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“Chief Architect Of ECTA Has Passed Away” – GMOA Sends Text Messages Matter-Of-Factly

Government Medical Officers’ Association, Sri Lanka (GMOA) has sent a semi-celebratory SMS to the membership about Dr. Saman Kelegama‘s death.

The wordings in the SMS goes on to read “ECTA chief architect Dr. Saman Kelegam passed away. We are in the final stage of drafting the key framework of ‘National Trade Policy”. (please see the screenshots below)

“This was as the news hit that he passed away. I mean isn’t this unbelievably insensitive? Also they seem to believe that it is ‘Karma’ having a go at Dr Kelegama,” a member of GMOA told Colombo Telegraph.

According to him, in an another SMS the GMOA has unethically divulged the condition of the STF officer who led the team at the Health Ministry during last week’s clash between anti-SAITM university students and ministry officials. In a SMS the GMOA said: “SFT officer-in-charge who led attack on students got [Edited out by Colombo Telegraph] just after beating and was admitted to NHSL [Edited out by Colombo Telegraph] done.”

“Patient information is a ‘holy secret’. They can’t do this. They are a terrorist organization. If you look up the definition of terrorism, they fit it. I’ll give my resignation from GMOA” he told Colombo Telegraph on the condition of anonymity.


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