too much about “freedom of press” kept silence.

    UNP closed down the “Aththa” news paper, and M.D.Gunasena Ltd. Where were these PEARLS and others who now cry for Islai Priya, a LTTE terrorist who was holding a rank of Lt.Col in the LTTE army?

    Pearl and others who bark against the current government, never mention the atrocities of the UNP and LTTE.

    After UNP destroyed the opposition news papers, UNP imported some propaganda workers as journalists to Sri Lanka.

    I hope Lasantha was one came to do UNP propaganda.

    Journalism is not PROPAGANDA writings. Further Journalists cannot assume that they have powers to do anything or write anything!

    • 2

      “|”who was holding a rank of Lt.Col in the LTTE army?”|”

      Like you porriki pinatu tatte motte

      Shirnathi was told in no uncertain terms that she is an untouchable beggar by `Civil Major General Peng Chinas folk song nightingale`.

      No wonder you blurt out from your pigs Khyber Pass. Ha ha ha.

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    Checking this list closely one would notice that no journo or political activist have been murdered or killed or tortured since Nathikadal…

    Mr Ekanaligoda hasn’t been certified as murdered or killed..

    Wonder whether the UN HR head honchos have noticed this significant achievement in preventing the deaths of Journalists and Political activists since Nanthikadal….

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    Funny how Tamils adopt Sinhala names and Sinhalese adopt Tamil names for commentaries.
    When we have cowards like these who needs enemies. These tell the sorry saga of our plight.
    Post July 1983 Tamils in Cbo adopted intials so they could not be identified as Tamils.
    Most of these tamils are of Indian origin or those who do not have any pride in their Tamil orign or they are in it for profit and they will support any govt who would give them kudos like the Late Lakshman Kadirgamar or Appeal Court Judge Palakidnar who was given a house by Chandrika in Dehiwela.
    One cannot blame the Sinhalses when Tamils are ready to sell their souls for money.

    • 1

      You are avoiding the real issue here.

      Writing as a sinhalese who is not a coward and not scared of the Tamil terror, I am telling you that none of the people you have listed were bona fide journalists. No were you.

      You are trying to rewrite history by making journalists out of LTTE spies.

      Answer the allegation about D. Sivaram if you can.

      We can understand the bitterness in your old age, but most tamils I know do not consider you a real Tamil.

      • 2

        Careful Pena! Your….’Writing as a sinhalese who is not a coward’… is really very oxymoronic. Further, …..’and not scared of the Tamil terror’…..is only because we outnumber our Tamil brethren. Pena, it will be nice to show some respect and though it may be difficult for a parvenu, a little bit of humility goes a long way too. Finally, nothing is more ridiculous than a Sinhalese (of all people) trying to decide who a Tamil is; let the Tamils judge who is and who is not a Tamil.

      • 0

        Sivaram alias Taraki was from Batticaloa and started his terrorist life in PLOTE under Uma maheswaran. He killed two fellow PLOTE members.

        Later he joined LTTE. His brother in law Poopalapillai of Canadian Tamil Congress which simply gave 50,000 dollars to Amnesty International.

    • 0

      “|”like the Late Lakshman Kadirgamar”!”

      You did never know LK enough and he did not need all that you say because was big enough a name. He was a contract bridge player and simple folk too new the man.
      It’s just that he had married a second time to a Sinhalese woman and he became cannon fodder to village jackals via Chandrika who married Vijay just to come to power and sacrificed him too seeing how the kussi amma mum performed. even kids know Cleopatra Brutus etc.

    • 0

      Thats really sums up your racism and terrorism! So anyone who thought otherwise is a traitor! No wonder u people are placed in the right royal excreta hole!

    • 0

      You are already sold yourself to Parangis.

      Change your name to a Tamil one first like Ponni, Ponnamma, Sellachchi, parameswary or any other TAMIL name.

      Your Church is the supporter of the LTTE and UNP.

      What is your pride in Tamil? Your people sold the Tamil pride for a sundu rice and a piece of Maravalli(Kasava) during the Portuguese rule.

      Your Church is a criminal church and you follow the criminals. Are the bank robbers Fr.Singarayan, Fr.Anton Sinnarasa and Fr.Jeya Kularasa related to you?

      When Tamils are critical of LTTE, people like you cry/bark those Tamils are no Tamils but Sinhalese.

      I hope you are coming from the coolies who were brought to Jaffna by Portuguese or by Dutch!

  • 0

    Let this be a lesson to anyone who is thinking of stealing liquor. This kinda behavior will not be tolerated!!!!

    • 0

      Hmmm… A Ploy, the government has to hire some premonition mongers to catch out anyone who is thinking of stealing liquor beforehand. So, we can tolerate others who really acts on it without thinking.

  • 1

    Careful Pena! Your….’Writing as a sinhalese who is not a coward’… is really very oxymoronic. Further, …..’and not scared of the Tamil terror’…..is only because we outnumber our Tamil brethren.

  • 1

    Prof.Patuwatawithana who was the president of Moratuwa University and Prof. Wijesundara president of Colombo University gunned down by JVO or the then Premadasa government but never arrested anybody regarding those murders.Not only that there are many many people gunned down by LTTE but nobody talk or protest about arresting their killers. All LTTE supporters who helped LTTE run a blood thirsty regime by violating all the human rights as well as dog rights(one video clearly showed they were target practicing using dogs on their way by using armoured trucks!!!) are sought after their deaths!

  • 1

    Pena Kiyanna spring chicken,
    Are you a journalist? Your writing proves you are shooting off our mouth. “Facts are sacred; comment is free” C.P.Scott, founder of Manchester Guardian which is now The Guardian. But then you would not know that.

    Journalism to you must be like blowing into deaf ears.

    • 0

      And neither would you because you are biased and everyone against peelam is a traitor! Go to hell you waste of oxygen! You people preach one thing, practise another, write another , think of another and want the world to believe another!

    • 0

      Oh are you a journalist ……………..?????

  • 2

    You can bring a horse to water but cannot make it drink. Does this sum up your stubborn stance. My journalism credentials are never in question except for those who have no credentials to speak of.

    I will not curl up and die since you sought to vilify me. Dogs bark at the moon; don’t they?

    Find someone else to vent your frustration on.

  • 0

    A….h! Stupidity cannot be cured, obviously.
    No point in wasting time on this woman.

    I give up. Let her wallow in her miery for the rest of her days.

  • 0

    I came across a comment by Pearl Thevanayagam in 2009.

    “Now we have a second and third generation Tamils spread out across the world and who are comparatively well off in terms of education, wealth and academic success (these opportunities denied to Tamils in Sri Lanka) who would stop at nothing to gain back the Tamils’ rights which successive governments have denied and get back provinces they rightfully inherit.”

    “Yes, the government and the Sinhala majority will not rest easy and will not be allowed to rest easy until Tamils regain their rightful inheritance. The second and third generation Tamils are going nowhere until Tamils win back their land and rights.”

    Women, standardization did not deny Tamils the right to education. Language based standardization was wrong. It was wrong not because it limited the intake of Tamil medium students but because it didn’t limit the intake of those students who had access to better educational institutions. North and East is not exclusively the birth right of Tamils. The land in that part of the country belongs to Sinhala people too. Sinhala community are the descendants of people who built up kingdoms in the dry zone that extended from Mannar to Trincomalee and from Point Pedro to deep South.

    Hopefully, Sinhala people will take serious note of your threat to make their lives difficult until such time they yield to your “fantasies” and “imagined” grievances.

    This is the first time I read anywhere a “respectable” journalist making threats at entire Sinhala community. I’m posting your comment here for the benefit of Sinhala readership.

    • 0

      Oh.. I did not come across with this crap of racist rantings of this woman who now cries of Human Rights.

      What “land” this half Portuguese/malayalee woman want in Sri lanka?

    • 0

      Tatte motte you could not have come across while living in the WC as in your trains and cursing folk who dont agree with your fantasy of bestiality breed.

  • 0

    Why Tamils cannot get redress is their inherent hatred they harobor for fellow Tamils. Sivananthan is a frustrated Tamil who got nowhere and is going nowhere.

    I’ll vote for a Sinhala leader anytime since Tamils are like Jews; their focus is accumulating wealth and not in Hinduistic dharma. Their goddes is Lakshmi; Goddess of wealth. Need I say more. I pity these ignoramuses.

    I can never forget Chrishanty Kumaraswamy’s uncle in Wellawatte when I went to meet him with Kumar Ponnambalam , all he wanted was the buried jewellery in his sister’s garden.

    He ran a tutory and he had no remorse for his murdered sister or niece and nephew.

    My neighbour, Mrs Lankage in Enderamulla is a far superior human being than any of the Tamils I have come across. She was the one who was at my doorstep when the CID raided my house.

    • 0

      Ponnamma Thevanayagam

      You cried against Sinhalese and supported LTTE goons.

      But you did not answer my questions. Which bank robber priest related to you?

      Tamils are like Jews… hahahah What a joke you crack granny!
      Jews never kill their fellow jews for any reason but you and your church morons are blood thirst animals.

      I know it well your christian morons are behind the money. That is why I told your ancestors sold everything for a sundu rice and a piece of kasava. LTTE also behind the money. Smugglers always run for money.

      Christian priests joined LTTE to loot the Tamils and not liberate tamils.

      You are an opportunistic christian criminal and make dollars at the sufferings of others.

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