22 May, 2022


Champika Ranawaka Should Not Be Another Fisherman In Troubled Waters

By Shyamon Jayasinghe

Shyamon Jayasinghe

Shyamon Jayasinghe

My attention is drawn to Dr Kumar David’s piece in Colombo Telegraph under the caption, “Champika Ranawaka’s Double-edged Book Launch,” for the simple reason that this Minister intrigues me with his doings and his public speeches. He has often been contradictory and that adds to the mystery of the man. We keep wondering.

As Kumar David says, here is a young political leader and a significant Minister at that. He is blessed with higher education and is therefore exposed to the universals of life. Not trying to diminish engineers I like to qualify here that had Champika Ranawaka (CR) been also attuned to social and humanity study it would have changed his world view more drastically and for the betterment of himself and the humanity he seems to be aspiring to lead. For persons like this-intelligent, resolute and with a strong political will to power a quick course in Harvard or a British University would do great good. If he isn’t predisposed to be averse to Americans, as most patriots in Lanka are, the US government would fill up this gap for CR and Sri Lankans will be the luckier. A leader’s behavior, ruling aspirations and objectives will depend largely on his/her world view or personal reality.

Champika - pic Indika Handuwela: Sunday TimesThe sounder the set of perceptions that constitute the world view are, the sounder the outcomes of the leader would be. Sri Lanka has had and has Prime Ministers and Presidents (present one included) who have had narrow world views, deeply set in superstition. I remember one day on my way to the Presidential Secretariat for a meeting set by former President Ranasinghe Premadasa (RP) I found the President staying in his car downstairs with door open but not alighting. On enquiries made I was told that RP was waiting for the astrological moment to get down from the car! I also remember well that dramatic day in the frightful days of the threatened impeachment when RP got some Malaysian chanters and sorcerers to pour chanted oil on the seats of MPs! Mahinda Rajapaksa is no better from what I gather in this regard. He has a charmed talisman worn on his palm which is said to have the sacred power of seducing opponents. Many decisions taken by leaders of this ilk are bound to be wonky, askew and capricious. Except for those like me who derive free entertainment by watching such antics and gyrations, for the island nation as a whole it spells tragedy. To the leader, too, in the end it becomes a personal catastrophe. Despite his carefully drawn astrological calculations RP was blasted by a bomb and died as dogs often die-on the road.

This diversion is not without lesson as it suggests to Champika that there is a dire need for him to broaden his education in order to construct a healthy world view. I do not know if CR also believes in the superstition of astrology but he does seem to have a strong proclivity for a misguided sense of narrow nationalism and racism. I am only hoping this is not a put-on in the power game. Given it is a masked behavior; it is no good as he would be in the position of Lankan leaders who fish in troubled waters. To play the Sinhala Buddhist game is just such an attempt. Sri Lanka has had enough of this narrow and pathetic chauvinists beginning from the time of SWRD Bandaranaike. The latter was never a leader who rose to be a statesman that can steer our nation. And all this, in spite of his Oxford education! What a naked opportunist SWRD was. Sri Lanka is still paying for his sins of commission and omission. Mahinda Rajapaksa has a mind set in a cosmopolitan framework as SWRD was but he is also a downright opportunist; only the motivation to stay in power drives him.

Kumar David’s shrewd eye witness account of the book launch of CR on the 6th August at the Sri Lankan Foundation Hall catches my mind’s eye, too, as a launch for political leadership. That explains the fan fair and the tinsel. As a young educated leader among leaders who have hardly an education to boast of I personally like to wish CR well; but only with the qualifying provisos stated above. Champika must give up fishing in troubled waters. Sri Lankan waters are too muddied and infected for another plastic leader to come and take the country and its poor people captive.

Above all, CR must be honest. I have pointed out in a piece published in Colombo Telegraph how CR showed himself before a Paris JHU audience to be mendacious and mischievous. At that meeting CR uttered a litany of deliberate lies and twists about Lankan history. He also convoluted statistics in order to strike fear among the audience about the presence of Muslims in Lanka’s body politic. For his fortune, CR had a stupid audience in Paris who were evidently impressed by the falsehoods.

Of course CR is young and he has time to learn and mature. The problem, however, is that if he loses credibility at the beginning he is likely to be a non-starter in his chosen race.

Kumar David’s account of the behavior of Professor Gunapala Nanayakkara (GN) is amusing if not tragically laden. GN is merely emblematic of the moral collapse of academics in Sri Lanka’s seats of higher learning under the leadership of Hon SB Dissanayake to whom University students are “cows” and “bulls.”

*The writer is a former senior of the Public Service in Sri Lanka. A well-known Sarachchandra player, he is also a published author. E-Mail: sjturaus@optusnet.com.au

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    I think CR ought to be left to decide what is good for him and his beloved country. He certainly is mature enough and in my opinion does not need lessons from a Yankeephile. Just as well that CRs mind is not cluttered with US view of the world and not determining what is good for SLK with a US perception.

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      Shyamon Jayasinghe is the Man who completely forgot about what Australian Aborigines going through and praised Australia for it’s democratic principles.

      Shyamon Jayasinghe is the ideal Kalu-suddha.

      • 5

        Jim softy , Lorenzo, Sumanasekera, Leela et al and other Avtars,

        “Shyamon Jayasinghe is the Man who completely forgot about what Australian Aborigines going through and praised Australia for it’s democratic principles.”

        Sinhala “Buddhists” completely forgot about what Sri Lankan Aborigines, Native Veddah, going through and praised Buddha for making Three Visits to the Island and Making it a DhammaDepaya,

        How Many lies will the Monks and Sinhala Buddhists make in this modern age?

        The Vedda Tribe


        The Dīpavamsa edited and translated by H. Oldenberg, 1879- (Full text)Dipawansa


        The Mahavamsa translated into English by Wilhelm Geiger, 1912- (Full text)


        PS. Lorenzo et al, Why is it that the Lankaweb moderator has indigestion and constipation on with Amarasiri;s Posts? Do not want Sinhala “Buddhist” lies exposed?

        • 2

          Despite Blatant Lies By The Regime; Why People Still Choose To Elect Them?…….

          Because, the Gobbasenas (Rajapakse gang of thieves) will bring disaster sooner than later, in fast track motion. Soon, it will all be over. Mahinda’s open double games playing with each and everyone will soo be over.

          Playing with China & Russia and then having secret dealings with the sworn enemies of the Russians and Chinese, the ZIONISTAS (US,EU & AUSTRALIA) designed to destabilise RUSSIA. Signalling the ZIONISTAS that he’s a sworn enemy of ISLAM by deploying Pigs by the name BBS/RAVANA/RAVAYA etc., to attack the Muslims and going to a PALESTINIAN camp to suggest that he’s still the “Friend” of Palestinians…(LOL).

          Russia is planning to bust the Israeli Zionst backed grand plan in a few months time. ZIONISTAS downed a Malaysian Airline by the UKRAINIAN Zionista to fix the blame on Russia are all future conflict dramas which is unfolding before our very eyes. Mahinda the Gobbasena might have thought that he is in the right coaliation to save his ass from War Crimes by openly supporting the Zionistas through his back-Lick Sinhala Only Mafiosis.

          Zionistas are heading for a disastrous WWIII by destroying remaining Arab lands and expanding the ZION and grabbing the OIL reserves. Its is then the Gobbastan leader Mahinda (backed by the yellow robed sick fellas) will realize to what kind of shit that they have got into. By that time, Colombo might be burning with Nuclear bombs sent by the Russian/Chinese coalition and also by US/Israeli evil axis for playing double game by DOUBLE GAME MAHINDA.

          Its a God sent blessing of the plan that his Mass Murderer Bro., Gobbasena Gotabhaya trying to do a JOZEF STALIN by sending off all the minorities from Colombo and then establish a pure Sinhala Only Gobba City as dreamed by the JHU (excema inested dogs) of the Sinhala Only Piggy project. This will be an ideal opportunity for the powers to bomb Colombo full of Sinhala Smutt head Buddhists like what happened to HIROSHIMA & NAGASAKI (the 100% Buddhist cities the US/Jewish scientists never hesitated to bomb). When that happens the world can feel relieved of the destruction of the Anti-Humanity SINHALA ONLY CITY.

          Let the world know that in the history of mankind MAHINDA RAJAPAKSE is one of those stupid swines who has lent his hand in the destruction of the Humans in vast numbers through his own power hungry and then due to the fear of saving himself from the wrath of the ZIONISTAS for his past killings of humanity on the altar of HRC Tribunals. In whichever way, Gobbastan Mahinda is on the losing side.

          Gobba Gota, BBS, JHU, Champika Ranawaka and the entire Sinhala Buddhist Sinhala Only fraternity supports Israel….DO YOU KNOW WHY…watch the videos below and do your home work….

          DARK DAYS ARE COMING TO THE WORLD…and surely Rajapakse’s body will be lying on the streets once the people discover the truth and become enraged….

          Just watch the video (I accidentally found very prophetic) for more info:

          BRICS Breaking The Jewish Money Power by Brother Nathanael

          Can The Jews Stop Putin?

          Exposed! Brother Nathanael names who owns the media -what we have suspected all along

          Did Israel’s Mossad Do 9/11? Brother Nathanael theory

          Role Of Russia & China In Changing The World Order By Sheikh Imran Hosein http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-ioeVuK7Uo

          Sheikh Imran Hosein 2014 Islam, Russia, Ukraine and Alliance with Rum Rome http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUzHQy54DdM

      • 2

        Jim Softy and Avtars,

        What Happened to Champika Ranawaka aka Boruwaskas 48 Chromosomes?

        He Used to have 48, in common with his ancestors. Now he has 46, all Para-from South India,

        “Australian Aborigines going through and praised Australia for it’s democratic principles.”


        Uploaded on Jun 14, 2008

        The Quran describes how Allah created Adam: Bible says the same. Buddhits say it is rebirth and Karmic energy and Anatte.

        “We created man from sounding clay, from mud moulded into shape…” (15:26). And, “He began the creation of man from clay, and made his progeny from a quintessence of fluid” (32:7-8). Thus, human beings have a fundamental attachment to the earth.

        But New Scientific evidence from Molecular and cellular biology shows that Qu’aran has no idea of evolution and is completely checkmated by the new dicoveries. it is the biggest Error in Qu’aran among many other errors, and contradicts the popular claim that Qu’aran is Scientific. Buddhism on the other hand has a similar view on evolution of life.

    • 13

      Pathala Champika is a racist who has distorted the teachings of the Buddha in the land of the Sinhala Modayas. He is an opportunist who plays the ethnic card in order to grab power.

      In order to rescue Buddhism in Sri Lanka from politicization and destruction by the Rajapaksa regime and the likes of stooge Pathala Champika Ranawaka, Sobitha Thero needs to quickly convene a meeting of the joint opposition and name Chandrika Bandaranaiyake Kumaratunge as a the joint opposition candidate. Only CBK will be able to unseat Jarapassa. Ranil Wickramsinghe is preparing to be a spoiler – but this will divide the UNP and destroy it further.

      Also the honest Buddhist monks should educate the people that having so many elections is a huge waste of money. An early presidential election in November this year would be totally unconstitutional and morally wrong since MR does not have the right call an early election for a 3rd term.

      This is part of the Jarapassa corrupt and criminal family’s power grab and must be stopped at all cost. There cannot be another election this year in the land of the SInhala Modayas!

      • 5

        please not chandrika. she has done enough harm during her earlier tenure.

    • 8

      champika is a xenophobic, though not as forthcoming aa the terrorist monk gnanasara. we have seen that in his actions and heard in his speeches. shame it is for a apparently good practising buddhist. or is that just eyewash.

    • 7

      CR is not cluttered with US view, he is loaded with full of lies. He is not groomed from the right background, let him learn to level his lies with the realties and known history. He doesn’t know, history cannot be changed, and it is past.
      Let him get some advise and lessons from JVP leader Anura Dissanayake on how to get the attention of the public by divulging the real history instead of misleading the people with big fat lies

    • 4

      Thank you, Shyamon Jayasinghe couldn’t have said it better.

      Champika Ranawaka has no personality whatsoever. He could only please a few idiotic audience who are with the same mind set of himself. I don’t think any single decent person would attend his meetings simply because he lies and twist and turn facts. Champika is a Netanyahu and Gammanpila is a Subramainam Loonyswami. JHU is a Mixer of RSS+Mossad with its new custodian 7-eleven mental Gota.

      What’s the fuss about Champika’s degree that every other person is calling him highly educated? Anura Kumara has a BSc degree that no one is talking about. What about Dr Harsha, Dr Amunugama and Sumanthiran so on.
      This man is a parasite, he should be removed or destroyed, the sooner the better.

    • 2

      You seem to be talking through your a.., CR shows him self as a Buddhist, but he keeps a woman he lies, Norocholi was built under his watch. He either participated in the day light robbery or he watched while we were robbed. Was he responsible for Ekneligoda disappearing? So what is he a Buddhist?
      These types can not be leaders . They are parasites.

  • 3

    Wow so the cat champi needs to refurbish its tail and has gone out to re_tail??

    [conscientia mille testes]-Conscience is as good as a thousand witnesses

    6 semesters and 2 years trade unionism is good for UK the land of associations but not for engineers in the field. They simply wouldn’t be able to identify head or tails- but end up doing clerical reports.

    It does not surprise me that he got into politics because he came first in a village like most dictators and like late dictator Franco uses race and religion to wet his appetite.

    He will never go atomic because Mahanama had no `Mora` or moral standards.

    What he needs is a chastity belt signed `Amma` for across the palk straights bhabha atomic Chennai – Pluto 1000 years.

    Once he accomplishes that may be Big Foot would visit him.

    West does not need more religious/race fanatics he just needs a bionic chip to correct that and its there. If not let him keep doing the twirly.

    • 2

      So Javi:

      What do you call the above Garbage. Your contribution to the debate or shall I say “oh Kumballe Kovintha” just like your mentor Luny Swami who comes every October for his Pay Cheque Idiot.

      • 0

        [Edited out]

        • 0

          Misconstruing the info to suit agenda of CT only.!
          Have you and the bathgulla school teacher moda_rater got into some puttuva
          she has scratchy underware??

  • 3

    SJ aka NV,

    SL does not work according to your plans. People think differently. Thank god for that.

    So get ready for YET another defeat.

  • 3

    Rajapaksa has produced the goods. Inhabitants can see them feel them and use them.

    Champaka got the chance to display his potency thanks to Rajapaksa.

    No body in right mind will think that Champika can roll Rajapaksa.

    KD and SJ would love to put Champika to break up the Sinhala Buddhist vote and get Rainbow Ranil pass the post first with the LTTE proxy and the Elite vote.

    • 4

      I don’t think Mahinda Rajapakse would ever give the opportunity to another except for his own blood.

      • 1

        It is gratifying to note that your brain cells occasionally work !

    • 1

      When Lee Kawan Yew took over the running of Singapore he was described using all the epithets under the sun, even though he was an Oxford scholar. He took absolutely no notice, and the Singapore that we see today is due to vision. Singaporeans learnt to take pride in his economic achievements even while he was still the leader, even though his methods were militaristic.

      Let us hope that Sri Lanka can look forward to such a future.

      • 1

        Before you compare our man to Lee, remember that Lee made sure there was 0% corruption unlike our man who’s brother is known as 10%

      • 4


        Here is something you (Sinhala/Buddhist) couldn’t see but Lee did.
        Read the whole line by line and learn it by heart. One day Lee is vision could be useful to your great grand children. He avoided everything the Sinhala/Buddhists did, hence “Singaporeans learnt to take pride in his economic achievements even while he was still the leader”.

        Sri Lanka’s mistakes taught Singapore to do different: Lee Kwan Yew

        31 Aug, 2007 20:12:33

        August 31, 2007 (LBO) – The mistakes of Sri Lanka and other newly independent ‘failed states’ made Singapore go in a different direction, its founding prime minister told the International Herald Tribune (IHT) in an interview.
        Lee Kwan Yew, now minister mentor, said when Singapore broke off from the Malayan Federation it had a hostile neighbor and a population made of Chinese, Malays and immigrants from the Indian subcontinent.
        “The basis of a nation just was not there. But the advantage we had was that we became independent late,” Lee recalled in a wide ranging interview with the IHT published this week.

        “In 1965, we had 20 years of examples of failed states. So, we knew what to avoid – racial conflict, linguistic strife, and religious conflict. We saw Ceylon.”

        “Thereafter, we knew that if we embarked on any of these romantic ideas, to revive a mythical past of greatness and culture, we’d be damned.”

        Lee was prime minister from 1959 to 1990 when he stepped down. Sri Lanka gained independence from Britain in 1948.

        Lee said the team that ran Singapore made a deliberate decision to use English as a working language and not focus on Chinese. At the time Singapore had Chinese, Malay and Indian schools in separate language mediums.

        The British had also set up English schools to produce clerks, storekeepers and teachers.

        “Had we chosen Chinese, which was our majority language, we would have perished, economically and politically,” Lee told the IHT.

        “Riots – we’ve seen Sri Lanka, when they switched from English to Sinhalese and disenfranchised the Tamils and so strife ever after.

        “We chose – we didn’t say it was our national language – we said it was our working language, that everybody learns English whatever language medium school you go to. Which means nobody needs interpretation to read English.”

        Lee said 20 percent of Singapore’s population now finished their education abroad, while 50 percent traveled in and out of the country.

        The country’s foreign and defence policy was shaped on the realization that it could perhaps only hold out for two weeks against a foreign invasion.

        Singapore was therefore in favour of creating a world order based on rule of law and a respect for international borders.

        It is grappling with the possible outcomes of economic and political might of China and India in the next four decades.

        While Sri Lanka is still bogged won with issues such as exchange rates, inflation, fuel subsidies and political ideology Singapore is thinking far ahead, even to issues such as the effect of global warning on a low elevation island nation.

        He says other countries do not focus on such matters because they are not ‘election issues’.

        “You know maybe 50 years, a 100 years, most of us would be dead. Leave it to the next president,” Lee said.

        “…we are too vulnerable. If the water goes up by one meter, we can have dikes and save ourselves. If the water goes up by three, four, five meters, what will happen to us? Half of Singapore will disappear! The valuable half – the seafronts!

        “Well, let us say, it has gone up to one meter and we have protected ourselves. But our neighboring islands have disappeared! And then Indonesia may not have 30,000 islands – many will be under water.”

        Singapore has started to talk with the Dutch about building dikes, Lee said.

        Earlier this month a retired Thai diplomat, Sompong Sucharitkul, said Singapore opposed the entry of Sri Lanka to Asean when it was founded in 1967 because the country was viewed as unstable.

        In 1967 the Sri Lanka was run by Prime Minister Dudley Senanayake in a shaky coalition with the Federal Party. His attempts to solve the ethnic question failed when proposals to devolve power was withdrawn amidst opposition.

        Sompong said a discussion was held on August 06 and two ministers from Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) were in an adjacent room.

        “I remember one was an economics minister. He waited there anxiously for a signal to join the discussion; but it never came,” Sompong told Thailand’s The Nation newspaper.


        • 1

          Thanks for this NV for i had not read this collection but LKY.
          BTW their new proposal to foreigner employment and locals is hurting the multi-nationals – will they win. Singaporeans like their cheap Chinese mainland wife just like the Indians.

          Singapore was conceived by professionals for professionals!
          Lanka after independence was conceived by Mahanama Sihala Buddhist with the begging bowl but not the chastity belt.
          You can take Congress or Lankan parliament to water but you cannot make it drink- Lanka buffaloes drown awaiting for Tsunami to go back to heritage- Horu. Sihala Olu/Sihala Ulu/Sihala Boru.
          In the Netherlands the dykes are old like the London underground and I see frequent floods at Rotterdam. The dutch are the best a waterproofing because of its environment.
          The first floating dock built in Asia for Hong kong was by Bhabha of Atomic fame.
          The floating is the present and future.
          So why are these fin’g JT’s with all their moola fighting for a shithole??
          Small minds- race language and revenge as if they were never part of it!
          Here is the latest of floating islands (there are more in Japan)
          [Remember cities were born before the village. The villages became their satellites- Jacobs]
          Almost all dictators were born in villages.

          • 3

            Javi & Ken robert

            Here is good analysis by prof R A L H Gunawardana

            You should read it and use it to counter/expose OTC, Banda, Mechanic, Jimmy, Ramu,….:

            R.A.L.H. Gunawardana

            Pages from 177 to 201


            Edited by Mahinda Deegalle


            List of contributors xi
            Acknowledgements xiii
            List of abbreviations xiv

            1 Introduction: Buddhism, conflict and violence 1

            2 Is the Sri Lankan war a Buddhist fundamentalism? 22

            3 Hindu influences on medieval Sri Lankan Buddhist culture 38

            4 The Theravada analysis of conflicts 67

            5 A ‘Righteous War’ in Buddhism? 78
            P.D. PREMASIRI

            6 Semantic transformations of the dhammadipa 86
            PETER SCHALK

            7 Sinhala fears of Tamil demands 93

            8 Historiography in conflict and violence 114

            9 Buddhism, ethnicity, and identity: a problem in
            Buddhist history 134

            10 Identity issues of Sinhalas and Tamils 163
            BARDWELL SMITH

            11 Roots of the conflict and the peace process 177
            R.A.L.H. GUNAWARDANA

            12 Buddhist monks and peace in Sri Lanka 202
            CHANDRA R. DE SILVA

            13 The role of Buddhist monks in resolving the conflict 210

            14 Sarvodaya’s pursuit of peace 226
            GEORGE BOND

            15 JHU politics for peace and a righteous state 233

            Bibliography 255

            Index 267

    • 1

      Kiribanda Sumanasekera, Lorenzo, Leela, Jim Softy and Avatars,

      “Rajapaksa has produced the goods. Inhabitants can see them feel them and use them.”

      Yes, for the Family, Cronies and Shills only. Others had to go abroad, including thousands of housemaids.

      At least CT posts your opinions, but Amarasiri is NOT afforded that at Lankaweb. Why Double standards?

      It was like the Church banning the Copernican Heliocentric Model.

      Post Script: Are there liars at Lankaweb? Why is that Amarasiri’s posts give indigestion and constipation to the moderators of Lanka Web when Amarasiri points out the lies and distortions? Is it because Lankaweb is a lie and distortion spreading media of the para-Sinhala Buddhist racists, and there is no room for alternate opinions from Agnostics and Egalitarians? So Lankaweb’s following claim is a lie, and therefore they are liars.


      “We believe in Free Speech, Right of Expression that Creates Platform for Dialogue. Therefore we do not moderate every comment posted on this web site. Once filtered through the initial registration process, any subsequent comments can be posted directly on the website to make it truly interactive. However, any abusive comments will be deleted forthwith and contributor’s membership will be cancelled immediately.”

    • 2

      Sumanasekera, we can see them ,but can not feel them. This is the problem in Sri Lanka. The argument is people like Lalith Dissanayake, used to write letters but now people send SMS’s and e mails . So what? I bet you if not this man his grandmother did not have water coming out of a tap! Are you people in government taking credit for all that the Indian lady who developed hotmail, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates etc etc…… In these past decades have achieved? Cell phones my Ass! How many universities have you built?
      May be we do not feel your development, because we have not seen the Dubai Marriott?

  • 8

    “Champika Ranawaka Should Not Be Another Fisherman In Troubled Waters”

    He is a not a fisherman but a racist who wants to win Sinhala buddhist votes.
    Listen to his speech recently made in France, listen to his speeches he made after Aluthgama riots.

    The people of Sri Lanka should show the right place to these racists.

  • 8

    I am not a great fan of Champika Ranawaka, but we should appreciate his efforts to expose the dark forces at work who seek to exploit the wealth and resources of this country.

    We are well aware of the bribery and corruption that undermines the Govt, Govt Ministries and organisations. These are the causes for the continuing decay and downfall of this nation.

    We see it all the time but no one dares comment or oppose these people. It is well entrenched in the political and social fabric of the country. Every one has a price, even the voters and ordinary people. This is well understood by those who seek to exploit this nation.

    I think it is good to speak up on these matters rather than remaining silent. It is not a matter of fishing in troubled waters. It is better to speak up than to ferment revolt and turmoil that will undermine the very objective of setting things right. Things should be settled through civilised discourse and discussion.

    It is here that the Govt needs to ensure the freedom of expression and media freedom. Suppression will lead to frustration and revolt.

  • 3

    Pity that the post-modernist, socialist, environmentally-friendly, Buddhistic vision has to go hand in hand with the Champika outdated Mahavamsa-structural conceptuals.

    However, if Lanka is to go the ultra-capitalistic path a la China, then the Ranawaka method is far preferable, and will be a relief to the average Lion-Race comfort-level.

    Only hope that the Hela/Aryo gene pool will not disregard the substantial Dravidio DNA-essential that glues it all together. And that Allah/Jesus-Christs are possible convertees, with good behavior from the Buddha-ed side of things.

  • 5

    Shymon occasionally writes such articles.

    Just like Tissaranee, Kusal Periea et al he is predisposed to finding “something wrong” with the Sinhala people. It does not have to be something. Anything will do it seems.

    Their “liberalist” innards ache unless “balance” is brought to the narration Tamils nationalism was the main cause for Ceylon ethnic upheaval. It does not matter if the empirical evidence suggests otherwise.

    SWRD is always the whipping boy for his language policy. Although, hindsight is a beautiful thing. SWRD made a decision based on the reality of his day. The reality he’d face was identical to the situation Jawaharlal Nehru of India faced before partition with Ali Jinnah. A reminder of the situation is here.


    Just like Jinnah, SWRD counterpart had determined Tamils were a “nation” – not a minority. SWRD had to accept or totally reject the idea altogether. He took the latter option obviously considering the implications.

    Shymon here is a “one move” fella. In that him and other of his ilk rarely consider the aftermath. Recognizing Tamils as a nation has far reaching implications. It creates more problems than it solves. Recognition of Tamil language on parity with Sinhala is not the main goal. It was considered just a beachhead to latent Tamil nationalist moves yet to follow.

    Tamil language was made “official” nevertheless. If SWRD was wrong that should have been the end the Tamil problem. When it did not, it proves SWRD was correct all along doesn’t it?

  • 1


    “Tamil language was made “official” nevertheless.”


    By whom?

    At what cost?

    Enforcing Sinhala only language policy was one among other machination which stupid bureaucrats, politicians and the Sangha believed and still believe would accelerate the Sinhala/Buddhistisation of this island.

    We know you couldn’t help hearing voices in your head.

    • 3

      Gosh! “Buddhistisation” ???

      Stop murdering the English language please. Its a good trick that. When Tamils see something ordinary, although do not necessarily like you coin funky words like “Majoritism” and “Victorism” isn’t it?

      Eastern Tamils are being converted to all kinds of Christian denominations as we speak. Did you ever have a word for that like “Catholisiation” or “Anglicanisation” etc? How did nearly half the Tamil population change to Catholicism? I cannot remember anyone objecting.

      Anyways, which came first? The SWRD language policy or Chelvanayagam’s exclusive Tamil enclave covering 55% of the island and the coast line in a multicultural island?

      • 1

        Na, never…….true Thamil-Nation Nationalism came long after Sinhala-Buddhist terror on Thamil shopkeepers. It was there to an extent before-hand, but it only involved in indulgence in all things Thamil in the North, reveling in all things their ancestors passed down to them.

        However, I agree that SWRD was right to Sinhalize the country, especially the capital city. However, when Thamils asked for Thamilization (they should have learned Sinhalese), rather than rational discussion in parliament, the Sinhala mobs were very quick to start killing poor Thamils.

        To be fair to the Sinhalese, everything was given to the Thamils, but that racial violence decade after decade after independence by uncontrollable mobs stirred up by Mahavamsa rethoric, was too much to be borne.

        • 2


          You have only taken into the Tamil Nationalism visible to the naked eye.

          However, the ITAK was formed the same year as Tamil Nadu DMK. The parallels are uncanny. When DMK spoke of Hindu-Aryan Invasions, ITAK spoke of Aryan-Buddhist invasions into Tamil homeland. The anti Sanskritization and secularism movement was copied. Both advocated separatism etc.

          I cannot go into detail, however suffice to say it raised alarms such that every leader since Independence have made efforts to mitigate the risk.

          Tamil nationalism you see as a lay person and the one that registers on the radar or govt intelligence serves are far more accurate. Its more accurate because it covers what is hidden in language and its manifestations across the ditch.

          The dilemma for ITAK was having the Tamil sovereignty idea but no discrimination to validate a claim for remedial sovereignty. That is why every possible govt policy had to be shown in a bad light as being against Tamils.

          The claims of discrimination was concocted. The violence against Tamil shop keepers were engineered. When SJV Chelvagayam said “we will become such a nuisense” such that it will force Sinhalese “to throw Tamils out”, that gives you an idea of this policy,

          • 1

            Possible, but unlikely. I think it was that Thamils got the taste of colonial commercialism and started moving all over the island away from their traditional lands, to make money. And they were good at it. They would have been successful and patted the heads of the Sinhalese and convinced them they are actually Dravidians. After a generation or two, Thamils would have converted to Buddhism and spoken Sinhalese. But for the Anagrika Dharmapla Aryan mind-set.

            Was all the fighting for dacade after decade since independence worth it to secure the 28.3 : 71.7 Aryan-Dravidian gene pool? If all went well, it would have become about a 33.1: 66.9 ratio.

            • 1

              But on the other hand, you might be quite right Vibhushana. After all, Sinhalese are very giving to Thamils,and many upper class Sinhalese married Thamils (and lower castes too),….. Mahavamsa and all. And as per Tamil Nadu and DMK, and the rousing of the ITAK in Sri Lanka, they do have many parallels. And Thamils always insisted on racial purity and castes according to their Hindu religion. But in the end, the Sinhalese look so, so, bad with the Mahavamsa rhetoric. And Champika is not helping in this at all. And Sinhalese sending envoys to India with a Thamil-man speaking about the Orrias-Bengali gene pools, doesn’t help anything at all, but make us look even more ridiculous.

            • 1

              On the other hand, it was Anagarika Dhamapala who first started off with the Aryan theory a generation before Chelvanaygam. This would have scared the bejeepers out of Thamils who have ancient historical records of how Aryans invaded their lands, destroyed their Indus civilization and enslaved them. Hence the Thamils thought they’d start the mighty Eelam nation safeguard. And now, after all this time, and a terrible civil war, we all see……RANAWAKE!

              • 2

                ramona therese fernando

                “who have ancient historical records of how Aryans invaded their lands, destroyed their Indus civilization and enslaved them.”

                Could you cite these records.

                • 0

                  The hymn, the R. Veda, Hariyupia gives lyrics of the Aryan Invasion of India.

                  There is no evidence of it at present, but like the Mahavamsa, it tells an ancient story.

                  (will Google more about it).

                  • 1

                    ramona therese fernando

                    I thought you were plain stupid. Not any more. I now believe you are mad.

                    There is no evidence to suggest those who migrated to India were Aryan. There is no such genes as Aryan or Dravidian.

                    • 0

                      Native Vedda…..how dense can you be?

                      Yes, there is no evidence. But, there are hymns and scriptures on this, very much like the Mahavamsa. This means that Thamils in the 1800’s (who are very much like the Sinhalese in believing myths), did indeed feel threatened at Anagarika Dharmapala’s pronouncement that Sinhalese were a pure-Aryan race.

      • 3


        “When Tamils see something ordinary, although do not necessarily like you coin funky words like “Majoritism” and “Victorism” isn’t it?”

        Here are some new English words words that have been added to the Oxford dictionary recently:

        bajillion – An extremely large number (used for emphasis):
        I’ve still got a bajillion things to do

        glamping – A form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping:glamping is likely to satisfy any city slicker seeking a little refuge in nature—without foregoing any of life’s luxuries

        jeggings -Tight-fitting stretch trousers for women, styled to resemble a pair of denim jeans.

        bloggable – Suitable or sufficiently interesting as a topic for a blog: I started subscribing to the journal in the hope of finding bloggable material in there.

        babycino – A drink of hot milk that has been frothed up with pressurized steam, intended for children:naturally, all the kids enjoyed their babycinos

        onliner – A person who is online; an Internet user: how do you prevent altered ‘facts’ from being presented to young onliners as the gospel truth?

        perf – A performance:his second Oscar-winning perf overall, our perf was decent

        bikeable – (Of an environment) suitable or safe for cyclists:
        a bikeable city the priority is to make neighbourhoods more bikeable


        I am sure you are not aware of modern world.

        The English language is not stagnant unlike the Sinhala/Buddhist thought process which refuses to see the world beyond their nose, new words are being coined and added to English language.

        The above words and many more have been added to the dictionary only recently.

        It is cool to coin new words, unlike you stupid people who are stuck with the vocabulary and usage of Victorian language, the Blacks are contributing immensely to making it English more representative, accommodating diversity,…………

        You have a lot to learn from the modern cool expanding world of culture. We know the voices in your head keep bothering you. We can’t help you if you don’t help yourself.

  • 2

    Above all, CR must be honest. I have pointed out in a piece published in Colombo Telegraph how CR showed himself before a Paris JHU audience to be mendacious and mischievous. At that meeting CR uttered a litany of deliberate lies and twists about Lankan history. He also convoluted statistics in order to strike fear among the audience about the presence of Muslims in Lanka’s body politic. For his fortune, CR had a stupid audience in Paris who were evidently impressed by the falsehoods.

    Read the above parqgraph:

    Shyamon Jayasinghe believes that CR and his audience were dumb while Shyamon is honest and he and his readers are every thing.

    He does not want to say that is also some kind of con-man and people writing comments to his articles also has special interests in their minds.

  • 0

    Champika has a natural right to aspire for leadership. But if he is to avoid being another cheap politician he must base his politics on the primary understanding that Sri Lanka is a nation of many ethnic and religious groups. This means he must redefine himself. The writer, SJ, has given him some good advise instead of just slamming him.

  • 2

    The future of the Sinhalese depends on their ability to live harmoniously with other communities. They have to be smart to maintain leadership without offending others. Champika’s track record is disastrous in relation to this fundamental prerequisite of living together. His policy has to logically end with genocide against Muslims and Tamils and perhaps the left-over Burghers.

  • 1

    CR is a liar! He said that when the Noraccaicolai Power Plant will be done, the govt could supply electricity for nealr 5rupees a unit. Today we have the higest electricity rates in Asian continent.

    He hasn’t really done anything for the people.

  • 0

    Namal Ayya let’s be fair and give CR a chance. What is a lie after all? Everybody is lying-President downwards

  • 0

    This fellow CR is racist bugger , he should not be given any position / place in any institution in Sri Lanka, whether it is political or otherwise.

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