23 May, 2022


Colombo Bishop Discredits Buddhist Mob’s Defamatory Claims

Bishop of Colombo discredits defamatory claims made by the Buddhist mob that disrupted the meeting for families of disappeared, in reference to one of the Catholic priest.

 Rt. Revd  Dhiloraj Canagasabey

Rt. Revd Dhiloraj Canagasabey

The Bishop of Colombo, Rev. Dhiloraj R. Canagasabey has criticised claims made by the mob that stormed in and disrupted a meeting that was held earlier this month for the families of the disappeared, in relation to a Catholic priest who was at the meeting.

Issuing a statement on the issue on Monday (18) Rev. Canagasabey has criticised the claims that have been made by the mob in relation to Reven. M. Sathivel – a priest who had attended the meeting held for the families of the disappeared on August 8 and had risen for the occasion when the mob of extremist monks and Rajapaksa regime supporters stormed into the Center for Society and Religion located within the premises of a Catholic church, where the event was being held.

Referring to the specific comments that had been made by individuals who claim to be representing the mob, claiming he is no longer a priest and has been discredited and disowned by his Church, Rev. Canagasabey has stated that as his Bishop he affirms that Rev. Sathivel is a longstanding and credible Priest of the Diocese of Colombo with over 25 years of parish and community work with a justice and peace consciousness.

“In the context in which the incident took place, our priest was Rev. M. Sathivel was among the civil rights leaders who took the initiatives to discuss with this invasive group to leave the premises peacefully,” Rev. Canagasabey has furthermore pointed out in his statement.

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    I wonder whether the very venerable Mahanayakes will similarly assert that the BBS thugs belong to the Buddhist clergy? Why do they maintain such in compassionate calm when there is pillaging, plunder, murder and rape taking place in the name of their religion?

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    I await to see the usual attack on his holiness by our online patriots.

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      Perish the thought dev. Pray, offer me his toes for i’m dying to lick them on his holiness’s stand on these mongrels called buddhist monks – or shall i call buddhist monkeys?. We must clean sri lanka of buddhists as we have successfully achieved in many other places throughout history to end this menace once and for all.

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        Part of your penis is missing. Am I write ?

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          Yep you did write that garbage line.

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      Please, this is not the Pope!! His Holiness is not a term used for Bishops!!

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    Dear Bishop of Colombo, Rev. Dhiloraj R. Canagasabey.

    “Bishop of Colombo discredits defamatory claims made by the Buddhist mob that disrupted the meeting for families of disappeared, in reference to one of the Catholic priest.”

    The Para-Sinhala “Buddhists” are nor Buddhists.

    They Do not follow Buddha Dhamma. They follow Mara Dhamma or MaRa Dhamma.

    They along with the shills employed by MaRa follow the Mara or MaRa Dhamma.

    Want to know more? Listen below.

    Child Abuse by a Monk in Habaraduwa


    Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 1


    Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 2


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    Rev Canagasabey might as well saved his breath.

    What is the point in trying to explain to the racist mob. There is a serious side effect to racism. Those who embrace racism become deaf and blind quite quickly and become barbarians just as fast.

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    This clown dressed in a clowns gown should answer the charges made by those who are alleged to have disrupted so called meeting with mahavira families instead of making useless denials.
    Those who were supposed to have disrupted meeting too are an organization that represents missing persons and their demand was they too should be included in the meeting.
    It is quite evident what was happening there no one need to tell us what that was.

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      quite evident… yes, because im sure you were there, hooting, rolling up sarongs, waving cudgels: y’know, being a usual “sinhala” citizen (or what passes for one these days anyway).

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    This report is very confusing. The article refers to Rev. Sathivel as a ‘Catholic’priest. Does it mean he is a clergyman of the Roman Catholic Church? The Rt. Rev. Canagasabey is NOT a Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church. He is the Bishop of Colombo of the ANGLICAN Church.

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      cat_o_lic. na na- `mew`sical

      both Anglican denomination of the church.

      “Your Excellency” – or, on paper, as “His Excellency,

      “Father,” – or, on paper, as “The Reverend Father,

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    “we must clean Sri Lanka of Buddhists as we have successfully achieved in many other places” Paul
    You idiot, you are best suited only to clean the shit of Buddhists. If you do not like Sri Lanka, get out!

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      You’ve got the wrong end of the stick mate… i only wanted to highlight that this is the agenda of so called bishops and missionaries who they criticise sri lankan buddhists.

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    missionary’s are hell bent on convert and mud slinging. Vatican trillion ‘s ,world looted money

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      The Real Buddhist


      The Kaha Ballo or rather Para-Kaha Ballo, Foreign Yellow Dogs from South India, in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho.


      Isn’t the Nationalist a Mental Patient?

      By Dr E W Adikaram

      Are you a Sinhalese? If you are a Sinhalese, how do you know that? I have asked this question from many who call themselves Sinhalese. I have so far never received a satisfactory reply from any of them.

      I have also asked those who say that they are Tamils, Telegus, etc., as to how they know that they are Tamils, Telegus and so on. From them too, I have never received a satisfactory reply.

      When this question is asked, some get annoyed. Some ask back why I should ask this question when the reply is so obvious, some consider that the question is asked merely for fun. Still others reply that they have never given thought to this question. Anyway a satisfactory, a logical and an acceptable reply does not come forth from any of them.

      “I am a Sinhalese because my parents are Sinhalese.” This is the argument of many. This surely is not a reply but only shifting the question a little further, as the next immediate question would then be “How do you know that your parents are Sinhalese?” This shifting can go on further and further, but the question will not thereby be solved.

      “A person is Sinhalese because he speaks the Sinhalese language.” This is another argument that is usually adduced. But there are people of other nationalities who speak only Sinhalese because they happen to be brought up from early childhood in homes where only Sinhalese is spoken. Simply because they speak the Sinhalese language they do not thereby become Sinhalese. And also there are Sinhalese people who speak a language other than Sinhalese because they were brought up in non-Sinhalese homes. They are not considered non-Sinhalese simply because they cannot speak Sinhalese. It is therefore clear that one is not a Sinhalese just because he speaks Sinhalese. Similarly a person does not become an Englishman simply because he speaks English.

      If so, how can one conclusively know that a person is Sinhalese, Tamil, English, German or Japanese? There is no reply that could be given to this question. A right reply can be given only to a right question. A right reply cannot be given to this question because the question is wrong. When in truth there is no such thing as a nationality, how is it possible to give a right reply when one is asked to which nationality a person belongs?

      If you have an infant child, please examine its entire body as carefully as possible. Is there any special part of its body or mark which differentiates it as a Sinhalese child? However much you may search you will never find such a distinguishing characteristic. There are people different in colour of skin such as black, brown, white, yellow etc. That is due to the fact that their ancestors lived for thousands of years in places differing from each other in climatic and geographical conditions. But that colour does not give an indication as to what nationality a person belongs. As that child who is common to the entire human race grows up he will be given a name and will be deemed to belong to a particular race or nationality. That child who at the time is incapable of logical thinking, who cannot discern fact from non-fact and who hasn’t the ability to compare and contrast, accepts unthinkingly and unknowingly the nationality that has been thrust upon him. Having accepted it he gradually comes to believe that he belongs to that particular nationality. Please think over the fact that you become a Sinhalese not because you had some thing naturally Sinhalese but because of the belief created and imposed on you by the environment and society including your parents.

      Species of birds differ by birth from one another. Between the eagle and the dove, between the quail and the peacock there is a natural difference. Is there such a difference between the Sinhalese and the Tamil, between the Englishman and the German?

      So are the other animals. They have species differing from one another. There are natural characteristics that differentiate the tiger from the bear and the horse from the bull. Is there such a difference between the Japanese and the Jew or between the Chinaman and the Eskimo?

      Unlike birds and animals, all human beings in the world belong to one species only, the human species. In truth there is only one human race: what goes as Sinhalese, Tamil, English and a thousand other nationalities are only designations born out of belief and having no intrinsic significance whatsoever.

      If one sees things that do not exist and believes that they do exist, such a person we call a mental patient. On one occasion when I went to the mental hospital at Angoda to visit a friend who was a patient there, a person calling himself His Majesty Diyasena the King of the Sinhalese spoke to me and got into conversation with me. Not only did he firmly believe that he was King Diyasena but in his behaviour he even showed an affected regal demeanour. If any one told him that he was not Diyasena, he would naturally consider that person a lunatic.

      If we consider as insane a person who calls himself a non-existent King Diyasena, how can we consider as sane those people who call themselves Sinhalese, Tamils, English when in truth there is no such thing as a Sinhalese nation, a Tamil nation or an English nation.

      There is only one human race. We are human beings and not Sinhalese, Tamil or English. Biologically this is so. But those who are fettered with the belief that there is racial difference are incapable of seeing this fact.

      As the idea of nation has come into being by assuming as existent something which does not exist, nationalism has to be necessary considered a form of insanity. Not only here but in the whole world the vast majority of people are tethered with that belief, with that delusion.

      The main cause for all the wars that took place in the world in the past was this psychological aliment, namely nationalism.

      Even in the modern world which, due to advancement in Science, has all the opportunities for comfortable living, man has to suffer because of this disease of nationalism and its inevitable political tentacles.

      In big countries those who suffer from this madness contrive to bring about murder on a big scale with nuclear weapons etc. In small countries like Sri Lanka they kill human beings on a smaller scale and they hurt people’s feelings with various ridiculous mad activities such as the defacing of name boards written in languages other than their own.

      Mankind today is living in a most critical stage. Many do not understand how dangerous the present situation is. We should understand that the forces that work in the world today are different from those that existed in the past. Even a slight mistake can make the entire human species disappear from the face of the earth. We can avoid that catastrophe and survive this critical period only if we act sanely with the feeling that this is our world and not by murdering each other saying that this is our nation and our country.

      Shouldn’t we therefore be free of this insanity of nationalism and thereby cease to be enemies of mankind?

      Nationalism is not the road to peace.

      Truth alone will bring us peace and freedom.

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    Powerful man this bishop. Loves to have guests for dinner as well. Managing the prime lands owned by the church. Discussing their development over dinner. The school by the rolling billows at kollupitiya will be the first to go. Cheer cheer prep school boys here will surely be compensation paid by whom to whom as we all know.

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