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Chinese Numerology Supersedes Sri Lankan Astrology

By Upasiri de Silva

Dr. Upasiri de Silva

Mahindra Rajapaksa has his personal astrologer, most of the time around the Temple Trees, to check for best times and days to engage in any activity. Mahinda does everything according to Astrological dates and times, but he had changed his mind this time when he selected the dates for the Presidential elections, according to a very reliable source from the Presidential House.

The Astrological dates for Nomination and Election were different to the dates Election Commissioner announced this time. It seems Mahinda is now not following the Astrological dates. Why did he select Numerical dates at this time? Chinese has so much influence on Mahinda and he is now forced to discard his Astrologer’s dates for Chinese auspicious dates as dictated by them.

The day Presidential elections was proclaimed, I had never thought about the importance of the two dates in December and January. But after reading a Chinese article on Numerology, I suddenly realised Mahinda Rajapaksa is well and truly is under the Chinese power. Number 8 (Eight) is the most important number for Chinese in their Calendar and their influence forced Mahinda Rajapaksa to throw away the Astrological dates given to him and selected December 8th and January 8th as the nomination and election dates, as he was told by the Chinese that he will be able to defeat anyone contesting him if he used those dates.

Unfortunately late PM SWRD Bandaranaike was born on 8th January, and now this day he selected is creating problems for him and his advisers.

Why did Rajapaksa discard the Astrological dates is a mystery to many. The person who provided me this information told me that Rajapaksa got very agitated when he heard January 8th is the Birth Day of late SWRD Bandaranaike. Even if he selected any date this time he is going to lose very badly as he is hated by most in Sri Lanka. But now his trust on Chinese numerology has eroded and he is fuming about using the Chinese numerological dates for this crucial Presidential election.

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