29 May, 2022


Continued Election Law Violations In Uva – Vehicles Without Number Plates Terrorize Moneragala

The election monitoring body – Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE) has written to the Elections Commissioner expressing grave concern over the use of vehicles for election campaign purposes, that do not bear garage numbers or vehicle registration numbers, which has created a climate of terror within particularly the Moneragala town.

Uva electionThe organisation had written three letters to the relevant authorities urging them to shed their immediate attention on these incidents of gross violations of election laws.

Listing out the incidents, CaFFE has provided photographic evidence on the allegations noting that on August 28, 2014 they had observed a vehicle without a vehicle registration number at the Buttala town in the Moneragala district at around 9.04 pm. They have noted that it has been observed that this vehicle has been deployed to put up UPFA posters in the town and add that similar vehicles have been spotted for the last four days in and around the Bibile town, Medagama, Buttala, Sevanagala, Wellawaya

“This is not only a gross violation of election laws but also a violation of the regulations of the Vehicle Registration act. But the Police don’t seem to stop these vehicles and probe them. It is baffling as to why or how even police officials who have been stationed with high-powered motorcycles to probe into violations of vehicle traffic have not noticed the presence of these vehicles,” CaFFE notes.

He has furthermore pointed out that even following 21 attacks on opposition party offices within 72 hours, if the Police remains inactive on removing these illegal vehicles from the areas, it only indicates rampant lawlessness and collapse of law and order in the Moneragala area.

Meanwhile, CaFFE has also noted the owned by UPFA candidate Sendhil Thondaman parked in the Bandarawela town without a vehicle registration number.

Presently a total of 114 incidents of election law violations have been reported to CaFFE and 84 of them have been from Moneragala district and 24 from Badulla.

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    Is TNA contesting in UVA? These vehicles belongs to Federal Party. They are the ones against the ‘Sri’ plates.


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    Like what an intelegent man told long time ago, when number plate-less vehicles made jaffna tamils disappear, singhalese kept quiet thinking they are all tamils.When they started to make colombo tamils disapper still they kept quiet justifying that they are again tamils(singhasese were advised “ogallange vada karanda”-fine). when they start to make singhalese disappear what to do next— modia, modia,– . we can’t be selfish modias for ever. For the ordinary singhalese who do not have any knowledge about lanka history LTTE may look like cruel people but in reality they sacrificed their lifes for a prosporus srilanka-future which we singhalese and tamils have to build on a firm foundation- this land is not belongs to MR &Co. Even pakistan changed their mind now, for the present internal problem the government told that they do not need any help from army to resolve internal struggle- army involment in Siria, Pakistan, Egypt are all ended up in dissaster.Army involment will not bring any permanent solution to any internal struggle.Kuddumany told in the court that what is happening for tamils today will happen to sighalese tomorrow. God bless us all.

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    When asked about this particular incident our Police Spokesperson, SSP Ajith Rohana, a Lawyer by profession, well known as “Peththappu” said there is a number plate in the Vehicle and those are new number plates issued by commissioner of motor Traffic and therefore it is legal. He also said that pasting a Poster with candidate’s number should be a work of opposition as Hon.President instructed all National and Local Politicians to strictly adhere to the Election Law.

    Election Commissioner said he and his officers will look in to the matter while advising CAFE to go to Court as his examination will take time with his famous artificial smile.

    Regarding this Incident our IGP said he has referred the matter to the Secretory Law and Order asking permission to investigate in to the matter and Secretory in turn referred the matter to the Offence Secretory, Almighty God, asking his advise. He appointed DIG Anura Senanayaka, a record holder of being Oldest Policemen in the active service, to investigate the matter.

    Our Public Toilet cleaner and Head “Dhoby” said that those are works of NGO’s and powerful western countries. Tamil Diaspora and Madam Pillay is behind this to discredit the Govt. He also said that they are creating so many stories as they know very well Govt. will win the election with hefty margin.

    Dallas Daham Allapperuma said he will resign from the Parliament if anybody proves that this vehicle belongs to Govt. Politician as he is a person who dedicated for Gentlemen Politics.

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      Behind Uva escalating elections violence is none other than the President –Glaring evidence



      (Lanka-e-News- 28.Aug.2014, 11.55PM) During the last two days since the Uva elections campaign began , the elections violence had risen meteorically as confirmed by the elections monitoring report released today- it has increased by 76 more cases of violence! All of these incidents of violence involve shooting, threatening using firearms, attacks, arson and destruction of property which are all first degree crimes.

      Behind all these criminal violence are the Presidential security division (PSD) and the special task force (STF).Lanka e news makes this revelation taking full responsibility . Based on reports substantiated by evidence reaching Lanka e news inside information division , they are as follows :

      185 soldiers in civil attire of the PSD armed with weapons including para, gas bombs , mini ooshi, , T 56 and AK 47 , as well as 65 STF soldiers of the Gonahena STF camp, in 19 jeeps have been dispatched to Moneragala and Badulla.

      To provide unlimited fuel to these vehicles ,the fuel supply books of the police department had also been sent along. Moreover , 6 garage mechanics have gone with them to attend to vehicle repairs , if any.

      These contingents are being deployed at Moneragala, Badulla, Siyambalanduwa, Athimale, Buttala ,Ella and Wellawaya .

      9 high rung STF officers have been included in this contingent , and a further 3 ASPs of the STF are to be dispatched.

      Sarathchandra the present coordinator of the defense Ministry intelligence espionage service and ex DIG of the STF is put in charge of the Moneragala district , and he is entrusted with the tasks of facilitating the operations of violence of these groups and giving illegal directives to police stations.

      Chandra Fernando an ex IGP and currently a Presidential advisor has been appointed to be in full charge of enthroning lawlessness and dethroning the rule of law in the entire Uva region. Ex DIG K.P.P. Pathirane is to serve as his assistant. With these arrangements in place , President Medamulana MaRa had made a beeline home disregarding his blood in urine ill health condition to see to it that even through bloodshed and illegal operations he wins at the Uva elections.

      Based on the aforementioned facts and evidence , it is abundantly clear what the opposition parties have to face in Uva are not peaceful elections but a bloody war. Believe it or not , the violence is so horrendous and widespread with Medamulana Percy Rajapakse ‘s parties taking advantage of the climate of impunity they enjoy ,that even a deputy elections commissioner was attacked at the very beginning of the elections campaigns while the elections officers too were threatened and intimidated.

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    Numberless vehicles were also employed during the referendum to carry pro govt voters to the polls. I photographed one of them that came to a polling station near Deal Place. Lying against its windscreen was a copy of the electoral register. The “voters” would be given an “identity” from this once a check had been done on who hadnt yet voted.

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    The violence and the illegal actions of the UPFA against the opposition only proves two things: the government fears that it may lose the election or lose substantial support compared to the last election. If Rajapaksa genuinely feels that the people are with him why is he resorting to such extreme illegal activities to win the election?

    The whole state machinery, the police, the military etc are being used by the regime in order to try and win this election and it is blatantly obvious to all. And yet the police spokesman and government ministers are mouthing lies. Why are the people so foolish to vote for these corrupt thugs and criminals after seeing these? The people deserve these politicians because they are fools.

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    Thanks to internet, these pictures can now be archived for future generations to see. This is not new. When UNP was in power, they did the same, but social media was not present at that time. What we the public can say is that we are simply fed up with all these humiliations on democracy and rule of law by the very people we expect to protect it.

    Let future generations question the police that existed during these times, and build some better system.

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      “Let future generations question the police that existed during these times, and build some better system.”

      Your children may ask you “Dad what were you doing when these rotten scoundrel were actively committing violence against other parties”

      What would you say to them?

      I take it that you are not ready to confront the problem head on and cowardly defer it to your future generation to deal with it.

      Remember this land is not yours to hand it over to your children but you have borrowed it from the future generation. Ensure you return the island to them in an immaculate condition.

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      Thrishantha, I agree with What Native Vedda said. I have another question, will the story of State Terrorism begin from the BEGINNING or will it start from a “one sided Convenient spot” and put all the blame on the Tamils!!! Will it include what happened at Nandikadal in 2009? Will that include the land grab happening in the North and East? Will it include the rape, killings, imprisonment, disappearances, happening in the North and East to the Tamils up to this Minute in the Tamil areas?

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    State terrorism is the most barbaric and worst in the world. All the dirty work being carried out under the banner of “democracy” by the leaders selected y the ppeople. They speak 05 star democracy but blatantly violate the rights of people, while going behind the God and Religion.

    Uva is not the first and the last victim of state terrorism. Many more has to come.This is a rehearsal.You cannot expect anything other than that from this power greedy people.

    That is why late veteran singer Mohideen Beg in his song said that “Cannot measure a person from the smile & speech”. That is 100% true with regard to MARA. He has sponsored state terrorism in the Uva, while preaching something contrary to what he actually does.

    Democracy not only established, seems to be established.

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