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Condemn The Assault On The Students, Academic Community And Media In Jaffna By The Armed Forces

By Surendra Ajit Rupasinghe

Ajit Rupasinghe

Members of the academic community  of the University of Jaffna,  comprising students and lecturers, had assembled on “Heroes Day”  to commemorate all those who had shed their blood and sacrificed their lives- the tens of thousands abducted, disappeared and killed  yet unaccounted,  for the cause of the liberation of the Tamil Nation. They assembled to share their grief and renew their hopes of freedom. Such is the bottomless grief and the desperate cry for freedom arising from the agonized and tortured souls of the Tamil people that they would assemble on this day, in spite of the draconian military occupation and violent repression they are forced to submit to.  This goes to show how the cry for freedom shall persist and endure, and grow stronger, the more that freedom is suppressed by hated tyrants and oppressors.

The armed forces were let loose by the Regime against these participants, including students,  professors and media personnel, with the aim of extinguishing every living trace of memory of the Tamil Nation in its struggle for liberation. It was aimed at wiping out every pain of grief, every tear of sorrow, every cry for justice arising from the agonized depths of an enslaved, degraded and subjugated people. The vulgar criminality of this brutal assault by the armed forces against unarmed and peaceful citizens in Jaffna is compounded by the consequent arrest and incarceration of participating students under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. The Regime is determined to extinguish the fires of freedom from the Earth through military occupation, political subjugation and by erasing the collective memory of the Tamil Nation, such that the very notion and reality of the Tamil Nation shall be eradicated from the soil. The war has simply taken on new, more insidious, invidious and more deadly genocidal forms.

Yet, the Logic of History and the Natural Law of Justice decree that against all the barbaric cruelty and depraved abuse, against all the sophisticated mechanisms of terror and torture, against all the systemic, systematic and routine violent suppression, the cry for freedom and shall rise from the very depths of mass oppression and slavery and seek justice in the Tribunal of History. Every crime and atrocity endured, every grievous loss borne, shall forever keep alight the lamp of freedom and illuminate the path of liberation for all generations to come.

As it is, this gross criminal violation has served to raise the consciousness of the masses, bringing new awareness of the criminal nature of the Regime and the State. They are aware that this assault on the foundations of democracy and civilized decency is a continuation of the unbroken and intensifying fascist repression by a corrupt and parasitic narco-mafia/ crony capitalist Regime; A dynastic regime out to amass fortunes by selling the country to foreign imperialist  and regional predator powers for fat commissions, while bleeding the toiling masses dry and terrorizing the people.

The sustained assault against the student movement gives testimony to the crucial role of the students and youth, and of the academic community in general, in the struggle for freedom. Students in the North and South are being hounded, persecuted, jailed and killed at will. Abductions, disappearances and extra-legal killings multiply. At the same time, prisoners are massacred in execution style. Workers, fishermen and farmers are shot down. This is while murderers, rapists, robbers, drug lords and war lords roam and reign with impunity and occupy positions of power and privilege. It should be clear that, whether in the North, South, East and Hill Country, the oppressor is the same. Every attack against the foundations of democracy, every violation of the life and freedom of the people, should be a basis to build the revolutionary unity of the oppressed masses to rise against the system of world imperialism and neo-colonial domination and subjugation, and together build a new world, a new social order – a new era dawning on the horizon– where the Earth shall be shared and people enjoy freedom by celebrating their unique creativity and infinite diversity, bound together in a shared destiny.

Free the Students!

Release all Political Prisoners!

End the Military Occupation!

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