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CEB Chairman Vows To Resign Following Over Six Hour Long Blackout

In a refreshing act of accountability usually alien to Sri Lanka, chairman of the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) Anura Wijayapala announced that he will take responsibility for the three islandwide power failures and tender his resignation soon after restoring power across the county.

Anura Wijayapala

Announcing his decision, Wijayapala said that no one was taking responsibility for the power failures, hence he will step up and take responsibility for the power failures over the past 6 months, with two occurring over the last month alone, including today which resulted in an over 6 hour long power cut across the country, one of the longest in many years.

“No one is taking responsibility, so I will take responsibility and send my resignation to the Minister soon after the power is restored,” Wijayapala said.

Angry Sri Lankans took to social media, including Facebook and Twitter demanding for the resignation of the Power Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya, as well as everyone at CEB who was responsible.

“Despite offering to resign, I am sure CEB Chairman’s resignation will not be accepted. But, instead of the Chairman, they should fire the Minister or the Government itself must resign. Three Island wide blackout’s in a space of a few weeks? I am sure they will appoint more commissions to find the cause and until the next power failure they will still be investigating it. This is a disgrace,” an angry Sri Lankan declared.

A technical failure is believed to be the cause of the power failure.

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