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CH & FC Doha Tour Saga Continues: “Ambassador Porter” Locks Up Two Teachers & Daughter For One Week

Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Qatar A.S.P. Liyanage has ordered two female lady teachers and a nine year old child of Stafford Sri Lankan School Doha to be forcibly detained in the staff accommodation against their wishes, until he arrives from Colombo on the 17th of October 2018.

Prior to leaving for Colombo last Wednesday, Ambassador Liyanage gave this order and placed people loyal to him to guard their apartment and prevent them from leaving the building.

Ambassador A.S.P. Liyanage and his appointed Stafford Sri Lankan Doha Shool Board and Embassy Officials

One of the lady teachers has her nine year old daughter living with her. She is also a student of Stafford Sri Lanka Doha School and has now being deprived of attending school today.

Friends and close associates of the two teachers reached out to Colombo Telegraph to break this story hoping to seek relief from local authorities in Qatar, as no complaint could be made against the Ambassador of Sri Lanka, due to him holding diplomatic immunity.

Two days ago Ambassador A.S.P. Liyanage had verbally humiliated these two teachers (names withheld to protect their identities) prior to handing them letters of termination from their employment in front of a gathering of men, comprising of his appointed School Board Members and Sri Lankan Embassy officials at the Stafford School office.

The men in attendance were the Principal of Stafford Doha School Sivakumaran, Chief Administrator Gamini Amerasinghe, Deputy Administrator Suranga Fernando, Chief Financial Officer Brito, Board Member Sooriyaarachchi (Suri), Chairman Stafford Doha School Roshan Balasuriya and Sri Lanka Embassy staff Amanulla and Ruwan Danasooriya.

Speaking in the vernacular Ambassador Liyanage had said “Wareng Wesiyo Meheta. Paka weda karanna epa. Galawapang thopilage kalisang deka, mama umbalata hukala pennanm”.

Translated into English it reads “come here you two prostitutes. Don’t do fucked up things. Remove your trousers, I will fuck you and show you”.

The behaviour of Ambassador Liyanage is attributed to the fact that he was taunted, ridiculed, jeered and hooted to by a large section of the ground that had gathered to witness the rugby match played between the visiting CH & FC rugby club from Colombo and the Doha Rugby Football Club last Friday.

Ambassador Liyanage claimed that it was these two teachers who had instigated the crowds to taunt, hoot and jeer him.

What made the Sri Lankan spectators at the rugby grounds angered is when Ambassador Liyanage taking to the microphone went on to introduce the Rajapaksa sons as honourable Yoshitha and Honorable Rohitha prior to the game’s kick off.

The day prior to the rugby encounter, Colombo Telegraph broke a story and published photographs of Ambassador A.S.P. Liyanage carrying the bags of the ousted former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s sons on their arrival at the Doha International Airport with the CH & FC rugby team.

The published story which went viral saw many writers take to social media and question the actions of Ambassador Liyanage, especially as the Rajapksa sons hold no official status in the country.

One of the Rajapaksa sons and skipper of the CH rugby team Yoshitha Rajapaksa, is currently out on bail and has several cases filed against him in Sri Lanka.

However at the awards presentation large sections of the spectators were heard and seen jeering Ambassador Liyanage, especially as he ducked for cover and bolted almost immediately after handing the winner’s trophy to CH skipper Yoshitha Rajapaksa.

It is reliably learnt that Ambassador Liyanage who was earlier in Colombo in early October 2018 had no idea of the Rajapaksa sons visiting Qatar. He had cut short his trip and returned to Doha to ensure he could meet and greet the Rajapaksa sons on their arrival.

Meanwhile a number of Sri Lankans who have been assaulted and abused by Ambassador Liyanage have expressed their willingness to come forward and testify, if an impartial and transparent investigation could be carried out by Qatar government officials.

This is as the Ambasador Liyanage has threatened many Sri Lankans that he will plant drugs on them and have them jailed in Qatar and then deported if anyone does not obey his commands.

Several complaints made officially at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sri Lanka have been disregarded by Prasad Kariyawasam the Secretary to the Ministry.

Colombo Telegraph has telephone recorded evidence in its possession pertaining to this reported incident. (Janaki Seniviratane)

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