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Channel 4 Team Arrives In SL; Greeted By Protests At BIA

Days after the Government announced again that demonstrations and protests would not be permitted during CHOGM 2013 the Channel 4 team and No Fire Zone director Callum Macrae exited the Bandaranaike International Airport to face a media mob and a demonstration against the broadcaster a short while ago.

Photo credit Duncan Stone, Twitpics

The Government has accredited Channel 4 to cover the CHOGM summit in Colombo.

The airport is under tight security with expected road closures throughout the day to facilitate VIP travel from the airport to the capital.

However the demonstrators protesting Channel 4’s documentaries accusing the Sri Lankan Government forces of war crimes was permitted at main exit doors of the BIA.

“We have walked out of Colombo airport straight into noisy anti channel 4 demo,” Channel 4’s Jonathan Miller tweeted on arrival.

On the weekend, several foreign journalists reported finding a special booklet inserted into their CHOGM media packs discrediting Channel 4’s claims, entitled ‘Corrupted Journalism.’ Commonwealth Spokesman Richard Uku is reportedly investigating how the booklets got into the CHOGM media packs.

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