16 June, 2024


China’s Tightens Grip On Double-Paksa Govt.

By Kumar David

Prof. Kuma David

My preferred title was “China has got us by the b@(($” but I could not have got away with it; CT Editor, an upright gentleman of tee-totalling disposition, has put in place a Comments Policy unsuited to hooligans like this one! What I wished to say was that we have become so beholden to China that Beijing can treat us like indentured serfs without fear of our fidelity drifting. It is not that the Nandasena Executive, with concurrence of Mahendra, Cabinet and SLPP and without dissent from Sajith, is in the process of selling Lanka to China. No, the transaction has been completed and the deed of sale sealed and signed! This is the actuality after the Geneva meeting at which China took another new-style colony under its wing after Pol Pot’s Cambodia and Burma’s military dictators, the latter murdered another 130 protesters on Saturday.

Foreign Minister Dinesh made an ass of himself in Geneva and now asserts that the resolution adopted by the Council is illegal; his Ministry Secretary Colombage crassly misled the country on India’s stand; an office is to be established to monitor Lanka’s future rights violations and to run rings around dim-witted Chandraprema, our Geneva envoy. Since the Presidency is secure till 2024 at least these three mutts should be fired pronto.

It will not be possible for a future Paksa or non-Paksa government to revert to an independent status for financial as well as ideological reasons. Financially it is not feasible for Lanka, sunk in debt to world and China in particular, to free itself from the bonds that Beijing holds over its head. The ideological element is not allegiance to Mao Thought; the shackle is enslavement to ultra-nationalism which prevents compliance with HRC decisions. China co-steered SL into an alley from which domestic bigotry will not let it retreat. I doubt if Beijing, aware of the post-Geneva conjuncture, manoeuvred a thick-skulled Lankan Executive into an impasse simply to enhance Lanka’s vassalage to the Middle Kingdom. Nor did it hold Sri Lanka’s hand as it mounted the scaffold because it foresaw that extremism would not permit Lanka to dismount and cooperate with HRC monitoring and accountability mechanisms since monks and ultranationalists would prohibit it. And we begged the Islamic states for scour, so now we owe them a favour too. We are caught by the scrotum on all sides.

I am not attributing a devilish plot to Machiavellian strategists in the CCP. The truth is that dumb decision-makers in Colombo, like a rotting durian fell into Beijing’s lap. (No offence to durian; it is the world’s second most delicious fruit after the Alfonso mango, both only slightly ahead of a glorious Jaffna pilapalam dripping with honey). The Gota regime is now in America’s crosshairs and a likely quarry of US foreign policy. The turn in American foreign policy is a consequence of domestic conflict – the Republicans have set out on a mission to curtail black and working class voting rights. The best example is Georgia where Trump came to grief in 2020, but the dispute is spread across 40 states where Republicans control state legislatures. Georgia enacted Jim Crow prohibitions reducing voting opportunities for blacks and the working class. Polls will close at 5pm, voting will not be allowed on Sundays and similar provisions to discourage working people. And believe it or not, unless it is struck down by the courts, it will be an offence to pass a glass of water to a person in a poll queue!

Biden’s foreign policy shift to democracy-concerns is driven by a fight against this attempt to curtail voting by blacks and urban white workers in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Michigan and Wisconsin where he has support. The so-called stand-off with China has not seen big complaints by the Americans about trade, tariffs and investment protection; it has all been about human-rights, the Uyghurs of Xinjian, democracy etc. It is clear that human-rights has become the focus of Sino-American disputes with US domestic resonance and woe to anyone who flouts the HR-Council. Foreign Minister Dinesh abjectly conceded “Sri Lanka will continue to engage constructively with the UN and its agencies … in keeping with domestic priorities and policies as well as international obligations and undertakings.” Hopelessly in hoc to China; petrified of defying the UN Council under the gaze of a rights-aggressive America; exposed to the Islamic world; stuck with a stressed economy; the Gota cabal, each passing day, has less and less space to breathe. 

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    The British-Swedish pharmaceutical AstraZeneca announced that the COVID-19 vaccine, in conjunction with the British University of Oxford, has been renamed Vaxzevria (w.e.f. 25th March 2021)
    The new name does not imply a change in the formula of the vaccine, according to the Läkemedelsverket, but there will be a new labeling and packaging of the drug.
    (Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/368350)
    Just remembered that British Nuclear Fuels changed the name of the site of its multi-function nuclear from Windscale to Sellafield in May 1981. Nothing else was changed.
    Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da life goes on– business too!

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    Dr, I haven’t seen anyone suggesting there is 200,000 Chinese in Lanka other than you.. It is you who made up so that 300, 000 ( 2 dose per person ) is closer to that. By the way there are countries giving the first dose and delaying the booster to cover more people. You need glasses than dentures. When asked about 900, 000 Lankans who already got SJ starts humming “ob bl di on bl da”. You math is may work 11 + 14 > 21. When millions died you saw the few hundreds in lanka and called it a hype
    When millions received vaccine you saw the few with adversity and called it dud. Epitome of alternate facts.

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      “By the way there are countries giving the first dose and delaying the booster to cover more people.” Are you a medical doctor to say that there is no problem of delaying the second dose as it enables to cover large footprint?

      As I gather , 3-weeks time limit is critical, if delayed for arrival of shipment the first vaccine become null and void

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    The government theorists say that the debt to China is 15% of the total debt. This is how they please and spin the public. However, I would like to know what SL assets (with names) of 15 % have been entwined to equity of those assets. I am sure China selectively loaned money for assets of very high economic value and advantage so that in the event SL default of paying back, they come with equity swap and become major shareholder over time.

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    The cat is out of the bag. SJ, you tried to pull a fast one on Chinese vaccine by making up numbers such as 200,000. Lanka had initially rejected buying China vaccine. They did consider Russian as an alternative but dropped that too after study. Yet Lanka decided to order Sputnik to cover the rest until further Astra Zeneca vaccines are avilable to us. China decided to ship 600,000 vaccines with intention to apply pressure on GR govt to get it approved. Hence they back tracked on their story from “only for Chinese to balance is for Lankans”. GR govt too was expecting swift approval from National Pharm regulation board which did not come through due to, lack of safety infor on vaccine. On 30 or so questions/concerns raised by regulation board , China answered only one. Anticipating getting approval China back tracked and said only 4000 are for Chinese and rest is for Lankans. Eventually the approval did not come through and GR kicked out regulation board members for not approving the Chinese dud. Prof SJ, are you a spokesman or a middle man for the dud ?? The fool thinks the vaccine name is changed, it is a brand name given for patency, labelling and other legal purpose. There are common medicine which carry different names in different countries. It is not same as in your skewed math 11 + 14 >21

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